~Enma's POV~

Class was starting yet again and I looked away nervously. I wonder what the other teachers are like and what if the people start staring at me again. The only thing that I do not have to worry about is being bullied since I Tsunayoshi seem to be some one that was being feared, due to his relationship with the Hibari Kyoya.

It was a surprise to see him with Hibari, I thought that Tsunayoshi was just kidding when he told me that he liked Hibari all those years ago and the fact that Hibari returned his feelings was a double shock.

I left for a few years, and nearly every one has turned gay? Or have they been gay right from the beginning? I never really asked them after all, wait I do not even know if I'm gay or not. I might be, I never really show any interests in guys or girls before, so I'm not really that sure about that fact.

Gokudera-kun does not seem like his opinion on me has changed yet. He is still glaring at me, yet again. I sighed and moved closer to Tsuna, trying to lessen the feeling of the glares being directed at me. It helped to make me feel a little better but I could still feel the anger radiating from the glare though.

I wonder what I could do to calm him down and make him stop glaring at me. I looked behind and saw Gokudera-kun's full-fledged glare and flinched. Yamamoto-kun noticed my discomfort and tried to distract Gokudera-kun by talking to him, after patting my head and smiling.

I rubbed my head slowly, wondering if I really looked like a kid. I know that I'm small and all but people really should stop patting me on the head. I have Cozart-Nii to do all that already, he pats me every single day like I'm a dog or something. This does not make me happy but I am too shy to say anything.

I wonder what Cozart-Nii is doing. I should go visit him later after school, he would no doubt be worrying about me and it's never good to make him overworry. Especially since he overreacts sometimes and I really do not want to embarrass myself on the first day of school.

He should be with Giotto-san and the rest of whom I am not that close with. Hmm... he should be doing perfectly well and I want to see Giotto-san again too. I wonder if he attracts attention like in the past. I can still remember the number of girls he has following him when we walked around in school.

Taking in a deep breath, I followed Tsuna into the classroom and hoped that class would be alright. The other thing would be that I would not be assigned any way in front of Gokudera-kun, I would not be able to stand his glares for the entire lesson. I guess I have no choice but to pray that I get a seat near Tsuna or Tsunayoshi or Yamamoto-kun.

Yamamoto-kun should be the person that I am going to open up to the soonest. The rest are not going to be so soon due to my shyness but I really want to be friends with them too.

~Tsuna's POV~

Enma looks nervous and I wonder what I can do to help him. There doesn't seem like I can do anything to help him at all and no matter how much I try to think, my mind ends up as a blank. I can not think of anything good and I sighed as thinking was not my forte at all.

My only forte seem to be being clumsy and stupid, which Reborn reminds me that I am all the time. I wonder if Enma thinks badly of me due to my clumsyness and stupidness, which I hope not. I tried to not imagine that as I could already feel my eyes watering and I did not want to cry in front of Enma.

I rubbed my eyes and turned to look at Enma. He seemed to be in deep thought and I did not want to disturb him. I glanced around and tried to see if Tsunayoshi-Nii came back yet. It seemed no, so it must means that he is still with Hibari-san.

The fact that my twin is with the scary Hibari Kyoya surprises me even now, I know that Tsunayoshi-Nii had a crush on him for a while but really, who will expect the Hibari Kyoya to actually like any one besides biting people to death.

I still do not know how they became a couple yet. Tsunayoshi-Nii winks at me and says that it is a secret whenever I ask him about it and I lack the guts to ask Hibari-san. Tsunayoshi-Nii dislikes listening to people and the only person he listens to is Giotto-Nii so I was surprised when he willingly listens to Hibari-san after they started being a couple.

I wonder if the whole school is aware of their actual relationship or not, not that I actually pay much attention to rumours. I felt Enma moving closer to me and I blushed lightly at that.

I sighed as I rubbed my cheeks with my other free hand, looks like I get embarassed easily like Reborn said. I could not help but pout that everything that Reborn says about me is true and I could not argue or correct him at all. I know that it is my own fault but I really have no idea how to change at all.

No matter how hard I tried to get rid of my clumsyness, it just would not be possible for me to not trip at least once a day. Giotto-Nii said that there was no need for me to change and I should remain as the cute little brother as I am and Tsunayoshi-Nii agreed with him too.

It was not fair that every one of them were so perfect and smart while I am the opposite of them. I dislike the fact that they enjoy calling me cute and giving me clothes with Tunas on them. They said that it suits me more than it suits Tsunayoshi-Nii and that I was too cute to not wear cute clothes.

I always tell that I'm a boy too but they still make me wear those clothes anyway and there is no way I am able to argue with that. I guess I should just resign to fate that I'm weak and unable to argue with people.

But still, I dislike being called cute and treated like a girl. There was this one incident that Tsunayoshi-Nii forced me to wear a dress and he managed to make my hair not stand up, which still surprises me that he was able to, and people actually thought that I was a girl! Giotto-Nii and Tsunayoshi-Nii could not stop laughing and they even took photos of it.

