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I slowed Epona down with a tug on the reins and a gentle cluck. She obeyed and came to a halt by the pond we often rested by. I dismounted carefully and stroked my horse's neck gently, feeling the sweat on her coat. I felt guilty about pushing her so hard, but it was late, and I'd needed to get here before nightfall - it was dangerous to travel at night, and this was the best place to make camp. Plus, it was close to the Zoras' Domain, and I needed to be there tomorrow.

Epona nickered softly and shoved her huge head into me. I laughed quietly and led her to the water's edge so she could drink. As she lapped up water, I removed her saddle and rested my forehead against her warm side; she was such a gentle creature, and I hated how tired she was. When she lifted her head, I pulled off her reins and bridle. I never worried about her running off during the night while I slept. If she wandered, I could always just play her song on my ocarina and she'd come right back.

I took a cloth out of one of my saddlebags and dampened it in the pond. I began rubbing it across her side and forehead (it was unorthodox, but she loved when I did this). She neighed sweetly and leaned into my hand as I rubbed her down.

"Pretty girl," I murmured to my friend. "You're a pretty girl, Epona. I love you so much, you're so beautiful." She sighed in that strangely human way she had, and I felt my lips lift into a smile. Epona was the only reason I rested, really, so I had her to thank for my sleep and health. She also was the only reason I hadn't given up. She was so loyal and trusting that I couldn't abandon her to the fate Ganon had planned for the world. She was my best friend and always would be. I loved her more than I'd ever loved anyone, even Saria, who was as close to a family as I would ever have.

"I love you, Epona…"