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Chapter 2


Getting back to the school took some time. Collen was still having problems breathing as he was supported between Tyler and Ian. Making their way through the woods was a bit easier for the twins. Even though Collen's breath was ragged he was still able to keep the pace that was set by the others.

All was quiet as the wind picked up blowing in their direction. Collen lifted his head closing his eyes and took a deep breath. The first one he didn't gasp to get in. Freezing in his steps Collen snapped his eyes open. Noticing Collen stiffening Ian called out to the others. "Hay guys wait up somethings wrong." Looking over to his brother Collen growled. "Tyler." Tyler razing his nose in the air he sniffed.

Suki walks over to Tyler and out a hand on his arm. "Whats wrong?" She asked with a concern look on her face. Tyler looked down at her and said. "Someone is coming this way." Gabe walked over as well. "How can you tell?" He asked scratching his head. Collen looked over at him and stated. "We can smell someone coming." Disbelieve crossed his Gabe's face as he sniffed the air. "I don't smell anything." Collen shot Gabe a glare. But before he could respond someone burst out of a bush. Everyone jumped at the same time as Tyler pulled Collen closer and Ian throw a kick only for it to be cot. "Ian, Gabe, Suki, CJ. What are you guys doing here?" Ian gave out a sigh as he saw it was Coach that had burst out of the bushes and cot his kick. "Ah man Coach I thought a gnome had just jumped out at us." Coach let go of Ian's leg and crossed his arms. "Well now that you know I'm not one. What are you guys doing here." Staring down at them Coach took notice of the two new students and their wary postures.

He stepped closer to the two new kids with his hands shown in a non threatening manner. "I'm guessing you two are Collen and Tyler. am I right?" Collen and Tyler looked at each other before looking back at the man before them and nodding. "Who are you?" Collen asked warily. Coach placed a hand on Collen's arm to just pull it away as the boy growled. Then Ian stepped up and said. "Woo Coach you might not want to do that. Their like-." "Animals I know. I didn't expect anything less then a growl from a feral." Collen and Tyler looked at the man in shock. Coach gave a light laugh and said. "Yes I know what you two are. My name at the school is Coach. And-" Coach looked over at the others. "-you four are about to miss your first class." Coach said sternly at Ian and the others. "But we'll deal with that after we get back to the school." Kneeling down Coach took a closer look at Collen. Slowly Coach put a hand on Collen's chest feeling that the boy was having a hard time breathing. "What happened?" He asked looking Collen state in the eye. Collen broke the eye contact first by looking and nodding at Ian. "Alpha knocked the wind out of me and won." Coach looked back over at Ian with a questioning look.

Ian just nodded.

Coach sighed and said. "Ian you and I are going to have a talk about this soon. But right now we need to get back to the school. So we can get Collen on his nebulizer and open up his lungs. Plus the Headmaster wants to see Collen and Tyler.." Tyler and Collen shared a worried look with each other. Still kneeled Coach just turned around a patting his back as for Collen to climb on. "It's nothing to worry about you two. He's was just worried about you when he herd the roar the one of you two made." A crimson blush crossed Tyler's face when Coach said that. Looking over his shoulder Coach patted his back again. "Are you going to hope on so I can carry you back to school." Collen blushed at the thought of being carried. "I can walk back." Coach sighed turning back around to face Collen putting a hand on his shoulder. "I know you can but I want to get you back before your lungs start to close up more." Looking Coach straight in the eyes. Collen saw that this man was really worried about him and his inability to breath he nodded. Coach let out a sigh of relieve and turn around. Once he was turned and crouched down Coach felt Collen rap his arms and legs around his waste and neck. Once Collen was settled on Coach's back the man got up from his crouched position on the ground. Looking over at the others Coach ordered. "Come on we need to get moving now." Turning from everyone Coach took off in the direction of the school with Tyler hot on his heels. Ian look at the others and followed after Coach with Gabe, Suki, and CJ close behind. Catching up to Coach Ian asked. "Coach what did you mean you know what they are? And what did you mean by a feral?" Not slowing his pace Coach answered. "I'll tell you guys what I meant. When I get Collen on his breathing treatment." After Coach said that he picked up the pace at Collen coughing over his shoulder.


With Coach's help everyone got back to the school in a short amount of time. Seeing that they were back at the school Collen tried to get down off of Coach. Still walking Coach tightens his grip under Collen's knees. Looking over the man's shoulder Collen saw Coach shake his head. Settling back down on Coach's back. Collen blushed in embarrassment as the other kids looked at them.

Not paying them any mind Coach walked past the other students to the dorms. It took shot time for Coach to get up the stares and go to Tyler and Collen's dorm room. Finding the door was still open with a Monitor standing outside of the room. Taking notice of the group of people coming twords the room. He shifted to block the room but stopped when he saw the teacher carrying one of the new students.

A shift in the head from Coach was all that was needed for the monitor to move out of the way. Moving into the room Coach put Collen on his bed. Getting up Coach moved over to the closet. Opening the door Coach pulled out an old purple backpack. Placing the pack next to Collen he opened it and took out a small box. Looking over to the door he saw the monitor looking in to see whats had happened for coach to have carried the new kid back. Seeing that Gabe was closest to the door he asked. "Gabe would you shut the door please?" Going back to what he was doing Coach stared to get ready the nebulizer for Collen. Once it was ready Coach handed Collen a mask and started the nebulizer.

