~Xanxus's POV~

"What the hell was the old geezer thinking? I woke up two months ago and he's sending me to his stupid school that I didn't even know he founded till today. And I'm two years younger than than the rest of the trashes that are in that class! Why can't I have private lessons? It's not like he can't afford it!" I complained as I alighted from the car with a bag. I was told that my luggage would be sent later and this trash of a place is already disgusting me.

"I hate this place. It looks like a place for trashes. Why the fuck am I here in the first place? Is this one of the old geezer's plans to get rid of me? Seriously, what the fuck? Just because I was in a coma for a year and lost a chuck of memories, doesn't mean that I should be demoted by two freaking years. Even a year is too much, I did not lose that much memories about what I learnt in school. Stupid old geezer, stupid aniki. They're all trashes!"

"This better not be another one of the old geezer's plans to make me interact with people. Why would I interact with trashes? Fuck this. I can't remember many thing and the stupid old geezer won't tell me anything about why I was in a coma, how I came with these scars and what are the memories I lost. Every time aniki is about to tell me, that old geezer would pop out of no where and get him away."

I continued ranting as I walked into the school with a scowl. Classes had already started but I did not care and continued taking my time ,walking slowly.

"This school better have good quality meat or the old geezer better provide me with a lunch with good meat. It won't be my fault if the kitchens get destroyed, it would be the old geezer's own fault, he knows about my appetite after all. I don't eat trash food. Even if alcohol are not allowed, I'm still going to drink it. Who cares about the rules in the first place, I haven't even listened to whatever the old geezer said. Aniki was a bastard for making me go to that class and stay in the dorms, in fact in the same room as someone."

"At least I get to wear the uniform however I want. If any trashes dares to ask or insult what I'm wearing, that trash will die. For some reason... these feathers mean a lot to me and I like them a lot, it must be related to whatever I forgot. Probably that person that keeps appearing in my dreams, my memories don't seem to be coming back at all and I still haven't remember a single thing during the two months since I woke up from the coma. Who the hell is that guy... all the memories I lost seem to be from two years before I got into the coma... but that still doesn't mean I have to go to a class that is two years lower that I should attend."

I ranted more to the trash that aniki sent to ensure that I went to school and not run off some where. I admit that I was sick of staying put in that house with the old man but that did not mean that I want to be in a school with trashes and he actually made me stay in a dormitory with trashes. Who knows how many trashes he made me stay with.

"Trash. How long do you intend on following me?" I asked that trash and that trash shivered like the piece of trash he is to tell me that he could not leave till I enter the classroom and that he was ordered by the old geezer to do it.

I glared at him knowing that he would shiver more to amuse myself slightly. I was already bored and this school was not to my liking. The place was obviously designed by the old geezer seeing that it was totally his style. Much to my displeasure, there were many pictures and photos of the old geezer around the school. Was it seriously necessary to put up so many of his photos and pictures around the school just because he is the founder.

"Trash. How long have you been working for the old geezer?" I merely asked to see if he knew me before I lost my memories. I was already sick of not remembering a thing and I keep getting the feeling that I was forgetting something important and the old geezer seemed to be glad that I did not remember what happened two years before I was in a coma.

When I first woke up, he was really frantic and I remembered that he sighed in relief when I asked how I was in a coma and what the hell happened. He looked even more relief when I answered that I had no one I wanted to see when he asked me if there was anyone I wanted to see. Strangely, he mentioned a shark and when I did not show any reaction to it, he suddenly smiled and asked me what was the last thing I remembered.

When I answered him, he told me that that happened three years ago and I was only in a coma for a year. This meant that I lost two years worth of memories which he ensured me was nothing important and I had no need to regain them. This made me really suspicious and aniki always looked at me sadly every time he saw me and asked if I wanted to regain my memories or not. At first, I answered that I did not care but when the old geezer started asking me every single day if I had regained my memories or not, I was starting to get curious of what memories I lost exactly.

Aniki seemed to be willing to tell me and he often asks if I am missing anything. I still have no clue as aniki has not told me anything yet. Looks like the old geezer is hiding something important to me. I even asked the doctor why I am unable to regain a single memory, he merely told me that there was nothing he could do and I might never regain them back. Weirdly, I felt uneasy when I heard that and I still get the feeling I am forgetting someone really important.

I feel really at ease when it rains and I get weird flashbacks about someone when I stare at the road when it rains. I never could see what the person looks like at all or the gender. All I could see was a shadow and I feel that that person was someone that mattered to me which I find it hard to believe.

I really doubt those flashbacks as since when did I ever care or bother about trashes. Speaking of trashes, the old geezer keep trying to get me engaged to some random bitch that are his friend's or someone he know's daughter. He seem really desparate, I am only nineteen and aniki is twenty four and yet the old geezer did not try to matchmake him with any bitches.

