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Setting: Beginning of New Moon and Fifth Year.

AN: Bella and all her classmates started at ten because Hogwarts accepted everone at the age of ten and not eleven. When the four great founders found the school they accepted young wizards and witches at eleven but one of the headmasters before Dippet changed that. Professor Glandley changed the rule so children that were muggleborn would know of their world at a younger age and get a head start. Because of the distractions and horrible things that happened in fourth year school got cancelled for a year. Now that it's been a year and a half since Bella left, Hogwarts is more prepared and even better protected. Students are allowed back in.

Chapter 1: Going home


I was on my way home from school when I noticed Edward's volvo in my driveway. That meant he was going home later. I pulled up next to his car and went inside. Edward was sitting on my couch with his head in his hands.

"Edward what's wrong", I asked in a worried voice.

"Bella, we need to take a walk", he said standing up and pulling me along behind him. We kept walking in the forest until he finally stopped. He let go of my arm and leaned against a tree trunk. I admired him there while I was taking in what might happen.I couldn't come up with anything, finally I realized it. He could break it off and never.. want... me. When I looked in his eyes, I realized that I was in fact correct. His topaz eyes were hard like they had been frozen, and his posture was the same as well. Rigid, frozen exactly like a statue. I could feel my heart breaking at the sight and knew what was going to happen.

"Bella I-", Edward started but I interrupted him.

"It's over isn't it", I asked him while looking into the forest. Anywhere in the trees except at him.

"Yes Bella it is. I can't do this to you anymore. You want something that I cannot give you without the fact of me hurting you and possibly killing you. You want a relationship and to be changed and I cannot give it to you. You'll find someone else that can be the exact replica of you but be so different. I think it's time that we go apart. You won't see us ever again", he said looking at me while I just shut my eyes and breathed in slowly and let it out.

"I guess, if it's best", I replied.

"Good luck Isabella", he whispered and then he was gone.

I was on the ground and I felt my composure start to fade. I was a metamorphmagus. Luckily there was a spell on me that would still keep my 'Isabella Swan' look. I was NOT a muggle. I was in fact a witch and a very powerful one at that fact. My mother was Bellatrix Evans. The so called evil Bellatrix Lestrange. She was actually a spy for the organization The Order of Phoenix. My father is Severus Snape also a spy for the Order. My mother had an affair with him when she had to marry Rodolphus Lestrange in order to get in the inner circle. She and my father were given premission to leave forever because my mother was pregnaut with triplets and the marrige with Rodolphus was over.

My mother was a triplet with Lily and Tonks Evans. All muggle born. Aunt Lily was killed when Voldemort went to their home and tried killing my cousin Harry Potter in the process, but failed. My Aunt Tonks is married to a werewolf known as Remus Lupin. Their son is Teddy Lupin. My father is a twin and his brother Ryan is 'Charlie' and staying with me as I'm hiding out from many evil wizards and witches. I've gone through everything with Harry along with all our friends, my brother and sister, and Teddy. Mainly is was Harry, Teddy, me and my siblings. Our friends got hurt in the process.

I put my occumelency walls down to reach my Uncle Ryan. I called for him to find me and quick. The next thing I knew was Charlie was in front of me.

"Isabella what is wrong darling", he asked when he switched back to his original form. My Aunt Tonks, my uncle Ryan, and myself were all metamorphmagus. He had black hair like my father but it was short and ruffled. He had dark purple eyes that looked almost black. My mother, father, and my siblings all had the same eyes except they were different colored.

"Dear Uncle, we must go home now. He left and wants nothing to do with me and I need to be back for school", I said looking down as tears gathered in my eyes.

"Yes dear Isabella", he said and went to help me up.

"STOP", a pixie voice screamed. I saw all the Cullens there and rolled my eyes.

"Bella, don't go with him. You don't know him and where he's going", Alice said taking a step towards me. I was more than angry but infuriated at the fact she tried to stop me from going with my own Uncle.

"Dear Uncle, may you please change me back to my original form", I asked looking from them to him.

"Yes little one", he replied.

With one wave of his wand the spell released I was changing the Bella Swan formto the Isabella Lestrange-Snape form. I looked like my father more than my mother and I loved my original form more than any other. My hair went from wavy and brown to black as night and straight. My eyes went form brown to dark midnight blue. I got a little taller, about two inches and I was curvier. My clothes changed into black robed with tiny green striped going down to the forest floor and the stripes were about three inches apart. I wasn't as pale seeing as in Hogwarts we were outside more and I got a tan from it.

"I am not Bella Swan, Mary-Alice. I am a witch and a Slytherin known as Isabella Marie Lestrange-Snape. Now I must go, so good evening and I hope you live your exsistence's well. Good evening", I said grabbing my uncle's hand and we were in the house. My uncle waved his wand and our things were coming down the stairs. He handed me my wand and air flew around me while a delighted hmm came from my mouth as I felt the magic spure through me.

"Bella, love please wait", I heard Edward say as I was getting floo powder. I threw it in with my things and my Uncle's and shouted Number 12 Grimmauld Place, and then the fire rose and our things were gone.

"Don't call me love Edward. You broke up with me an hour ago and you lost me then. Now I must get home, because I miss my family, friends and my best friends, Blaise and Pansy", I said going forward.

"Isa wait", I heard Emmett and Rosalie say. No one called me Isa other than...

"Blaise, Pansy", I whispered and looked at them. Then Emmett and Rosalie weren't Emmett and Rosalie but my two best friends in the whole world.

"OH MY MERLIN. Isa it's you. I never knew why Dumbledore sent us as vampires and know I know why. Oh Isabella I missed you so much", Pansy said as she tackled me to the ground.

"Pansy you have to get off her now", Blaise said pulling her off.

"Thank you Blaise", I said grabbing his hand but to find I was in a bear hug. Oh how I missed those. I hugged him back even tighter.

"Oh god Blaise, Pansy I missed you so and I can't even say how much", I said hugging them both.

"We know, we know", they said together.

"Well Uncle Ryan, can we go know. I would like to go see my cousin and dear Sirius Black. Seeing as how Sirius is free of all charges now", I said turning to my Uncle.

"Bella, why would you want to leave us", Alice asked looking extremely sad. Probably because she wasn't my best friend.

"Because I think the real Charlie, Bella, Emmett, and Rosalie might want to return", I said letting my English accent back into my voice.

"Time to go Blaise, Pansy", I said grabbing floo powder. My uncle went first, Blaise went next and Pansy and I were going to go together when a hand was on my wrist.

"Bella, love don't go", Edward said holding onto my wrist.

"Don't. Call. Me. Love.", I said in a calm threatening voice and Pansy had her wand at his throat.

"Get your hands off her you filthy creature", Pansy said in a threating voice. He took her advice.

"Thanks Pans and do you and Blaise have your stuff", I asked.

"Yes we do Isa. Always keep it with us."

"Okay lets go", I said throwing the powder in the fireplace.

Then we were spinning.

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