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Mello sighed in pleasure at the visage layed out before him. Matt's back, supple and arching over the bed, red hair in a wild tangle, splaying out over the crisp cotton sheets. In the next second, Mello's mouth met Matt's and a fiery, passionate heat spread through the blonde's veins like wildfire. Matt broke the kiss, ghosting his lips across Mello's cheekbone to his ear, and whispered-

"Hey Mello, hand me the milk, would ya?"

"Hmmm, what?" Mello lifted his head off the kitchen table and glanced around blearily. He blinked several times, eyes sliding in and out of focus. He could feel his body begging for more sleep, the muscles behind his eyes twitching, despite the cheerful rays of sun poking through the window. "It's all the way over on the counter. Get it yourself." He turned his weary gaze to the boy sitting across from him.

Matt ran a hand through his unruly red locks. "Well, I would, but I figured it would be better to ask you to do it. You know, I gotta do my part to keep you up and alert so you don't fall face first into your Cocoa Puffs."

"How very thoughtful of you," Mello replied sarcastically, swinging his tired body out of his chair and trudging over to the counter. Why, he thought, does Real Matt have to interrupt Dream Matt everytime? He shot a covert glance at Matt, who was playing a handheld video game with one hand, and shoveling down dry cereal with the other. At times like this, he sure as hell wasn't sexy looking. He wasn't even- Wait no, that was a lie. Matt was sexy all the time. But you know what else Matt is all the time, he thought viciously to himself, straight. Straight, straight, straight.

Mello scrambled quickly for something else to say as he handed Matt the milk and sat back down at the table, anything to stop the dangerous train of thought he was on. The train of thought that inevitably ended up with him banging his head repeatedly with the refrigerator door and loudly lamenting Matt's overwhelming straightness. God, why did he have to be so Straight? "Where were you last night?" Mello asked finally, casting his gaze up through his ruffled blonde bangs without lifting his head off the table. "I closed the restaurant last night so I got home at two, but I didn't see your car."

Matt smirked. "I was up all night with Misa. We-"

"Ugghhhh, spare me the details, please. It is too early to hear about your sexual conquests. I haven't even finished breakfast yet."

"Oh good, then I can tell you what she let me-"

In one quick movement, Mello launched himself across the table, barely missing his bowl of cereal, and clapped a hand over Matt's mouth, mercifully muffling any further speech.

"Your in-depth exploration of the female genitalia aside, have any plans this weekend?"

Matt pried Mello's fingers off his face. "Jeez Mello, you could really use a chick, you know that?"

Mello sighed, returned to his seat, and stared into his Cocoa Puffs. Sighing again, heavily, he said, "No thanks. Chicks irritate me." Besides, why would I want a girl, when I could have a red-headed, video-game-playing, loser like you?

"Your pessimism never ceases to amaze me," Matt said around another mouthful of cereal.

"Remind me why I let you live here again?" Mello glared.

"I pay half the rent and I was the only one crazy enough to answer your ad. 'Attractive blonde male seeks roommate. No smokers, body-builders, or uglies please.' Really, it was pure genius, Mello."

"Yeah, about that," Mello furrowed his eyebrows and looked quizzically at Matt. "I specifically said no smokers."

Matt coughed and glanced up at the ceiling."Do you have a point?"

"You know, I could get another roommate anytime I want. You weren't the only one to answer my ad. I had three other guys come and interview."

"Uh-huh, and what happened to the first one again?"

Mello fidgeted slightly. "He smelled like cats. Come on, how am I supposed to live with someone who smells like my grandma's couch?"

"And the second one?"

"He spoke in the third person."

"The third?"


"So basically," Matt said, pushing his chair away from the table, and dumping his cereal bowl in the sink to join an already massive pile of unwashed dishes, "I got the room because I smell good, use pronouns, and don't have any glaringly obvious dental defects?"

"That's really all I'm looking for out of a roommate." That and someone to have amazing sex with me. Really, is it so much to ask?

Apparently so. Mello gave up on continued conversation as Matt meandered into the living room of their tiny apartment and settled himself in his well-established spot on the couch to play X-Box or Playstation or whatever the hell it was he spent all day doing. Damn, lucky kid, Mello thought, Wish I had money from my parents. Maybe then I wouldn't have to work this shitty, clusterfuck job as a waiter. Fuck you Matt. Fuck you and your girlfriend and your straightness, and your no job, and your stupid video games, and your smoking, and your-

"Hey Mells, the doorbell just rang."

Oh god, I love you. Mello snarled in disgust-mostly at himself. No matter how much he convinced himself over and over that Matt was straight, unavailable, and utterly uninterested in his psycho nut-case of a roommate, just the sound of the red-head's voice still sent Mello into some of his most frantic daydreams. "I'm coming, I'm coming," he said wearily, dragging himself away from the kitchen table. He didn't even bother asking why Matt couldn't get the door. The gamer was as lazy as he was attractive.

Mello hauled his tired body over the door, wincing slightly when he realized that he would soon have to go back to the restaurant and work another double-shift. Fuck this earning money shit, it was hard. He was so busy silently raging over job, that he didn't even bother looking out the peephole in the front door before swinging it open. He caught just one glimpse of light blue jeans, a white button-down shirt, and head of hair so platinum blonde it could be easily mistaken for white, and let out a "Oh fuck, Near!" before quickly slamming the door shut again. He turned in panic and put his back against the door, as if to make the person outside it vanish.

"What the hell, Mello?" Matt paused his video game, and looked at Mello. "Who was that?"

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