AN: I'm sorry I don't update that often... But I hope people enjoy my stories anyway ^^;

I noticed that whenever I talked to Connie (which I did a lot ._.), there would always be a window that gave you the option of giving her something. I tried giving her a lot of things to see if she would accept them, and what her reactions were. Yeeeeaah. This is based on that XD

"Vanilla, please, stop it," Connie said exasperatedly. The blonde boy in front of her rubbed the back of his head in confusion.

"Stop what? I was only trying to give you a gift," Vanilla said.

"Yeah, well, you've been trying to give me these "gifts" all day," Connie groused. The poor boy was puzzled even further. Didn't everyone like presents?

"Umm… if you didn't like the croissant I bought for you today, you should say so."

"That's not…"

"Or that dress I gave you the other day…"

"I love it, but-"

"Or that ruby from the mines…"

"Vanilla, stop!" Connie said, placing her hands on the boy's shoulders. The look she gave him then was almost as hard as her grip on him. Then she narrowed her eyes, and naturally, he felt panic rise within him.

Her gaze softened when she saw him squirm uncomfortably. She sighed and released her grip, brushing her hands down his arms before letting them return to her side.

"Listen, Vanilla," Connie began evenly. "This… All these things… you don't need to give them to me."

"So… you really don't like the stuff I give you?" Vanilla asked, trying to make sense of whatever in Nefroburg she was saying.

Connie growled (which looked kinda cute in Vanilla's opinion) and stomped away from him. She stopped after about five steps, before spinning around and storming back to him while opening her mouth to speak, shutting it, then repeating the process multiple times. The blonde boy would've found this amusing, if Connie didn't look so frustrated. A twitchy Connie meant that you had to watch what you said around her. Vanilla learned this lesson early.

"You." She said finally, jabbing a finger at his chest. "It's not like you need to give me all these things. If you're insecure about anything or whatever just tell me-"

"But I'm not inse-" Connie threw him a withering look causing him to gulp.

"Anyway, I.." Connie fidgeted, looking slightly flustered. "I just wanna spend time with you! That would make most happy right now."

Connie cast her gaze downwards, suddenly feeling shy after her outburst.

"Oh…" Vanilla said, tilting his head to the side. He thought for a moment. "I can do that."

Connie rolled her eyes, but she also smiled in relief. "Thanks, Vanilla."

Vanilla grinned. "Well then, let's go!"

He grabbed her hand and took off, laughing, towards the Trotmobile they now shared. Connie gasped in surprise, but Vanilla's mirth was infectious and she soon joined him, giggling.

Vanilla always had to resist the temptation though. It seemed that every time he talked to Connie, he wanted to give her something.

END. Review? It's a bit interesting to write as Vanilla, because you choose his personality in the game... And I hope I'm not making Connie too pushy *_*