Does this have to do with my lost memories that the old geezer tries so hard to prevent me from regaining? Well I am lost in my thoughts, the trash seem to be real quiet. I knew it, the old geezer made sure that none of them will tell me anything. I even tried searching around my room but all I can find are clothes, books and wine. There is one pair of wine glass that I often stare at. I believe I got them during the two years that I have no recollection of as I do not remember getting them before.

Normally, I throw wine glasses at those trashes that angers me but this set of wine glass is different. I could not bring myself to throw any of them no matter what. It looks like it was specially made for me since I could see an X at the bottom of one of the wine glass. It could be something that the old geezer missed out on when he cleared my room. I overheard from some of the trashes that the old geezer went to my room after he I woke up and he found out that I lost my memories.

Apparently, he took out a box filled with stuff once he left my room. That made me mad that he went through my stuff and took there away but there was nothing I could do seeing that I had no proof that he really did that. But I believe that it is true as I could not find much photographs of me during that time. I could find all the birthday photos except from the ones when I was sixteen and seventeen which was from when I have no memories from. I became suspicious as the old geezer made sure I took one every year and such a concidence is very strange.

Looks like he has found many ways to make sure that I do not regain my memories back. But aniki was smiling the whole time when he told me he finished arranging which classes I am going to as well as which dorm I am staying at. Truth to be told, I am relieved that aniki was the one that was in charge and not that old geezer. That old geezer will probably assign me to classes that he wants me to go instead of classes that I am interested in and for me to live in a dorm with people that he thinks are capable of changing my personality.

At least aniki knows what I want and I wonder what kind of people he assigned me to be in the same dorm as. He seemed rather cheerful and he even said I would like it there and that I would get along with them perfectly well. He seemed to be really certain that I will be able to live with those trashes, he even wished me good luck when he told me that I would be sharing a room with someone. He said that I would be able to adapt easily and maybe I would find whatever I am looking for. And that that was the only thing he could help me with without the old geezer finding out at least till the old geezer finds out who he assigned me to room with.

Oh well, looks like I am reaching the classroom soon. Those trashes better not annoy me or they would pay. Come to think about it, the two tunas are at the middle school that's connected to this one and his brother is in the same school as me. Perhaps I should pay them a visit. I have nothing better to do anyway and one of the tuna is really a piece of trash, I can not believe that we are actually related. Oh well, maybe I could vent my anger on him. Hmm... maybe or I could just insult him. I will decide later. I suppose I will be finding out what kind of trashes I would be stuck with.

~Squalo's POV~

Voi! What the hell is wrong with the people in this class? Chiavarone keeps leaning back towards me, luckily I managed to prevent him from sitting on the seat beside me but he ends up sitting near me anyway and leaning towards me whenever he has the chance. You can even say that he stalks me and follows me nearly every where. Even though I tried threatening and yelling at him, he still follows me. I even tried beating him up and yet he still comes towards me with a big smile on his face.

Voi! I can not stand him but there is nothing I can do. I do not want to get expelled seeing that he is from one of the rich families and it would not be good to lose the last link I have with that person. I do not even know how that person is doing now actually seeing that I have not seen him for about a year... but I am sure he is fine if he regained conciousness.

I detest most of the people in this class. The only person I can stand is Mammon and perhaps Bianchi and Giannini slightly and Chiavarone when he is quiet and stop buzzing at my ears.

Voi! There really is something wrong in this class. Most of the girls are gossiping and ogling me and Chiavarone. Why the fuck? Since when was I a couple with Chiavarone. The person who started that rumour better pray that I never find out who he or she is. I will make sure that that person never spread any rumours about me ever again.

This class is filled with weird people. The Katou Julie guy seemed to enjoy hitting on girls younger than him and his friend Mizuno Kaoru looks much older than he is saying and for a strong looking guy, he is way too shy. The girls are mostly bitches that sometimes hit on me. Or should I say throw themselves at me and Chiavarone. Why would I ever have any interest in bitches like them? Even guys hit on me, some of them even thinks that I am a girl due to my hair.

Looks like that trash of a teacher is finally here. Hurry up and start the stupid class already, the faster it starts, the faster it ends.

A new student at this time? How weird. Spring break was just over and a student is coming in. I wonder what kind of trash would that person be.

[[ -sighs- To be continued I guess. I feel that this chapter is really boring. WHich is why I usually write oneshots. ;;; But a friend wanted me to write this so I tried... will update as soon as I can which might take a while seeing that this fanfic is linked to 'Reunion' . Vongola is so much easier to write than Varia seeing that there are more characters, I apologise if I bore any of you. ]]