I'm just glad that no one saw those yet, if any one did, I would die from embarassment. I know that they were too much but I had no choice but to admit that I really do look like a girl when I saw the photos they showed me. I looked so much like a girl and my petite and small figure was not helping much.

But there was nothing that I could do to change that. Training was not something that I would do due to my poor stamina and clumsyness, it would just result in failure and embarassment for my part.

Before I even realised it, we had already reached the classroom. I could feel Enma slowing down for a moment before he caught up and entered next to me. I gave him a gentle squeeze and I wondered who he would be sitting next to. I just hope it's at least one of us, at least it would be some one he sort of know.

~Giotto's POV~

It feels strange to be able to hang out with Cozart once again after all these years. It felt like a dream and I had to keep telling myself that Cozart is back for good this time. Lessons are no longer that much of a dread any more and so is the huge amount of paper work that I now have some one to help me. I smirked and Cozart sighed as he caught my smirk, he could tell that I was already plotting what work to give to him.

Having Cozart to help me would be a big help, not that G is not useful. G is efficient and all, but I can not stand having him nag at me all day. I see G nearly all the time, the only times when I do not see him is when he is busy, I'm in the toilet or when I go to bed. If G was my room mate, I doubt that I even get to sleep at all and listen to his naggings all night.

G nags too much but he is still my good friend regardless. But I click with Cozart a lot more and we are much more alike than G. Maybe that is why G is rubbing his forehead right now like he has a big headache. I bet he is muttering about having to look after two childish adults that really should know better.

I chuckled and stuck my tongue out at G playfully. I knew full well that would anger him and make him start lecturing again and I dragged Cozart away with me before he could even start on his lecture.

Cozart was laughing and said that G never changed. His behavior is the same as always and I smiled at that. G was not the only one that did not change, Cozart seemed the same as always to me and I was happy for that.

Part of me was afraid that Cozart had changed and would not be the same Cozart in my memories, the only thing different about him is his appearance and voice. Other then that, everything else was still the same as always. He is still very much like me and we get along really well like always.

I could not help but cling to Cozart, the feeling of his arms with mine felt really nostalgia as we used to hang out all the time. I wanted to prove that I was not imagining that Cozart was back. That gesture brought a raise of an eyebrow from Cozart but he did not say anything and let me cling to him.

I smiled and dragged him to the classroom with him giving me an amused expression and a question if I was that excited about class. I laughed and answered that I just wanted to spend more time with him in class, I was certain that he would be sitting next to me since that was the only empty seat left in the classroom.

Classes are so much more interesting with Cozart around and I do not have to dread that time will pass slowly any more. I can not wait for classes to be over and hang out with Cozart like in the past.

~Cozart's POV~

Lunch was really interesting and I was relieved to see that every one were like I remembered. Although the part about G is not really a relief, he seems a lot more naggier than before. Giotto must really have been rather troublesome to look after for G to seem more like a mother than ever.

I was about to ask Giotto something when I caught the smirk on his face. I sighed as I could see that he was already planning to dump his work on me. As much as I like Giotto and spending time with him, paperwork is not my thing. I prefer working in the shadows and the more physical work but I guess I did not have a choice but to follow what Giotto wants me to do.

As I was mentally sighing and grumbling about all the work that Giotto was going to give me, I caught him sticking his tongue out at G and I blinked for a while before chuckling softly. Looks like Giotto is as childish as ever, he really did not change much like I thought. The great admirable Giotto being childish always make me smile. It's not every day that you see some one that people admire so much acts like a kid.

Giotto dragged me away before G could start on his lecture and I laughed out loud this time and managing to say that G never changes in between my laughs. It was a wonder that I managed to speak in between my laughs. Giotto and G never cease to amuse me, they act so much like a parent and a kid, which was weird since they were the same age.

I wonder how Enma was doing. That kid is way too shy and easy prey to bullies and I could not help but worry about him. But if Alaude's cousin is there, he should be safe. I remember that Kyoya was scary even when he was a kid with a pair of tonfas that Alaude gave to him. I still can not understand why Alaude gave him a pair of bamboo tonfas though.

My thoughts were cut short when I felt Giotto clinging to me. I rose a brow at him but shrugged and let him do what he wants. I did not feel that it was anything out of the ordinary since we used to cling to each other like we were stuck together with glue in the past.

I suppose it is a little awkward for us to be doing this now but if Giotto did not care about his reputation, I guess there is no problem then. I felt myself once again being dragged by Giotto to the classroom I suppose? Who knows where Giotto would be going.

I was amused that he seemed to be excited about going to class and I asked him about it. He merely laughed and said that he just wanted to spend time with me in class. I wondered why he was that excited about that? He could spend time with me any time now since I am back for good now.

I shrugged and just followed him. I enjoyed his company so I would not care if he wants to talk in class like always. I doubt that I would fall that behind class if I did not listen any way. Classes are okay to me, but a dread to Giotto. That is why I always talk to him in class. I wonder what kind of class it is now...