Turn back to everyone Coach saw that they were all waiting for him to speak. Sighing Coach pulled out one of the desk chairs and sat down. "I guess you want to know what I meant back in the forest?" Everyone nodded at Coach's question. Looking down then back up at Ian, CJ, Gabe, and Suki. Coach started to explain Tyler's and Collen's Ability. "Tyler and Collen are what they call ferals." Seeing the confused looks on their faces Coach continued. "Think of it this way. Being able to have the instincts and reflexes of an animal. To be able too act like the animal you've seen perfectly. Be it canine, feline, or rodent. Any mammal really." Coach finished saying looking at the kids. Seeing that Coach wasn't going to say anymore Tyler piped in. "Not to mention the neer perfect sense of smell and hearing." "Yes I had forgotten that. It's all part of what Tyler and Collen are as ferals." At this Gabe waved his hands asking. "Wait a minute. Are you saying that these two can do the same thing as Suki but only with animals?" Coach, Collen, and Tyler just nodded at the same time. "You mean I could do something like them?" Suki asked in shock. Coach shook his head at Suki's question. "No not exactly like them Suki. What you can do and what they can do is a bit different." Coach tried to say something else but Collen tapped him on the shoulder. Turning his head he saw Collen pull the mask off a bit to ask. "What exactly can Suki do? Is she a feral like Ty and I?" Giving a small chuckle Coach shook his head. "No Collen she's not a feral." "Then What is she?" Tyler asked a look of confusion on his face. Coach and Suki exchange a look before he made a hand motion at her. Suki smiled and repeated Tyler's question copying his voice exactly. "Then what is she?" A look of udder disbelieve crossed Tyler's face.

Suki gave a soft giggle at the looks on shock on the twins faces. "I'm a mimic. I can mimic anyone or anything I've ever heard or seen. Even just once." Collen was the first to recover and said. "So your like us but with people."

Suki smiled at Collen's response. "Yes but I can also do some animal sounds to like this." "Suki you-." Coach try to interject before Suki interrupted him with a lions roar. Coach sighed as Suki finished her roar and continued his sentence. "-better not do that."

As Coach said this the twins jerked from they're spots backing twords the wall roaring and growling like wild cats.

Sighing Coach tried to speak over the roaring twins and the apologizing Suki. Having enough Coach reached in to his pocket and pulled out a small silver tube. Bringing it to his lips he blew it.

Everyone watched as the roars and growls stop and the twins clutched they're hands over they're ears.

Dropping to they're knees the twin whimpered and whined hoping for the ringing to stop soon. Once Coach had emptied his lungs he pulled to whistle away from his mouth. Placing the whistle back into his pocket Coach knelt close to the whimpering twin hugging them. Ian walked over to Coach asking. "What was that about and what was that tube you had? It looked kind of like a d-" "Dog whistle." Coach interjected looking over his shoulder at Ian and the others. Ian just nodded his head.

Coach sighed looking back down at the twins he still held in his arms. "That's because it was a dog whistle. I was hoping to never have to use it. But when Suki did that roar it triggered their fight or flight instincts. And being in a small inclose space with no place to run they went for the fight option."

Suki looked down a shamed of herself. C.J. patted her on the shoulder saying. "You didn't know that they would acted like that if you did a sound they might have found nice." Coach rubbed the backs of the boys sighing. "If I'm correct normally they would have. But they are in a new place and so on a hear line trigger at the moment. Other wise they would have started comparing animal sounds with you and see who had the best calls." The twins gave a small chuckle at Coach's words. "Normally you would have been right we would have." Collen said looking up showing that he had tears rolling down his face. Whipping the tears from his face Collen looked at his brother seeing him doing the same with his head still down.

Looking back up at the Coach who still had them inclosed in his arm Collen asked. "How do you know so much about what we are? And can you let go of us please?" Coach looked down at them and nodded letting them out of his embrace giving the boys a sad smile. "Well to answer you're question Collen. Is that I knew a feral like you two once before." Tyler's head shot up at Coach's words. "Really?" Coach laughed a bit at Tyler's excitement. "Yes really. She was just like you two too." The twins look at each other. "Can we meet her?" Collen asked hoping that he and his brother can learn more about they're abilities from another feral. A sad look crossed Coach's face Collen's question. "I'm sorry but that would be impossible." "Why can't we is she not here at this school?" Tyler asked. Coach took in a breath and let it out slowly. "She's dead." Tyler looked down. "Oh sorry I didn't mean to-" Coach waved a hand cutting Tyler off. "It's alright it happened a long time ago and you didn't know." Collen sniffed. "Can you tell us about her?" Coach look at the boys seeing twin expressions of hope. Smiling Coach nodded. "Sure but right now I need to get you two too the headmasters office. He wants to see you two." Collen and Tyler shared worried looks with each other. "Don't worry your not in trouble. But." Coach said turning back to the other teens in the room. "You four will be if you don't get to class right now." Ian tried to interjected but was cut off before he could say anything. "No buts. You all can see the boys after classes later." Coach said standing up from his kneeling position in front of the twins.

Giving a hand up to each Collen and Tyler. He lifted them up with ease. The others looked at the twins one last time before they filed out to go too they're first class.



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