~Squalo's POV~

Much to my relief, lunch went back smoothly without any problems and no one said anything unnecessary. But still, I wonder how long that could last. Tuna's group has idiots that might accidentally tell boss's about his past and that would be a big headache. I'm already stressed from all of this, where did I place the bottle of pills...

While searching for the pills, I moved backwards and accidentally stepped on someone. Hearing the curse, I could tell that it was Xanxus who I accidentally stepped on. I apologised quickly and gave up looking for the pills. The pills could come later, making sure that Xanxus would not flare up is much more important.

I'm in no mood to argue or fight with him after all. This whole day has made me tired and I still had no chance to talk with Ricardo yet, how could I when Xanxus is following me everywhere? I sighed and stood up to face Xanxus, staring at his blood-red eyes that showed his anger.

I offered to give him some wine when we get back to the dorm and that seemed to make him cool down slightly but he still stepped on my shoe rather harshly though. At least he did not make a fuss and cause every one to look at us, that would be awful. The last thing I want to do is to create a commotion and have every one gather around at us. That might cause Xanxus's father to see me and kick me out of this school for good.

I refused to be separated from him yet again, especially when I have not even get to spend much time with him yet. As much as I wished he remembered his past, I wished that he did not at the same time. This conflicted feeling felt terrible but I know that it was for the best that he did not remember a single thing.

I mouthed a plea to Mammon when I managed to catch his eye and asked him to look after Xanxus for me. Mammon nodded his head and agreed when I took out my wallet and flashed the money at him. This is going to cost me but I had no other choice, there was no other way I could have been able to find Ricardo and asked for his help.

After explaining to Xanxus that I had to run an errand, I dashed off before he could say anything. I know that he would be pissed by that but I left him in the hands of Mammon anyway. Hopefully, Mammon would be able to look after him and not cause any problems.

I took out my phone and hurriedly called Ricardo, it took a few long seconds before he answered in a slightly more cheerful voice than normal. It seemed to me that he was expecting me to call him and he was glad that his guess was right. I hissed and scowled as he told me where to meet him. Without waiting for him to finish whatever he was saying, I hung up after telling him to wait for me.

Running quickly, I dodged students and teachers who were all suddenly in my way and blocking me. By the time I got there, I was already panting since I ran two blocks to get there. In front of me was a casually sitted Ricardo, sipping a cup of coffee as he leaned against the wall.

I could not help but glare at him as he waved to me and finished the rest of his coffee.

"I take it that you're here to ask about Xanxus? Wait, don't bother answering. It's obvious that that's the reason why you're here. I wanted to give you and the rest of the Varia to be able to see him again so I pulled some strings, don't worry, no one is going to find out. At least, not so soon. My father still hasn't found out about you guys and I'm going to do whatever I can to cover you all, take care of my brother and good luck in making him stop trying to regain his memories."

Before I could even yell anything in response, he had already walked away and left me alone. Cursing loudly, I made my way back to where Xanxus and Mammoth were waiting. Looks like this trip was not completely useful after all, I still have to think of a way to prevent Xanxus from remembering anything and all this thinking was giving me an even bigger headache. I cursed once again and hurried back, walking this time.

~Xanxus's POV~

I was following that shark trash around which I regretted when I saw him searching madly for something. This guy was getting weirder and weirder but I had no other choice but to follow him. I still have no idea where each classrooms for my lessons are and he was my damn partner after all.

I cursed loudly when he stepped on my foot and he apologised quickly and offered to give me some wine before I could even yell at him. The more I feel that he knows me, he once again predicted what kind of actions I would take before I even did anything and he knew how to appease me too. He must really know about my past but it did not seem like he was going to say anything any time soon.

I scowled at that and glared at the people around me. That freaked them out and they ran away in fear. Such weak pathetic trashes. The shark trash mumbled something about running an errand and ran off after leaving me in the hands of his friend.

I glared at the trash in front of me who only flinched slightly and said that he was only doing it because the shark trash was offering him money to. I scowled loudly, I did not need any one to look after me. The only thing I need is for him to show me where each and every classes are supposed to be, I would be able to get there on my on.

Although, it sounded fun to make things difficult for the shark trash. He seemed to be easily annoyed but that did not seem easy when he was able to appease me instantly by offering the right things.

