~Giotto's POV~

Boring. All of this is boring. I already know most of what's being taught in classes already but I can not skip any of them. If I do, Alaude would kill me... who am I kidding? He would chase after me and handcuff the hand that I am not using to write to the table to make sure I do not try escaping again.

If I sleep, he would make me stay back and do even more paper work than I already have for being the school President. I do not even want that position in the first place, this is all those students and having an uncle for being the founder of the school. Timeteo jii-san is to be blamed for all this. He keeps insisted that I would be prefect for the job and he could keep his mind at ease that the school is in good hands.

Speaking of him, I heard from Ricardo that Xanxus is going to be attending classes from today. Strange that Ricardo assigned him to a class that was two grades lower than the one for his age. Xanxus did lose two years worth of memories and spent a year in a coma but still it is just weird. Especially the class he assigned Xanxus to, I hope uncle does not check the name list of the class and dorm Xanxus is.

Seriously, Uncle is weird that he does not allow us to tell Xanxus anything about the memories he lost. Ricardo did a good job in preventing Uncle from finding out that five members of the Varia are currently studying in this school. But their cover might be blown now that he assigned Xanxus to be in the same dorm as them and in the same class as two of the members. Especially when the person that Uncle fears would make Xanxus regain his memories is in that class. In fact, he is Xanxus's current room mate. All I can do is to hope that Uncle does not find out and Xanxus gets his memories back.

Argh. All that thinking only took up a few minutes and I am bored again. Looking around, I see Alaude and Spade arguing over something, Knuckles reading something and G who is talking to Asari while reading his book and yelling at him occationally. One of the Varia member, Levi muttering about boss something and more girls ogling me. Argh. It better not be another confession, I do not even know how many I rejected already.

Perhaps I should text my cute little brothers. On second thought, maybe not. Alaude would punish me and my cute little brothers would be bitten to death by Alaude's little brother, Kyoya if they got caught. Well, the way that my two little brothers are bitten to death is probably different. Coughs. I should get that thought away from my head, I do not want to know what Kyoya would do to them... well, one of them, I know what happens to one of them any way. He would be covered in bruises, my poor kawaii otouto.

Why are the skylards so harsh and violent? Seriously, what was I thinking when I assigned Alaude to be the head perfect. I should have known what would have happened if I placed him in charge of disciplinary.

Speaking of disciplinary, I hope Xanxus would be careful. He does cause trouble easily and Alaude would punish him regardless of the fact that he is the founder's son. Alaude never cares who the other person is, he would punish anyone harshly if he found them breaking any of the rules. I heard that Kyoya is just as harsh except that Alaude is a little less violent.

Argh. I miss Cozart. Classes have been even more boring since him and his cousin moved to Italy five years ago. It was hard for me to find someone that actually understands me so well and I only got to hang out with him for two years only before he moved to Italy. I hate that I had to say good bye to him, class has never been the same without him.

Cozart was the only one I could talk to during class without causing the other party's grades to drop. G would nag at me till I pay attention to the teacher, Knuckle will just end up failing due to him not paying attention, Alaude would never talk to me and he would just glare at me, Asari will end up getting even lower grades and Spade will probably just talk to me about weird things like me being too soft.

When is class finally going to start? Took the teacher long enough. Wait, that person that is with him is...

~Tsuna's POV~

What should I do? Gokudera-kun and Yamamoto are arguing again. Tsunayoshi-nii does not seem to care that they are arguing and he is just doing paperwork in class again. How much paperwork did Hibari-san give him this time?

Hmm... I wonder what Giotto-aniki is doing. I hope he is actually paying attention in class this time, Alaude-san would punish him if he did not and he is the role model for the other students and it would not be a good idea if he got punished for not paying attention in class.

Gio-aniki has not been enjoying school since Enma and his cousin moved to Italy. I can understand why, I miss Enma too. Enma was so much fun and he was so like me. We got along really well seeing that we were really similar, which was surprising seeing that the both of us were so similar in the way we behave, our likes and dislikes, behaviours and many other things and that the both of us were more similar than me with my twin, Tsunayoshi.

I really envy Tsu-nii. He is so much cooler and smarter than me. Reborn would not stop calling me Dame-Tsuna and most of the people call me that too. Even though Tsu-nii got mad every time they did and Hibari-san would get pissed off and bite them to death.

Tsu-nii and Hibari-san are a scary combination especially when you are the source of both their anger. Many students ended up in the hospital when they managed to piss the both of them off. I can not understand why they are so violent and Hibari-san even bite me to death sometimes as well and Reborn would appear and insult me and saying I was weak and useless.

