Title: Life Happens When You're Drinking Coffee at Starbucks

Rated T for sarcasm and adult situations

Summary: At 16, Quinn Morgendorffer was a conceded little nightmare who dreamed of becoming a supermodel. By 28, she doesn't resemble that person at all and she is proud of that. How did that happen? A post graduation story.

This is my first Daria story, but not my first story. I've been writing since April of 09 but reading since 2001. I watched Daria from the beginning. It was part of my survival strategy for high school. I was a cross between Quinn and Daria during those four years of torture. I was a Brain, but I was also on prom court. I was well liked and well hated. Now that the show is on DVD, I wanted to try doing a Daria story.

I am unbelievably dyslexic. I am writing this story using voice recognition software. This essentially means I can write like Daria, but I spell and proofread like Kevin. Teddy Bear, who normally works on my Star Trek stories, graciously look this over even though she has never seen Daria before. (It's not her fault, she lives in Australia.) All remaining mistakes are mine.

Disclaimer: I own nothing but my original characters. However, most of those are parodies of actual famous people in this story.

Part One:

Evolution of a Supposedly Former Self-absorbed Fashion Queen

At 16, Quinn Morgendorffer thought she had her entire life figured out. She was very delusional in her fashion club heyday. At 17, she would start her modeling career and become an instant overnight sensation. By 19, she would begin dating a member of Boys or Guys. Everyone would be jealous of her and she would love it. By 21, Quinn would be either starting her music career or starring in her very own TV show called Quinn. Finely at 23, she would start her own fashion label along with her very own line of fragrances called Scent of Quinn.

For some reason at 16, Quinn really didn't think beyond age 23 or the glamorous life. 16-year-old Quinn was never planning on getting married or having children. She would become immortalized on the pages of all the fashion magazine she worshiped as a teenager. She would travel the world and never come back to the suburban hell known as Lawndale. Quinn would be everything Sandi and the rest of her fashion club friends dreamed of back then.

Now at 28 Quinn, wonders what her 16 year old self was thinking. Quinn never became a fashion model nor did she even want to be one anymore. Due to very low test scores and being rejected by the first guy she ever really cared about beyond the superficial, Quinn realized she was more than a pretty face. Even though David managed to break her heart in little pieces, he taught Quinn that she was more than the beautiful popular girl who all the boys wanted to date. He was the first person that she allowed to see the real Quinn.

After David, she couldn't go back to being the self centered princess that she was before, at least to some degree. During junior year, she stopped acting stupid just to be popular. She brought her GPA up from barely passing to a solid 3.00 despite the fact that it pissed Sandi off.

Even with a vast amount of studying junior year, she still managed to do a lot of damage to her mother's credit card. That led to an after school job and her real first friend. Lindy helped Quinn let go of her last bits of shallowness and Quinn helped her through rehab. 11 years later, Lindy was still there for her.

She was actually one of the few people Quinn stayed in contact with from that time. She stopped talking to Sandi senior year when she finally got tired of the mental mind games. She kept in touch with Stacy for a little while after high school eventually the phone calls got farther and farther apart until they just stopped altogether. The last time she saw Stacy was at Tiffany's funeral. Tiffany's obsession with being skinny led to her demise two years post high school. She died of complications of anorexia at 20.

During senior year between helping her friend get clean and listening to her parents scream at each other, she discovered that like her sister she enjoyed writing. It gave her something to do. Her relationships with the other former fashion club members were already in serious decline. It wasn't like she was going on that many dates anymore.

By senior year, she realized it was wrong only to go out with someone for a free dinner when she could barely tolerate the person. Quinn was starting to learn that she really didn't have that much in common with her former friends except that she liked wearing nice things.

Unlike Daria, Quinn liked writing about happy things. She started writing stories about couples falling in love and staying that way. She wrote about the brilliant fashion model with a serious drug problem cleaning up her act because she fell in love with her assistant. She even wrote a story about the spoiled high school fashion queen that fell in love with her brain of a tutor called Tutor for the Heart. Okay, so maybe in that story she was exercising some of her David issues. It didn't mean anything.

Writing was what helped her get through that year that everything changed. By the end of senior year, Quinn had a cumulative 3.45 GPA and was awarded a small scholarship for Pepperhill University. She sent a copy of the scholarship announcement to David just to prove she was not as one dimensional as he thought she was.

In addition to being a top party school, Pepperhill had excellent business and writing programs. 10 years later Quinn could admit that the main reason she went to school in California was to be a good 3000 miles from a screaming Helen and Jake. She slept over at Lindy's house a lot that year.

