Chapter Seven: Talking with the Darkness

In the cold spring night air two ghosts were walking.

Their heads were whirling a little -the magic effect of alchoolic drinks- but they could focus their thoughts, even if, for that moment, they liked more enjoying the freshness of the air and all the parfumes around them, and the fashinating night that shew herself only to vagabonds, lost souls and strange creatures, exactly what they were.

The night was wonderful, and the party they had left two hours before was great.

And what they had done was great.

In the cold spring night air a Healer and a Hunter -two ghosts- were walking, knowing to have done the right thing (and it didn't happen so often) for two angels. They're feeling themselves honest and big, as never before... They had been strong, brave, good (yes, this time good, too), just because they had done something for two angels, something they're waiting for so long... They were like heroes, that night, honest heroes... What they'd done that night was not for their own salvation, not for the Heaven they're longing for so long, not for their lost souls, no... It was for those two angels, only for them, without asking anything in change, only to show them the truth that was deep inside their souls and they had never faced, that truth that could change their existences and make them happy not only with the Father, but together... Helping them in finding their own half, the half that every creature needs to be really complete.

In the cold spring night air a ghost Healer and a ghost Hunter were walking, breathing the soft breeze and sometimes watching at the sky above them -the same sky that had forgotten them some centuries ago- , watching at the stars and feeling themselves (and it didn't happen so often) good and free.

-Maybe I made Andrew drink too much...- Johnny said, breaking the silence.

-I know...- Clarisse answered. Then, smiling: -Poor big angel, I guess he's not so fine right now...-

Someone else was walking some steps behind. Sometimes yawning, Tess and Gloria walked after the ghosts, trying to digest the ended night and the alcoholics drinks.

-How are you, Cap'tain Tess?- Johnny asked looking at the dark skinned archangel who was moving at his back.

-I'm fine, slicker! Five minutes more and I'll be a lioness again!- the archangel replied. Clarisse laughed, taking a cigarette and putting it on her lips.

But if the night had been perfect, the dawn had some surprises for them.

Oh, no... Johnny frozed, looking at the car that was approaching them, slowly. I think we have a problem, darlin'...

The black car stopped near them, and a man -and they knew exactly who he was- smiled looking at their astonished faces. He was dark dressed and tall, surely handsome, but he didn't have any light around him -only darkness- and this fact made Johnny shivering.

-Look, two lost souls...- the man said, going outside the car and reaching them on the road. -Two ghosts who God forget on earth...-

-Look, the Devil himself...- Clarisse said, putting the cigarette nervously on her lips and taking a long, smoked breath. -What an odd meeting...-

The man smiled -a smile without soul- and moved in front of the ghosts, his eyes locked in their ones. Any other creature would have moved the eyes in another direction, but they kept the sight, knowing that there was nothing to loose because they'd already lost everything. Rapidly Tess and Gloria were there, facing the Devil together with the ghosts, but the dark creature seemed not interested in them.

I observed you this evening... the man said to the two lost souls. So you're making two angels fall in love... Whoa, it's a very difficult and brave challenge!

You don't know anything, so let us go... Johnny said. Instinctively, his fingers caressed the cold blade he had under his jacket, the weapon he usually used to kill demons, but he knew it couldn't have been useful in that case. He couldn't do anything with that creature, he could only be calm and wait. As a bad storm, the Devil would have gone away, soon or after.

-I know much more than you think...- the Devil smiled, moving nearer the ghosts who instinctively made a step back. -I know how long you're waiting for justice, for revenge... I know how painful had been wakening up in this world after your death, not having the peace and the love of the Home you deserved...-

The Devil paused and the ghosts felt shivers running on their spines, a cold, frozen touch anticipating the worst.

-Go away! They don't need you!- Tess said, moving towards the man, her eyes sparkling.

-You should listen, Archangel... It's a very sad story...- the Devil said to Tess, keeping his sight on ghosts' faces. -I looked at you during these centuries, lost ghosts, I looked at you walking on earth and trying to live again as you were human, with so many questions nobody never answered to... I know what means looking at the sky to find a light, a word, and having nothing back...- the man continued, his words sharp as blades ripping ghosts' hearts.

