Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from Touched by an Angel.

Summary: Someone arrives in angels' lives, someone really special, sent by God to help angels in discovering their inner souls and desires (Supernatural/Romance).

Rating: PG-13 (for language use).

Author's note: This is my first Touched by an Angel Story but English is not my language, so excuse me for some mistakes. Tell me if you like it. Enjoy reading!

Chapter One: Everyone needs a help

The alley was silent in the darkness of the night and an angel was walking in, the spring wind around her as a pretty hope.

The spring was at the beginning, but all the parfumes of nature seemed to explode as fireworks in the air, promises and lies in an imperfect world, imperfect but so beautiful for a pure angel, an angel who was walking in that alley looking for her friends. Tess should be there, Andrew should be there, the angel thought, but she couldn't see nothing but the darkness and the sadness of the periphery.

Some papers flew around her as lost birds, and she simply thought this was another face of human life: the loneliness, the sadness of many human beings, the dark shadow that so often touched them and that so often they had by their side, so sad as those papers the wind was moving around her body.

But she was an angel, an angel of God -the Angel of Truth- and she was pretty sure that it was the place, it was the time, even if nobody was there. She had met a man some hours before, a man who had told her that Tess would be there, in that street and at that time, waiting for her.

She looked around, but Tess -her Supervisor- wasn't there, so she tightened her heart in her coat and she walked in the street, only the darkness around her.

"Go away, angel..." someone thought in the darkness, looking at her. "Go away, because I'm not sure to be so strong to save you..."

The Irish angel couldn't hear those words, an she walked alone in the alley, leaving her life in God's hands, as always, not knowing that God had different plans for her, that night.

Sometimes God works in misterious ways, and that night in that alley He knew that one of His angels could be in danger, and for this reason He gave her a special help, a help not coming from Heaven, not coming from human world, but something different, something unbelievable for angels too.

Sometimes God works in misterious ways, and that night the help He gave the little Irish angel was someone she couldn't imagine, somene who was watching her -a kind of guardian angel for an angel-, looking after her even remaining in the darkness, someone who was looking after her for a long time until now, waiting the right moment to help and meet her.

-Hi, babe...- a voice said in the darkness, suddenly so near the angel. -What a so beautiful lady is doing here?-

The angel shivered, looking at the man who was smiling at her. She was really beautiful in her human form and sometimes she forgot that was not always good to be visible to human eyes.

-I think I take the wrong way...- she said gently, turning back and walking fastly.

-The wrong way...- the man said, grabbing her arm and making her so near his face she could feel his breath on her skin. -It could be the biggest mistake of your life, girl...- he grinned, pulling her against a wall.

-Please, let me go...- she cried, trying to make herself free.

But the man was stronger than her, blocking all her moves. In a second, another one was there, a knife in his hand and the angel felt the cold blade on her neck.

-Father, help me, please...- she whispered, while the first man touched her, his hands on her coat and then under it. The second man caressed the skin of her neck with the knife, and some drops of her human form's blood ran down her body, tracing a warm red way to her heart.

-C'mon, you'll enjoy this...- the first man smiled, working with her pants.

-Ehi...- a voice said suddenly from his back. -Why don't you try with someone else?-

A young woman was behind him, and nobody heard the sound of her steps. She was simply and suddenly there, come from the shadows, silent like a cat, and her dark eyes were filled by rage.

-Who the hell are you?- the man asked, but a second after the woman was on him and he shouted, falling on the ground, his right arm broken.

-You bitch...- the other man said, moving the knife from angel's neck to the woman. He ran to her, ripping the air with the blade, but in a step she was just behind him, her arm around his neck.

-I broke your friend's right arm... Do you have any preference?- she hissed in his ear, but she didn't let time for an answer and the sound of something broken filled the air, followed by man's shouts.

-For you it's the left arm...I like variations...- the woman smiled, looking at the second man on the ground.

Her eyes flew now on the angel and she moved some steps towards her, still standing against the wall. One of her hands touched the angel's one and that contact was warm and gentle.

-It's over, angel... Let's go...- the woman said simply, taking angel's hand and moving away. The little Irish angel looked at her, now for the first time. She was beautiful, maybe thirty, brown hairs on her shoulders and dark eyes, a pair of glasses on her nose and tanned skin appearing from the tears of her worn jeans. Her figure was thin but strong under her black coat, and she moved fastly and lightly in the dark air of the night. Even if the sea was very far from there, suddenly the Irish angel felt the intense smell of tides reaching and wrapping her as a thight embrace.

-I'm... I'm Monica...- the little Irish angel said.

-I know who you are.- the young woman said, a soft smile on her lips. -My name is Clarisse.-

-Are you an angel of Heaven?- Monica asked.