But even if he did know something about my past, I still have no way to make him tell me anything. Threatening would not work and just get me expelled, blackmail is impossible when I still do not know much about him. I just know his name and the people he hangs out with.

Come to think about it, why have I not seen Aniki yet? I want to look for him but did I have time for that? I shrugged it off and simply turned to the money trash saying that I was going to nap till the shark trash came back. He simply nodded and I closed my eyes, trying to get some sleep.

Something flashed through my mind, there was no image but a voice, it sounded familiar but I could not recognise it properly. The voice whispered something about following me forever, as long as I needed him. That made me felt at ease for some reason and I could find myself falling into slumber before I could remember anything more.

This was not good, I really wanted to remember anything more and this small bit of memory was not going to serve me anything use and I did not even know who the heck said that to me. It seemed like someone important but who? Is it the same person who Aniki always want to mention but did not say anything in fear of angering the old man.

The only thing I can try to do was to get information show how. But where? I could scare the Tuna into doing that but his older brother is a tough nut to crack and that could once again get me kicked out of the school.

The damn old man had already made it clear that he would not going to make any exceptions if he did anything wrong. He was not going to care if I was his son or not and he was going to treat him fairly, that was fine with him.

I would rather not have anything to do with the old man, all I wanted was my lost memories. Why won't the old man let me have it? My brother did promise to help me somehow but I did not see any actions. All I seen was mybrother getting him into school, but did not necessary mean that my memories were in this school.

I felt sleep approaching me more and more and I could not hold back any more. Hopefully, something useful would appear in my dream. I can not do anything any more anyway, I slowly allowed myself to drift off to bed and let loose of my worries about never getting my memories ever again.

~Mammoth's POV~

Why am I stuck here watching Squalo and Boss without getting a single cent? I could be doing other things like offering my homework to be copied at a price or some other things. Bel hissed to me that I should be watching Squalo in case he had a mental breakdown, that was not what make me decide to do it.

It was Lussuria's scary desires of wanting to dress me up in frilly dresses that got me going. Lussuria and his weird clothing fetishes are scary and I still have the horrible image of him in a maid outfit with thongs. That was disgusting and it burned every single one of our eyes.

Boss is lucky that he no longer remembers that, the rest of us are still haunted with the disgusting image of that. The other disgusting memory was that of Levi in a pink tutu. That was just weird and the image of Levi attempting to look pretty was disgusting as well.

Lussuria had managed to push in the thought that Boss likes pink tutus into Levi's ears to coax him in wearing that pink tutu. Luckily, the rest of us were not that stupid or that into pleasing Boss like Levi.

Levi's loyalty is deep but Squalo's loyalty is as well. But there is something different about that, we all can see that. But which one of them is more loyal is different. Every one is afraid of Squalo breaking down but no one cares about Levi? Although I would much prefer to look after Squalo than Levi any day.

Every time something happened, Levi would be the scrapegoat since no one really cares about him, maybe except for Lussuria. But then again, Lussuria cares about every one. My eyes widened when I caught what Squalo mouthed to me, I shook my head but he showed me the money in his wallet and I nodded my head slowly.

Lying about running an errand, he left Xanxus with me. I could guess that he had ran off to find Ricardo, most likely to ask about why Boss was here. I guess I should not complain since I am getting paid and I get to know why without making any effort or pay anything.

Feeling Boss's glare on me, I flinched slightly since I had not been glared by him for a while and it was starting to scare me slightly. I told him that I was only doing it for the sake of the money that Squalo was going to give me.

I could feel his displeasure and I quickly turned away to look at the students who were freaked out by his glare. Who would blame them? It took me a while to not be bothered so much by his glare, and I am still affected by his glare. His red eyes make it even more freakier than it already was.

Luckily, he said that he was going to nap so I was free from his glarings and I did not have to worry about angering him or blurting out his past if he offered to pay me a high price. I know that I would not be able to hold back and tell him even though I know that I should not. I love money too much to care so I hoped that he would not attempt that, that would make me being hated by the Varia.

Or more likely, punishment by Lussuria. I can only hope that if he does regain it, it would have nothing to do with me. Glancing at my watch, I pray that Squalo gets back before Boss wakes up. Otherwise, I would be left at the mercy of Boss, who only Squalo can appease.

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