Two months after she left for California, her parents started divorce proceedings. That did horrible things to her psyche and college fund despite the scholarship. Really, she was just happy the fighting stopped. Daria was devastated, not that she would admit it. Fortunately, she had her new grad student boyfriend Nikki to console her. They actually got engaged the next year.

To help pay for college Quinn worked as a personal assistant to aging pop princess and former fashion model Lindsey Snow. She was really popular in the early nineties before she got pregnant by her manager and spent a lot of time at Quiet Ivy for postpartum depression. A year later he left her for the next big thing, a sluty blonde with big breast and no talent.

Quinn got the job because Daria's boyfriend happened to know Lindsay Snow personally. Essentially, Quinn was a glorified baby sitter who scheduled appointments and made sure Lindsey didn't choke on her own vomit during her sleep. Lindsey Snow had some serious issues with that substance referred to by her last name, partying, drinking, and being arrested a lot.

Once upon a time, Quinn actually wanted to be a lot like Lindsey until she experienced everything first hand. The lack of privacy and being surrounded by fake people at all times that claim to love you no longer interested her. The whole experience made Quinn happy she never obtained her model or pop star dreams. After living on the inside, the beautiful people stop seeming that beautiful.

Quinn also helped take care of Lindsay's twin daughters Chloe and Bianca because Lindsey continued to scare the regular nannies away. Chloe was a mini Quinn. At five, when they first met, her favorite things were teddy bear backpacks, Barbies, boys, and shopping. Bianca was the opposite. She rather read a book than play with her Barbie dolls. Bianca was so much like Daria that sometimes Quinn wondered if there was a mix up at the hospital. Those two had to be related.

It wasn't that bad of a job. She got to live in a fabulous house in Malibu, travel all over the world, wear really nice clothes that she didn't always pay for, and still had time to study. She didn't have a lot of time for dating or college parties, but getting to go to all the best post Grammy parties as her boss's handler more than made up for it.

She absolutely loved spending time with the girls as they began to grow up. That was the best part of the job. The only major downside was it took Quinn an extra year to graduate because she was taking a lighter class load. However, she got a lot of real world experience with the entertainment industry. She could learn more sitting in on one of Lindsey's business meetings than a week's worth of classes.

Her time as Lindsey Snow's assistant also led to Quinn's current career as a writer. Due to spending vast quantities of time in rehab, Lindsey Snow wasn't as popular as she used to be when Quinn was in middle school. Her last record peaked at number 29 on the charts and was essentially trashed by the critics.

However, everyone was still interested in her crazy private life. According to her sisters best friend Jane, who still watched the show religiously after becoming a graphic artist in New York, Lindsey Snow was featured on Sick Sad World at least once a month.

Because of that, Lindsey's manager came up with the brilliant idea to do a biography. Ms. Snow was completely against the idea. She didn't want to tell her entire story to some ghost writer she didn't know that would twist everything around. After working with her for five years, Quinn could attest that there were lots of things that Lindsey Snow would not want to become public knowledge.

"What if the writer was not a complete stranger? Would you be willing to tell your story to someone you know?" Sarah Nixon, Lindsey's manager and enabler asked one afternoon at the Starbucks by Lindsey's house where the patrons do not recognize her. Sarah became Lindsey's manager after the breakup with Chloe and Bianca's father eight years earlier. Quinn personally felt Sarah allowed her client to get away with too much because she mostly saw her as a revenue source and not a person. Despite that, Sarah was a good agent. At least she did not suggest doing a reality show.

"Maybe, if you can find somebody. Good luck with that." She said with a snicker as she drinks her Starbucks soy latte. That was a good day because Lindsey Snow was sober. Apparently the last round actually worked. Quinn hoped it did because she was getting very tired of driving the girls to see their mom in rehab. As much as everybody tried to hide it from the children, they knew what their mom really was.

"What about that reporter Cindy Williams from Vantage point. You love that show." Sarah asked as she continued to drink her juice. Sarah didn't do caffeine. Quinn was the same way until college when she was trying to balance her classes with her job. Caffeine became a necessity.

"I think I slept with her husband or was it girlfriend. I cannot remember anymore. I think I was on the blue pills at the time. Also, she said something nasty about the girls. Try harder Sarah." She said in her normal dismissive way.

Sarah then proceeded to go through a list of 20 writers or journalists that could write the book. Lindsey refused to work with everyone on the list due to various personal issues ranging from throwing up on their shoes to sleeping with their child.