I do not need anyone to tell me that I am not as good as Gio-Aniki and Tsu-Nii. I know how well the both of them are in their work. Unlike them who get high scores all the time, I often fail. Which often made people doubt if we are really related or not. If it was not for the fact that I looked like them, with spiky hair that defies gravity, they would not have believed me. As well as the fact that I looked exactly like Tsu-Nii, except that Tsu-Nii had bright orange eyes like Gio-Aniki while I had caramel brown eyes.

I admire the both of them a lot and I love them a lot too. The both of them are really cool and they do not mind that I am not as smart as them. In fact, they often find time to spend time with me or tutor me in things I did not understand.

Come to think about it, Xanxus is attending classes today. I heard from Gio-Aniki that he is in a class that is two grades lower than his age which I find weird. I know that he was in a coma for a year and lost a chuck of memories but I do not think that it is necessary, seeing that Xanxus is really smart too.

I hope he does not come over. I do not want to see him. He scares me and he always call me trash and weak. Usually, weak trash and I dislike that. He often seem mad at me and his red eyes are as scary as his attitude. The him after losing his memories seem even colder and scarier. I wish he could regain his memories back but uncle would not allowed me or anyone to tell Xanxus about his memories.

Xanxus seem to be trying to get hints of his memories from me but I am not allowed to tell him but if he tries threatening me again, I am afraid that I might tell him. I better try not to go out alone, that way I might not tell him even if he threatens me. I do not understand why uncle does not want Xanxus to regain his memories.

I heard from Gio-aniki that the members of Varia are studying in the same high school as him without the knowledge of uncle. I hope uncle does not kick them out when he finds out and hopefully, Xanxus would regain his memories back with their help.

Looks like Tsu-Nii is finally done with his paperwork but I better not disturb him and let him have his rest. Gokudera-kun and Yamamoto seem to be still in the midst of an argument, at least I think it is an argument. You can never know with those two, Gokudera-kun yells at him all the time.

This makes me miss Enma. I want to sit with Tsu-Nii but it might confuse the teachers on who is who if I do. Enma used to be the one that sits with me, not many people wants to sit with me as they say my dameness would spread to them if they do. That had resulted in a glare from Tsu-nii, Gokudera-kun and Yamamoto. Enma seems to be the only one that I can open up to freely, besides Gio-nii and Tsu-nii.

Ouch. A part of a puppet had just hit me. No doubt that it came from Ginger Bread that is fixing yet another puppet. I wonder why he is so into puppets. Oh well, it is none of my business after all. I just returned him the puppet part and day dream. I often daydream as I had nothing better to do anyways.

Oh. The teacher is finally here. Hey, that person next to him is... I stood up and rushed in front...

~Tsunayoshi's POV~

Paperwork. Do they never end? Kyoya is a jerk for giving me so much of it every day. He knows full well that I am not as smart as him and fast in completing paperwork. Paperwork is so boring. Kyoya better make up to me for doing so much of them.

I took a small break and looked around. Tsuna seemed to be in deep thoughts and from the sad look in his eyes, it must be about Enma. Looks like he still misses him dearly. Hayato and Takeshi are talking, more like Takeshi is talking while Hayato is yelling at him over whatever he said.

I suppose this is enough of a break. The sooner I finish these paperwork, the sooner I can rest. I hate Kyoya for giving me all these paperwork. Oh well, at least it gives me something to do even though I hate it and it bores me.

I wonder what Gio-nii is doing. He probably will have his hands full now that Xanxus is attending lessons there. Seriously, two grades lower than the grade he is suppose to attend, what was uncle thinking? Oh well, at least the person he is assigned to be in the same class happens to be his room mate and he might get the memories he wants so badly to regain.

I would love to help him but uncle would be displeased. I know that none of us understand why uncle is so unwilling to let Xanxus regain his memories. He does not even let us mention the name Varia or any of the members name to Xanxus.

Ricardo-san must have assigned Xanxus to that dorm on purpose and is trying to secretly help him to regain his memories. I just hope that uncle does not find out about that before Xanxus gets his memories back.

There. I am finally done. I frowned as I noticed one of Ginger Bread's puppet parts hit Tsuna by accident. Ginger would pay if he did that on purpose. I wish I could sit next to him but it would make it hard for the teachers to tell us apart. If only Enma was here, if he was, Tsuna would have someone to talk to.

What is taking the teacher so long. Ah, he is finally here. Wait a second, that person with him is...

[[ Gah. I fail at writing fanfics that aren't oneshots. This is a companion to 'Lost Memories' which I suppose is also another one of my failure of a work. ]]