Isabella P.O.V

"So, are you Phoebe?" a blond girl stopped in front of me and asked. She was wearing a very slutty uniform, I think it was a cheer leading uniform. Why the fuck did she call me Phoebe? I just stepped around her and kept walking.

"Hallo! Phoebe, I was actually talking to you!" she yelled at me and ran up to me. People was starting to stare at us.

"Non parlo Inglese" I hissed at her. She started to blink extremely and then she stopped walking. But then she ran up to me again. I was actually lying, I understood and spoke English very well, I just wanted to escape the girl, without hurting her.

"What are you talking about?" she asked.

"Speak English, no" I tried to explain.

"You don't know how to speak English?" she asked.

"What do you speak then?" she asked. Could she not leave me alone? Didn't she see that I actually didn't want anything to do with her? I didn't answer her, I just pretended I didn't knew what she was talking about.

"English, no!" I said to her.

"Not English, speak what?" she asked. She really just sounded stupid.

"Italiano!" I sighed.

"Italian!" she said. "Oh can you say something Italian to me?" she asked. I stopped walking and turned to look at her.

"Per favore, smettere di seguire mi." Stop following me, please. I said and smiled to myself, then started walking again.

"What?" She asked and walked after me. I'd wish I could escape her. I looked around for something to distract her when a thought came into mind. I threw myself over a girl that stood all by herself, and hugged her. When doing so I whispered in her ear. "Help me, please" I leaned back and looked at her.

I smiled at her. The girl was a head taler than I. Her straight brown hair falling against her back, and glasses hiding her green eyes.

"Angela?" The blond girl suddenly said. I turned to her as did the tall girl I just hugged. I guess she was Angela, then.

"You know Phoebe?" she asked be wilded.

"Isabella" I corrected her.

"You're name's Isabella? Why didn't you just say that in the start?" she asked.

"Stiamo andando essere in ritardo per la classe" We're gonna be late for class I said and dragged Angela alway with me, leaving Jessica back looking shocked and furiously. Then when we finally were out of sight, I let go of Angela's hand and walked on without looking back at Angela.

"Hey, Isabella!" Angela yelled after me. I didn't turn to her.

"If you like.. I don't know. If you need to sit somewhere to lunch, you can.. Come sit with my friends and I." she stuttered. I stopped death in my tracks and turned to her. She was looking at me with a smile that quickly fell, when she saw my scowl.

"First of all, I don't need anything. I'm indipendente!" I hissed walking to her, in response she backed away from me. "And secondly, why would I want to sit with you and you amici?" I asked her crashing her into a locket. She shook slightly, her eyes flickering for an exit from my danger, then, when no exit being in her reach, her green eyes locket with mine. My left hand went to her jaw, the other on the locket beside her head.

"My-y-.. My what?" She asked. I rolled my eyes, then leaned in to whisper in her ear.

"That bunch of teenagers than pretend to like you.." then I leaned back to look at her reaction. Those green eyes of hers filled with tears, tears she tried to hide from me, trying to look stronger than she really was.

"You're no better than them, really. I pietá you, really I do." I loved the look on her face, complete hopelessness. I smirked to her, then let her free, her body going for the floor. I turned around and walked on down the hallway, ignoring the stares of the helpless students of Forks High School.

Edward P.O.V

I sat down beside Tanya in the biology classroom, my eyes searching for Phoebe, or Isabella as somebody started to call her. But she weren't here. Maybe she would be in my next class? Stop.. You have a beautiful, caring and loving girlfriend at your side, but instead of thinking of her you think of some new girl, who could, be lesbian for all I know.. That would be a wast of her beauty.. She was beautiful after all.

Our teacher, Mr. Hawkins walked in and started class. Talking about some sort of plant, that should heal wounds, as if I'd ever need this. I never got hurt, I was a careful person, who didn't end up in fights, or tripped, I just kept out of dangerous things generally.

"I almost forgot!" He suddenly yelled, jumping back for the blackboard, where he had been drawing the plant. "I'm maki-.." But he got interrupted, by the door swinging open, she then walked in. She didn't even look at Mr. Hawkins as she walked down to the end of the classroom and sat down. My eyes went from her, to Mr. Hawkins. He was getting redder and redder for the second, his face in a scowl. He looked like he was discussing with himself, if he should make a fuss about her being late, or just continue on with the class. Finally, after switching from all possible colors, he looked at her with an evil glare.

"What's your name, girl?" He asked. When she didn't answer I turned to look at her. She was sitting with her arms crossed over her chest, glaring back at him.

"Isabella.." Her voice sounding soft as silk, but at the same time hard as ice, if that even were possible.

"Surname?" I heard Mr. Hawkins ask. I watched as Isabella raised an eyebrow, a small smirk forming on her lips.

"Pascuzzi" she said her Italian accent rolled of her tung as silk. I was so hypnotized by Isabella Pascuzzi that I didn't notice the sudden silence in the classroom.

Although the silence didn't last long it was deathly clear that her surname was well known. Soon the gaspers and whispers started again, full force.

"Pascuzzi?" I heard somebody say.

"Are she for real?"

"I didn't even know she knew English!"

"Oh, get out! Of course she knows English!"


"Pascuzzi," somebody corrected.

Mr. Hawkins shushed on the others.

"Now now! Quiet down, everyone!" he yelled over the student bodies voices. As I still sat in a daze over Isabella's voice. And just like that he went on with biology, as if nothing happened. Thought he did seem kind of jumpy. I looked being me, back to Isabella. She was sitting talking with the girl at her side, Jessica I think her name was. She was ghostly pale, with wide eyes as she tried to avoid eye contact with her.

Suddenly the bell rang, Mr. Hawkins ran out, before any of the students went out.

"What a show!" I heard Tanya sigh happily. I quickly turned to her, her eyes were resting on me waiting for a respond apparently.

"Sure, sure" I mumbled, and looked away.

"Are you okay baby?" she asked, just as I felt her hand on my cheek, she turned my face to her again. It felt wrong to look at her face, I felt guilty for even looking at Isabella. It was wrong, thought I hadn't really done anything wrong.

"Yeah, I'm fine." I shushed at her, waving her hand of off me.

"Okay." she said, but didn't look the least convinced.

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