"Just give up Sarah. I burned a lot of bridges in this town. The only person I know that can write and I trust not to crucify me is Quinn." Lindsey said pointing at her.

"That's right, you are a writing major." Quinn just rolled her eyes when Sarah said that. Sarah was never one to actually pay attention to anything but the bottom line. She called Chloe by the wrong name all the time.

"Actually that was my minor. I graduated three months ago in May. I majored in business. I'm not a writer. My sister is the writer. She has a play coming out on Broadway in two months. What I do on my computer is just a stress relief activity." High school Quinn would have been very unhappy admitting that her sister was better at something been her. Adult Quinn was okay with it.

"The only reason why that dark misery stuff your sister writes is successful is because she married a Backstreet Boy and he is staring in the production." Lindsey said with a hint of irritation.

"Nikki Bryant was a member of Boys or Guys. He also has a doctorate in mathematics and can quote the most obscure philosophers. He only acts now because it's challenging. Didn't you actually date him after the divorce?" Quinn asked her boss with a laugh.

That was the greatest irony of everything. Daria was the one who married a member of Boys or Guys. When Nikki was not on tour or recording, he studied at Raft under a pseudonym. Daria did not even know his secret identity as a boy band member until their six-month anniversary. Nikki was nowhere near as Hollywood as Lindsey Snow. The guy that Quinn was in love with in high school was an absolute genius who only started singing with the group for tuition money.

"Yes, for someone who wore that much sequence onstage he was highly depressing. He kept quoting from books that I never heard of before." That didn't surprise Quinn at all.

"I think that's why my sister loves him so much. They're perfect for each other." They really were. It also helped that Daria really didn't care that Nikki was famous, though she did make a lot of jokes about his former occupation.

"A match made in genius hell. Quinn, I remember the stories that you use to tell the girls before bedtime when you first got here. I have even read some of your other papers and stories. You're really good." Praise from her boss was a very rare commodity. Usually there was a lot of yelling.

"You read my stories? Wait, how could you read any of my work?" Writing was something she did to relieve stress when the stores were closed and the girls were asleep. She had everything on her password protected laptop.

"Bianca always sends me your latest stuff when I'm in rehab. You really need to change your password on your laptop. I enjoyed your diary entries from high school. They were hilarious. Did you really have three guys following you around like lost puppies?" Lindsey asked with a small laugh.

"Yes, but it turns out I was just functioning as the cover for two of the three guys. Joey and Jeffy came out in college. It turned out they were in love with each other the entire time but didn't say anything. Lawndale high was not exactly the best place for anybody who wasn't perfectly normal, whatever normal is. That reminds me, I need time off to go to a commitment ceremony in November. Did you just distract me from the fact that your daughter broke into my computer and sent you my private diary?" Quinn shouldn't be surprised. By age 10, Bianca was a skilled hacker. Again, Bianca was so much like her sister it was scary.

"How long have you known my children? That's completely irrelevant. You are talented. Besides, you will be a ghost writer. No one will know that you wrote the biography. You're the only one I trust not too completely destroy me. Besides you already know things that are highly unflattering and you never went to the tabloids." She never went to the tabloids because it would hurt the girls.

"Good point. Fine, I will do it." Quinn finally said in acquiescence. She would later regret this decision.

Like most of the things in her life, the book thing didn't go exactly as planned. First, Lindsey made her the co-writer of the biography. No one argues with Lindsey Snow. Quinn still despises the image chosen for the book jacket.

Second, Lindsey was killed in a car accident the week before the book was to come out. That automatically made the memoirs a bestseller. After 13 months of sobriety, Lindsey was killed by an intoxicated driver during her late-night/early morning run around the neighborhood. The Idiot managed to take out both Lindsey and her bodyguard.

She remembered telling the girls like it was yesterday. Chloe cried so much it reminded her of Stacy at Tiffany's funeral over three years earlier. Bianca retreated into herself and didn't leave her suite for three days. Quinn remembered bringing food to her that she would not touch. The whole thing was a nightmare.

The day of the funeral, Daria found her hiding in her usual spot at her usual Starbucks drinking a nonfat salted carmel hot chocolate. Quinn just needed a quiet place to think after the craziness of the private funeral and the public memorial service. Quinn wished Lindy could have come out for support but she couldn't leave her DC base decorating business behind for too long.

"I hate this place. It's overpriced and pretentious. It reminds me a lot of the high school you. Why are you hiding out here?" Daria said sitting next to her.