-No, I usually live some floors below...-

A shiver ran down the angel's spine, so she stopped the walk and asked: -Are you... a demon?-

-No, I usually live some floors above...- Clarisse answered, laughing softly. -I'm an original female sample of human race, completely human, blood, bones and hormones, vices and virtues... Well, I was three centuries ago...- she paused some seconds, then she ended: -I'm a Healer... Very nice to meet you.-

What was happening, the angel thought, everything was so unusual, so grotesque... Who was the young woman she was walking with? She wasn't an angel, she wasn't a demon, she said she was a Healer, but what a "Healer" was? She had said she was human some centuries ago, but the Irish angel couldn't understand how it could be possible, and what it could mean... Monica closed her cocoa eyes for a moment, wishing it was only a dream. She felt like Alice but she wasn't in Wonderland, and she's not following the White Rabbit but a beautiful young woman just appeared from the shadows and now walking with her, the strong perfume of the sea around them hiding the smells of the alley and of the cold spring night air.

Monica looked at Clarisse, noticing she was worried, looking around with suspect. A chilly gust suddenly slapped them and the alley became darker. Veils of thick fog obscured everything around and grey clouds hid the stars in the sky over them. Clarisse stopped, her thin body in front of the angel in the attempt of protecting her, her eyes behind the glasses trying to look through the fog, fierce like those of a hunting tiger, and the Irish angel understood something now was really wrong.

An angel and a Healer, what a odd couple! a voice said, and a man appeared some meters in front of them, born from the fog, son of the Darkness. He smiled and a red light sparkled in his eyes.

-I know him!- the angel said. -He was the man who told me I would have met my friends here...-

Clarisse looked at her, wondering of her ingenuity and whispering: -I think this'll be a very long night...-

The man moved some steps towards them, the red light in his eyes brighting as Hell's flames, a mocking smile on his lips. Clarisse knew exactly who he was, and a shiver ran down her spine. She moved closed to the angel, her angry eyes on the man and her hand grabbing Monica's one.

-So, beautiful Clarisse, did you enjoy the joke I did for the angel?- the man asked, giggling.

He was a demon, but one of minors, one of those who didn't tempt or threaten human souls, but just made things more complicated. Not so powerful, he was one of those demons who haunted castles and houses and answered during seances, just in the attempt of hurting human beings. A stupid asshole, essentially, Clarisse thought.

-Oh, yes, I enjoyed it very much...- the young woman said, her tiger's eyes sparkling.

-Oh, c'mon, beautiful Clarisse!- the demon said. -You are always so serious! It was a very funny joke, wasn't it?- the demon laughed, moving closer. -An angel raped by two stupid human beings... It's very funny and I enjoyed it very much!-

-Very funny, yeah... You're a champion in jokes...- Clarisse said, trying to keep herself calm.

Demon's laugh echoed in the fogged alley. Then he be-came suddenly serious, hissing: -You wasted my joke, bitch, and I'm very angry with you...-

He moved towards Clarisse and when he was some inches apart he said: -I cant't kill an angel, but I can be very dangerous for a Healer, right?-

-Wrong!- a voice said when demon's hand touched Clarisse's cheek. Monica saw a silver blade sparkling in the grey fog and piercing demon's body from behind. A second after the demon exploded in thousands molecules of powder, vanishing in the fogged air with a pop.

-Ah, I love this sound everytime... someone said. It's so exciting...-

The fog rapidly flew up, and a young man appeared in front of Clarisse and the angel, a beautiful smile on his lips. He looked at them, sheating the silver blade.

-Just in time, boy...- Clarisse said looking at him. He was handsome and young, maybe thirty, green brighting eyes and a well sculpted goatee on his face, a strong body hidden by a black coat.

Monica was astonished, her mouth slightly opened and her eyes wide on the scene. The just met man moved towards her, making some dance steps and saying, ending in a bow: -Pleased to meet you, angel... I'm Johnny, once a human man and now a Hunter... I love dancing, drinking, fucking, and I kill demons in my sparetime...-

The angel looked at him without words. She couldn't say anything, she couldn't think anything... Everything was so odd and strange, maybe ridiculous, and she didn't know if crying or laughing for that. The smell of the sea was now stronger in her nose and the fog was flying away. The clouds above ran away, showing a starry sky and a beautiful spring moon.

-Monica, angel...!- a voice shouted, and Andrew's shape appeared at the end of the alley. Tess was near him and she moved fastly towards Monica, hugging her tightly and saying: -I'm so happy to see you, Miss Wings... I was so worried...-

-I'm fine, Tess... They protected me...- the Irish angel said, glancing at Clarisse and Johnny.

-Oh, no, Father, not them!- Tess exclaimed, her eyes to the sky.

-Tess, do you know them?- Monica asked.

-I know them very well, Miss Wings, and I'm sure they will be synonymous of troubles, as always...- the dark skinned angel said, looking at Clarisse and Johnny. Then she whispered, looking at the stars above: -Father, help me to bear them...-