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Chapter 1: legacy of the white swan Asakura

A blond kid that looked no older than thirteen years old in an orange jumpsuit sat on the swing set looking depressed. You see today was the genin ninja test which he failed for the third because he couldn't make a simple clone.

Now this boy wasn't ordinary by a lot of people's standard, he had golden blond hair and tanned skin He also had sparkling clear blue eyes with six whisker like scars three on each cheek and had a height of about 4'9'' and last but not least his name was Uzumaki Naruto

He looked as all the other kids were celebrated with there parent and that was another thing he never had someone to call family unless he counted jiji (I will put Japanese when I know it or feel like it so most jutsus or techniques will be in English cause I'm lazy most of the time) but his jiji was the leader of the village: the Hokage, so most of the time he was alone

Now Naruto wasn't a dumb kid he just saw a long time ago the villagers didn't like him borderline hate his existence, so he hid his intelligence behind the mask of a fool and the more of the fool he became the more he was left alone. As all the families left he noticed his sensei Mizuki coming up to him.

"Hey Naruto, how you are doing?" Mizuki asked with concern in his voice

"I'm alright sensei I just wished I could have passed this year." Naruto replied a sad smile on his face

"You know there is a make up exam you could take Naruto." Mizuki said

"What is it Mizuki-sensei, I'll do anything to be a ninja." Naruto said with glee in his voice

"Ok Naruto this is what you have to do." The Academy instructor started

Several hours later

Naruto sat in the middle of the forest with the scroll of sealing he was actually a few hours early then his sensei told him so he decided to look at the scroll

"Shadow clone jutsu, you know I'm starting to hate all clones." he muttered

He started to look though the scroll to try to find something he could learn, he knew he could only learn one so he wanted to make it a good one. He stopped when he came to a seal with the kanji for Asakura on it. He reached out for it but when he touched it he felt some of his chakra being pulled into the seal and a plume of smoke surrounded him. When he opened his eyes he saw a katana, a small red sword and, a gold portable memorial tablet. He picked up the memorial tablet and a person came out, He had tattered white samurai and red shoulder and forearm armor and Naruto did the only his mind could do... faint

Naruto woke up some time later and saw the same man there with an amused expression

"Ok, so can you tell me who the hell you are and why your floating?" Naruto asked

"Well my name is Amidamaru and I'm a ghost." The newly identified Amidamaru said

"Well hello there Amidamaru, I'm Naruto so can you tell me why your in a tablet?"

"Well you see Naruto-dono I was sealed in there by the last of the Asakura family, who where a shaman family which is like a medium between ghost and the living but to make a long story short I was sealed to help out the next generation." The samurai ghost informed

"Well how do you know if your helping the one your suppose to?" the blond asked

"The seal that I came out off was supposed to only undo itself if a proper successor came into contact with it."

"So how can you help me if you're a ghost?" He asked as he really wanted to know

"How about I teach you how to become a shaman just like your ancestors were years ago." The Samurai said and Naruto gave a big grin at the thought of learning something new

3 hours later

In the three hours that Naruto spent learning with Amidamaru he learned a few things. One such thing was how to use his spirit energy and how to fuse with Amidamaru, and in that short time he almost mastered it to 100%. This was apparently a low level Shaman skill but when mastered a bleed affect happens to help teach the shaman skills. So in order to master this he put all his focus into and sowed he had a natural talent with shamanic skills.

He also learned about how the two swords were Asakura heirlooms but he decided that he would ask later he only had a little time to train after all.

"Naruto-dono some one's coming." Amidamaur's voice brought Naruto back to the present

Naruto hid the red sword, tablet, and his copied scroll in his jumpsuit and Amidamaru went in to his tablet then Iruka jumped in to the clearing in the forest

"Naruto what are you doing?" Iruka asked with an annoyed expression on his face and Naruto sighed inwardly and slipped into his mask

"Well you see sensei Mizuki-sensei said if I could learn a jutsu from the scroll that I could be a ninja." Naruto answered and just then a volley of kunai and Iruka pushed Naruto out of the way

"Naruto give me the scroll." Mizuki commanded as he jumped into the clearing

"What are you doing Mizuki-sensei?" Naruto asked as he didn't expect this

"You probably can't understand it I can help you as it has a secret about you in it." Mizuki said with an evil smile

"NO, Don't say it Mizuki!" Iruka yelled with a fearful expression

"What are you guys talking about?" Naruto asked confused

"You see the fourth Hokage didn't kill the Kyuubi so he sealed it into a new born baby which was you, you are the Kyuubi." Mizuki said as he started to spin one of the giant hard to miss shuriken in his right hand before he threw at Naruto who was still momentarily shocked before Iruka was in front of him taking the hit in the back

"Naruto run!" he yelled in a strained voice I mean come on he has a giant star shaped weapon in his back what is supposed to do smile but now back to the story Naruto ran with his mind still in shock

Naruto hid behind a tree and Amidamaru appeared

"They think I'm the Kyuubi this whole time." Naruto said in a whisper of despair the pain felt more real now that he knew the reason

"Your family as long as I served them and even before have all faced trials such as this." The Ghost said Naruto didn't say a word so he continued

"It has seems the family curse of seeing the worst in humanity is still intact but for just as long as I seen them stuggle in the same amount of time I've seen then overcome even more and you Naruto-dono are just the same."

Naruto looked up into the sky and replied "Your right everything will work out." He stood and ran back in the direction he heard the cat and mouse game of his two teachers

"He is indeed your descendant Yoh-dono." Amidamaru said as he went after Naruto

Mizuki was tired of chasing Iruka he was already behind schedule but now he had him cornered

"Any last words." Mizuki said as he was about to kill Iruka when a blade blocked the giant shuriken. He turned and saw it was a katana and Naruto was holding it in his other hand was a blue spirit flame with his bangs covering is eyes and a single whispered word came from his mouth

"Integrate" and he shoved the flame in his chest

"Sorry to keep you waiting Teme-sensei" Naruto said as he lifted his head and his eyes were a darker blue filled with spirit energy

"But I had to clear my head." The normally super hyper blond said in a surprising calm tone

"Clear what thoughts demon all you know is death, NOW DIE." Mizuki yelled as he threw another volley of weapons

"Amida-ryu: Shockwave" Naruto said as did a horizontal slash and a wave of air blew the barrage away and gave Mizuki a slash mark across his chest

'How did the demon do this he was suppose to be weak.' Mizuki thought in surprise giving Naruto the chance to get behind him and slam the hilt of the sword in to the back of his head knocking him cold

'Just how strong have you became Naruto?" Iruke thought to himself and then another thought popped in his head

"Hey Naruto come here and close your eyes." Iruka told him and he put a headband on Naruto

"You can open them now." He said and Naruto opened his eyes to see Iruka gave him his headband

"You are now a ninja of the Leaf." Iruka continued

"Thanks sensei, now come on lets go report to jiji." Naruto said with a smile on his face as he felt Amidamaru split form him fighting was different from training so it took more out of him as they walked to the Hokage's tower Amidamaru had one though

'Yoh-dono this generation will be a great one."

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