-Let us go... You don't know anything and we don't want to deal with you. We never did and we will never do!- Clarisse's voice echoed in the air of the ending night and some clouds ran over the remaining stars, making everything dark. There was no light for the ghosts, no way to escape, no salvation (as always, they thought) and Johnny moved closer to his friend, but he was afraid as she was, two lost lonely souls against an enemy who was too powerful, too smart, too cruel.

-I like the idea of two angels falling in love...- the Devil said, his hand caressing Clarisse's cheek. -It's so...romantic, and so good for me...-

-They're God's creatures, you can't do anything against them.- Johnny said, removing Devil's hand from Clarisse's face.

-If they are God's creatures, perfect and happy in Heaven, why are you tempting them?- the man giggled.

-Temptation is your business, not ours...- the female ghost said, finding a trace of courage inside her soul and making her ready for a new battle.

-I was there, beautiful Clarisse...- the Devil said, a sad smile on his lips. -I was there when they killed you believing you were a witch, your sister breathing in relief looking you burning together with your cats...-

Clarisse closed her eyes, trying to control herself. The words the Devil had spoken had touched her heart as fireballs, taking back in her mind lost rememberings and feelings she hoped she had forgotten. But truth is truth, she knew that, and nothing (not time, not Devil) could delete or make it different.

In her mind echoed again the sound of flames and burning wood, and through the dark smoke she could see again her sister's wonderful face looking at her burning... Her last remembering. The worst.

A little moment of silence, then the Devil said, looking at Johnny: -And I was there too, big Hunter, when soldiers shooted you and bullets went through your body, killing you without any fault...-

Johnny closed his eyes, feeling tears reaching the edge. In a moment, it was as the bullets pierced his body again and he saw the faces of all those soldiers he just tried to save from death. They were young as he was, and innocent, and now he felt hardly the consciousness of what he had done... Maybe he betrayed his Emperor, but he saved them... But nobody understood that, and they condamned him. What a fool thing is life, he thought looking at the soldiers ready to shoot him. Maybe what fool I was, he thought a second before the first bullet pierced his chest... But it happened many years ago, and he was a Hunter now. He was a ghost now, and no weapon could kill him again. He looked at Clarisse seeing the same clue on her eyelids, but he took a deep breath as she did, and no tear fell down on their cheeks, coming back in the inner part of their souls. They can't cry, they stopped centuries ago, and they couldn't do it now because of the sentences of a demon.

Were angels with you when you died? the Devil asked. Were they there? Obviously not. And do you know why? Because God wanted to punish you, or maybe to use you for one of His beautiful plans... Beautiful for Him, maybe, but not for you... Ican give you everything, everything you desired in these centuries of false life, everything you deserve...

-We don't need anything...- Johnny answered, looking in Devil's eyes.

-You fools... Your God forget you on earth and maybe, in this moment, the persons who had condamned you centuries ago are enjoying Heaven, and you're still walking here, you stupid lost souls...-

-Go away... Go away from us, lier... And let the angels go...- Clarisse answered, looking inside Devil's eyes, without any fear but just with rage.

-Are you challenging me?-

Having no answer, the Devil laughed noisily. He looked at Tess who remained in silence, listening everything without any word, and he said to her: -My dear Archangel, are you astonished? C'mon, it was easy to understand... These dead human beings were corrupting your angel babies... They are trying to turn your angels into humans, changing their heavenly thoughts into dirty human desires... You should thank me for advertising...- the Devil smiled.

Tess didn't replied, looking severely at him and after some seconds of silence she said: The only truth is from the Father, and it's the only truth I care.

The Devil laughed, moving back to his black car. A second before going away he looked at the ghosts, saying: This will be your last mission, ghosts... I hope that, after this, you'll understand in which way the world whirls and you'll see soon how angels can fall...

He vanished, leaving the ghosts alone -as always- with all their fears and doubts and tears.

The shy spring dawn was clearing the sky, and two ghosts -a Hunter and a Healer- stood without moving, without answers, just looking at the sunshine.