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This story takes place after the original Just Like You Epilogue: Always Have, Always Will.

Previously. . .

"I don't need a piece of paper or a ring to tell me I'm going to spend the rest of my life with you… because, as long as you want me, you have me. I'll always, always want you. . . but as much as I know we don't need to be married to love each other and be with each other, there's still nothing I want more than to call you my wife. . . Marry me, Bella? I promise I'll never make you regret it if you say yes." - Emmett McCarty, Just Like You


Emmett and I married at The Estate the following April after he'd proposed. We exchanged vows as the sun set, sharing the day with our family and close friends. It was followed by dinner and dancing.

The evening really was a dream come true. Alice had arranged a beautiful garden-like feel to the night with soft lights surrounding every tree and plant. There were white and cream colored flower petals across every inch of ground in sight, and the live violins added a softness to the night I'd never experienced before.

The best part was promising myself and all that I am to Emmett, and hearing him do the same in return. I had heard many women experienced a weight to their left hand once both rings were in place, but I'd never felt lighter.

I never believed in fate, but perhaps if I was to begin believing, this would be the time.

"We have to get going, babe, they've been asleep for awhile and I'm sure our pilot has a family to get back to," Emmett whispered from behind me, his hands running down the length of both my arms as he kissed my shoulder.

I swallowed and nodded, feeling slightly teary. Both my babies where asleep in their beds — had been since before all our guests even left. I'd been standing at their door, trying to will myself to be brave and walk away, for awhile now.

"We don't have to go if you don't want to,"

"I do," I whispered. Emmett deserved a honeymoon. We both did. "I'm gonna miss them though. I've never been this far away from them before."

"I know," he told me. "I'm going to put the bags in the car. Meet me downstairs when you're ready."

I turned to him slightly and nodded, smiling as best as I could.

He winked and kissed my cheek, turning and walking down the hall and stairs.

He'd already changed into some comfortable clothes and was ready. I was still in my wedding dress. I felt like a princess in it, especially while dancing in his arms.

I finally took a deep breath and quickly wiped the tear that began falling. I walked over to each of their beds and whispered another goodbye. We'd already shared goodbyes before their bedtime but I wished for just another hug.

I didn't want to wake them, so I simply kissed them gently and quietly left their room, walking to mine and Emmett's. Clothes were already laid out for me, so I changed and hung the dress back up, giving it another look before I grabbed my handbag and left.

I met Mom, Dad, and Emmett out back where Mom and Dad were sitting and enjoying the night and view.

"Ready?" Emmett asked.

I nodded. "Mom, the cleaners will be here in the morning to take care of all this and—"

"I know, Bella. Don't worry, everything will be fine."

I nodded and pointed behind myself, "I put all the numbers you might need on—"

"I've taken care of my grandsons before. I know what I'm doing," she interrupted again.

"I know you do."

"You're only a ten hour fight away if we need you."

I frowned, biting hard on my lip.

"Everything's going to be great. Just go, relax, and have some fun. You're too clingy, even for their mother."

"Mom," I huffed, "This isn't easy for me."

Dad smiled and made me direct my attention to him. "Remember when you got pregnant and we wanted you to come home but you wouldn't hear it?"

I nodded, glancing at Emmett.

"Well, that was hard for your mother and me, but we survived, just like you're going to survive leaving them with us for five days. I know you're going to miss them Bells, but it's only five days. It'll go fast and you'll have a nice time. . . Why is it that we always have to force you to go out and have fun?"

I rolled my eyes, "You make me sound so boring."

"You are, sweetheart," Mom laughed.

I sighed and looked to Emmett, "Okay, I'm definitely ready to leave now."

He chuckled and nodded, joining me and kissing the top of my head.

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