"It's quiet and nobody will bother me here. I used to come here all the time with Lindsey. This is like the only place she could go out in public where people did not mob her. You're sitting in her normal seat." Quinn said barely looking up at her sister.

"Do you want me to move?" Daria asked her.

Their relationship was a lot better now that they were adults. It probably helped that she stopped referring to Daria as her cousin. It is also a lot easier to get along with someone when most of the time they lived on the other side of the country or in a different country. However, Quinn was happy her sister was in town because Nikki was shooting a new movie in the area.

"What's the point? She's dead. I just couldn't stay in that house with all those people who pretended to be her friend. Most of those people hung out around her for the drugs and the free clothing. Her parents are the worst. To see them crying in front of the camera like that was sickening. They've always seen their daughter as their meal ticket. Even though mom and dad were kind of crazy growing up, they still loved us." Quinn said looking up at her sister with watery eyes. For days, she has been trying to be as strong as possible, but she couldn't do it anymore.

"Yes they were kind enough to wait until after we were both out of the house to divorce. I still can't believe mom married Eric." Daria said with a little shiver.

"Please, don't remind me. He's the worst stepfather ever. He doesn't even remember our names. I hate funerals." Quinn said as she took another drink of her hot chocolate after wiping away her tears.

"Quinn, everybody hates funerals."

"Are you sure? You were always into morbid stuff. I think Jane likes funerals."

"That's because she likes sketching people. Apparently, morning people make good subjects."

"Lindsay left me custody of the girls." Quinn said without looking at her sister. She was absolutely shocked when the lawyer told her that.

"It's obvious that they love you and you love them. They made me come get you. They're currently hiding in my car." Daria pointed to the two 11 year olds in her BMW that were currently fawning over her husband who was trying to hide behind shades and a baseball cap.

"I can't believe they did that." Quinn said with a laugh and a sigh.

"They were worried about you."

"Can you actually picture me as a mom?" Quinn asked her sister in all sincerity.

"Yes," Quinn wasn't expecting to hear that.

"What?" She asked her sister in shock.

"Way back in high school Mr. O'Neill made me write this crazy story involving people I know and a card game because I read everything on the syllabus that semester. After going through half a notebook, I wrote a story about the future where the four of us played a family card game. Mom and dad were still married, I was an editorial columnist, and you were married to one of the Js with a dozen children. You were nowhere near as pretentious as your High School self with less flattering clothing. The only part of that story that I now see coming true is you being a mom. You've been a mom to Chloe and Bianca for years because of their mother's addiction issues. You're good at it."

"That's not true. You're not a journalist, but you're still a writer. You've won awards. Mom and dad may not be married to each other anymore but their happy. There even friends again. They get along better now. At their commitment ceremony last year, Jaffe asked me to be there surrogate." She smiled remembering that conversation.

"I hope you said no, since you can't remember his name." Daria said in her normal dried tone. That made her laugh, a little.

"Of course. I'm not ruining this figure for anything less than a Tiffany Princess cut engagement ring." Quinn said with a laugh.

"The more things change, the more they stay the same. I've seen you with the girls the last couple of days. You are the only thing keeping them together. She wouldn't have trusted you to be their guardian if she didn't think you could do it." Daria said in reassurance.

"Are you sure I should take care of preteens? If I didn't live at that house for free, I would probably blow all my rent money on shoes. I'm the reason why most of our pets died as children. I was too busy being popular to remember to feed our fish."

"At least it's your money now. Also, children usually tell you when you forget to feed them. You can do this. Don't repeat this to anyone, but I believe in you."

"You know I will have to share that."

"Please don't. Now let's get back to the car before your new charges drive my husband crazy."

"Please, your husband used to be in a boy band. He's used to crazy preteens." Quinn said as she placed her cup in the trash and walked out to Daria's car. They caught the three in the middle of a wonderful rendition of the Boys or Guys classic, I Want You to Love Me That Way but Not Really.

In her original life plan, she never anticipated being a single mom at 24 or a mother at all. However, that's life. They stayed in Malibu, but moved into a different house without so many memories. Quinn toured around the U.S. with the girls promoting the book that summer. They treated it like one long vacation. She wrote a lot during that time.

Sarah, who was now her manager, managed to turn Quinn's ramblings into her own publishing deal. Quinn wrote under the pseudonym Melody Powers. Only Daria understood the reference. By the age of 28, she will have four books published, not including the biography and a fifth on the way.

During that first year of parenthood when the mansion got too much for her, she would sneak down to Lindsey's Starbucks. It reminded Quinn of her dead friend. Being there made her feel comfortable.

