pretty short i know but i only know one person who reads this ps. this one person is awesome XD

Chapter 4 Frank s POV

I held Gerard's hand as we left the changing rooms; the popular kids had gone, thank god. I never fitted in with the popular kids anyway they were so stuck up and anyway no-one likes the gay kid. That s why I left my old school it was just too much no-one cared about me and everyone called me a fag. But it was okay here, at least I had Gerard; I loved him, but I don t know if he loved me as much back.

As we neared the soccer pitch Gerard turned to me You re gonna want to let go of my hand now, you don t want everyone calling you fag 24/7

I suppose, or I could do this I held his hand tighter and leaned on him as we walked along.

Wait Gerard stopped dead in his tracks Everyone is school is homophobic, do you really want them teasing you aswell?

As long as we re together it s fine, I love you Gerard oh god why did I say that, he is going to laugh in my face I looked away from him.

Frank I looked back at him, he wasn t laughing, his eyes were filled with emotion I love you too

I felt his arms around and his lips pressed against mine, more forceful than when we first kissed, this was full of passion and I felt so complete knowing that Gerard loved me too.

Do you still, y know, want to come out to everyone? he asked

It s my first day I said with a smile, I've got to make an impression

We held hands again and it was only a few steps before we were in clear sight of the other kids playing soccer.

The kids facing us stopped, frozen and the others who couldn t see us turned and froze too their faces matched in a mixture of shock and hate. I was worried at first, it seemed like time had frozen and only Gerard and I weren t affected, I suddenly panicked and started hyperventilating. What if this was like my last school? I don t wanna leave Gerard and don t wanna move schools; again. And somehow Gerard must have felt the shock I was going through and he squeezed my hand and whispered in my ear It s okay .

And although he didn t say much it felt like an inspirational speech and I smiled at the shocked faces, but my enjoyment of the moment soon left as time restated and shock was replaced with hatred

Iero you fucking faggot! Got yourself a little boyfriend there fag? And various other abuse was thrown at me and I realized that no less than five minuets before I was popular, everyone wanted to be my friend; I had it all. But one thing changes everything, being gay, why is it such a big problem for everyone, the damn homophobes. Then I was reminded of Gerard standing beside me, holding my hand, and I remembered that I didn t care what they thought about me because I had Gerard and nothing meant more to me right now than him.