Gerard's POV

I stared, deep in thought, at the picture in front of me. Sure geography is one of my worst subjects but at least I don't need to pay much attention, until I look up. The entire class is staring at me; their faces marked with disapproval, even the teacher looks disappointed that I'm here.

'Mr. Way, are you even listening to any of this?' The teachers cold, eyes dug into me and I shifted a little in my seat 'well?' she asked.

'Slightly miss' Urgh, pressure makes my voice sound strange and so the class erupts with laughter.

'Pay attention next time' she says before turning back round and pointing at her crap drawing of the Earth 'not even bothering to tell everyone one off for laughing at me'

I slid back into my dream-like state until I was awoke again by someone entering the classroom. I hadn't seen this kid before, his hair was long, brown and covered nearly his entire face, he wore black skinny jeans, a Misfits tee and his arms were covered with tattoos and it seemed like there were more under his tee. To be honest I already liked him; he was quite handsome, but he was definitely not gay.

'Sorry I'm late' he said, his voice was calm and for a few seconds I'd lost myself in it and had to knock myself back into reality or face a lecture about paying attention.

'Okay, go sit over there' there would only be one spare seat left in the classroom, and that seat would be next to mine 'why are you late?' she looked at him with her cold-eyed stare yet it seemed to have no effect on him.

'It's my first day' he said 'I got lost' a few of the girls giggled and he winked at them as he passed them towards the empty seat. No, definitely not gay, shame, he is pretty hot.

He came and threw his bag onto the floor and slumped into the seat, he turned to face me but I was staring directly at the textbook, my long black hair being used as a shield to cover my face.

'What's your name?' I jerked my head up to see the teacher staring straight at the kid next to me. That was a good question what is his name I thought.

'Frank' he said. A nice face a nice name, I thought, better than mine; Gerard, I wasn't called Gerard much anyway, mainly faggot or just fag or they didn't speak to me at all.

'Surname?' She said, I guessed, trying to make him shudder with her cold-eyed stare; Frank didn't move and inch.


The teacher tapped some letters into the computer, looked confused and then returned to lecturing us about the Earth

Frank turned to me 'this is B4 Geography right?'

I looked up and his confused face made me smile. 'Yeah' I said

'It's obvious I'm Frank so who are you?'

'Gerard' I said. And for the first time I looked at Frank's beautiful hazel eyes and was lost in them, that's when I knew that I was in love with Frank Iero.

The moment continued like this as Frank and I stared into each others eyes trying to figure out why the other wouldn't look away. And the way we were staring at each other made the mood feel almost romantic; and then someone looked across.

'Oi, Gerard you faggot don't go making anyone else gay like you'

The class turned back to face us already laughing at the comment and wanting to see proof of, but by now I'd already moved and was face-deep in the textbook with my hand covering the side of my face nearest Frank. The class turned back with a few mutters of 'fag' and 'puff'.

Frank turned to me 'Woah' he said

'Shit' was the only thing I could think of as a reply and I buried my face into my arms and stayed like that; hoping, praying that this lesson would finish soon.