That's how Quinn met her husband. Jonathan was a struggling actor working at the Malibu Starbucks for the benefits. Sometimes Quinn wonders if he only talked to her that day because of her industry connections. At the time that never crossed her mind.

In the beginning, she thought he was sweet and funny. She didn't care that he couldn't take her to the best restaurants because she could take herself. She didn't care about his car because she had her own BMW, actually she had three.

She liked him for him. Too bad, he didn't like her for her. If it wasn't for her sister's newly acquired tack, she would probably tell Quinn this was karma for all the guys she used in high school.

In hindsight, Quinn realizes that he used her to launch his career. He used her contacts to get the lead role on some new high school drama on the CW. When it got picked up he asked Quinn to marry him even though they had only been dating for seven months. The wedding that happened three months later was something straight out of a fairy tale. She wanted a small wedding as not to expose the girls and he wanted it to be a spectacle. So at 25, Jake walked her down the aisle as her mom pointed out to her older sister how much more extravagant Quinn's wedding was or the fact that Grandmother Barksdale didn't have to pay for it.

Three months after the wedding Jonathan scored the starring role in the most likely summer BlockBuster of 2009. Six months later, he was screwing his costar. Six months after that Quinn found out about it. Actually, it was Chloe who found out about it in the worst possible way and told Quinn. By age 27, Quinn's marriage was over.

The day she filed for divorce, Daria found her hiding in another Starbucks drowning her sorrows in cappuccino. This was not Lindsey's Starbucks but another one of few miles away.

"Do you know how hard you are to find? Fortunately, your genius daughter had the ideal to use your cell phone to track you. Bianca scares me."

"I was coming back. I'm not depressed, just pissed off. I guess I should be happy that mom forced me to have a prenuptial agreement." Quinn said with a very bitter laugh.

She knew that they were worried about her. She may have reenacted a certain scene from Waiting to Exhale after she found out that Jonathan was screwing someone else. Fortunately, her manager knew a good lawyer.

"Quinn you have a right to be upset after what happen. I know he broke your heart. However, you can't run away from everyone."

"What do you know about having a broken heart Daria?" She said with a touch of anger. "You have been happily married for over six years to your second boyfriend ever. In a celebrity marriage, that's the equivalent to being married for 50 years. You're still friends with the first guy that you allowed in your heart. You were a bridesmaid at his wedding. You even spoke at his class at Lawndale high. You didn't have your daughter walk in on your husband with the other woman. Why are you even here?"

"I lost the coin toss with Lindy who came all the way up from DC to be with you in your time of need. I was only a bridesmaid at Tom's wedding because he married Jodie Landon. I only spoke at his class because I was curious about how he was handling being a public school teacher. Also there was the added irony of his brother in law being one of his students."

That was another one of those crazy love stories that seems straight out of one of Quinn's novels. According to Daria, the two started dating when Jodie was forced to be an intern at the Sloane family investment firm. Jodie was the brilliant junior partner who saved the firm from the financial meltdown. Jodie also forced Tom to do what he really wanted to do which was to torture high school students. It was a wonderful love story. At the moment, love and happiness made Quinn want to throw up.

"I think this is karma. Remember all those guys I used in high school for free dinners or rides to the mall. I hurt a lot of people with my shallowness. I was even afraid to let people know that you were my sister. This is how the universe repays me for being conceded and stuck up. Jonathan did to me exactly what I did to everyone else." Quinn said with a bitter laugh.

"Quinn, I seriously doubt the universe is out to get you. Jonathan was an ass. You're not a bad person, not even back then. You're a good mom and sister now that you no longer refer to me as your cousin."

"You are married to a celebrity. That has to count for something." Quinn said with a smile.

"If you were that same person you were in high school I doubt you would be writing under the pseudonym Melody Powers. You would probably be on Oprah twice a month."

"I prefer literature this week. I just want to give the girls some normalcy. Now the press is camped out on our front lawn again because of the scandal. I guess I should go back before the girls trick Lindy into bringing them down here."

"You probably should. Your children scare me."

"They love their aunt Daria. If I don't say it enough you are a good sister." She said as she got up from the couch.

"You're a good sister too. Just don't hug me." Daria said as they walked out the door

"You would make a great mom." Quinn said half joking. She wanted little children to spoil again. Thank god, she and Jonathan decided not to have children for a while. That makes getting a divorce simpler.

"Not a chance. I enjoy being an aunt. The fact that you got your children housebroken is an added bonus."

"That's a horrible thing to say about your nieces."

"They'll get over it." She said with a laugh and a smile. It was good to smile again.

During the first few months after the divorce, Quinn got used to seeing her ex husband on every billboard in town. 2009 was a great year for him with his summer BlockBuster film and his hit TV show. Quinn personally hoped he died in a horrible stunt gone wrong or from some untreatable STI that he caught from whoever he was sleeping around with.

Quinn had two things to help her through that time in her life, family and her writing. Daria was living in L.A. at the time because Nikki was shooting another film and Daria was working on the film adaptation of one of her plays. Quinn also talked Daria into doing the film adaptation of Tutor for the Heart. Okay, so maybe Daria only agreed to do it if Quinn would stop asking her about when she was going to have children.

The girls also helped a lot. It's impossible to mope around all day when you are raising two teenage girls that drive you absolutely crazy. Quinn believes this is revenge for all the things she put Jake and Helen through in high school.

Chloe and Bianca were fighting like crazy. For example, Quinn was called in to the principal's office twice because Chloe was telling everybody at school that Bianca was her adopted cousin. Daria laugh for hours when Quinn told her about that one. Quinn personally wondered how Chloe thought she could pull it off. They look exactly alike except Bianca's closet consists mostly of gray, black and silver clothing.

During the first few months after the divorce, Quinn did a lot of writing. She actually worked on two books at the same time. One was about a recently divorced twenty something learning to live again after being screwed over by someone who she thought loved her. The other story was about a lawyer who fell in love with his client who was wrongfully convicted of murdering her husband that cheated on her with someone young enough to be his daughter. That story was so dark, even Daria was worried. Lindy and Jane refer to this as Quinn's art therapy.

Jane did all the cover work for Quinn's books. She was even trying to talk Quinn into doing a graphic novel with her.

During this time, Quinn did most of her writing at her new Starbucks. Because Quinn was still a social person she hated being stuck in her home office all day working on her novels by herself. Instead, she would take her laptop down the street and work on her stories. She would chat up the regulars and the staff as she consumed copious amounts of various coffee drinks.

By January of 2010, she felt like she was getting back to normal again. Her heart didn't hurt as much and her characters were no longer murdering the people that broke their hearts. Things were going good in Quinn's world again. Then she got a phone call during one of her Starbucks writing sessions.

From the ring tone and wallpaper, she knew it was her mother. This worried her because her mom never called during the middle of the day. She was usually in court.

"Hi mom." Quinn said calmly into the phone.

"Hi sweetie." Quinn could tell something was wrong because her mom sounded like she was about to cry. This worried her."

"Is everything okay?"

"Quinn, it's your father."

"What's wrong with dad? It has to be bad because you're calling." After nine years of divorce her parents were actually friends. They got along a lot better now than when they were married to each other. Quinn wondered how that happened. She cannot even stand to be at the same film premiere as Jonathan. Then again, dad didn't screw someone else.

"You know every other Wednesday your dad and Eric play golf together. He has been complaining of heartburn for weeks but I didn't think anything of it. Now that I'm not there to keep him from doing it almost everything he eats contains jalapenos."

Here's the other crazy thing, her dad actually can tolerate Eric when Quinn and Daria wish he would die. Although Quinn personally thinks it's just so he can play at the best golf course in Lawndale.

"Mom." Quinn said cutting off her mother's rant.

"Sorry. I have a tendency to get off subject when I'm worried. On the seventh hole, he just collapsed. They took him to Lawndale Medical Center." Why did it feel like her mom was keeping something from her?

"Is he okay?"

"I think you need to come as soon as possible."

"That is not an answer."

"I don't know." Her mom said almost crying. She knows from personal experience it is still possible to love someone after the divorce.

"Did you call Daria?" She asked calmly.

"Yes, she is currently trying to see if she can get a flight from Kyoto tonight. She said if you want she can have her assistant book you a flight to Maryland." Daria was currently on Niki's Boys or Guys reunion tour in Japan. Quinn personally believes Daria talked her husband into doing it solely for the purpose of getting to spend a lot of time in the country. If Daria was coming back, that meant things were really bad.

"I'll take care of it. I need to go pick up the girls from school first. Call me when you know something more."

"Of course, sweetie," was all Helen said.

Quinn ended the call, called her assistant to arrange for a flight, threw away her drink, got in her car and started crying.

This was supposed to be a one shot, but it got away from me. So expect at least one more part. Let me know what you think. If you really like it, I can be convinced to cover the same time period from Daria's point of view.