Goku, after his fight with the shadow dragons his body was worn out and needed to fuse with the dragonballls to sustain his life. In the past 100 years Goku has been travelling around the world sealed in the dragon balls. He still appears in visions with his adult body.

Vegeta , Knowing that his nemesis would one day return he asked Bulma to freeze his body and to be awoken when Goku returns, still wanting to have a rematch after he was defeated the first time when he tried to destroy the earth. But will Goku ever return.

Bulma, after putting Vegeta into a deep sleep, Bulma also decide to go into hibernation as she also wanted to see Goku again, as he was a lifelong friend. She left a message to be passed through the family that she would be awoken first to verify if it was really Goku and then she would herself wake Vegeta who would be very groggy after a long sleep. She also tells everyone outside of the briefs family to say she and Vegeta have died. She still awaits Goku's return.

Pan, now old and a grandma, although she doesn't have all her powers she is still stronger than any women of her age. She stopped competing in the World Martial Arts Tournaments after Goku Jr was born as she knew she would not be able to defeat Goku Jr.

Goku Jr, identical to Goku in every way bar 1 he is not as brave. But since seeing a vision of Goku he has gained more courage. He has also learnt more about his past and learnt all about the Z fighters and had become friends with Vegeta's great grandson. Together they compete in the World Marital Arts Tournament following in their ancestors footsteps.

Vegeta Jr, a miniature Vegeta, with the same attitude to fighting. There are two differences Vegeta Jr has already surpassed Goku Jr, and he is a kinder person compared to Vegeta.

Dende, still the guardian of the earth, he remains on the lookout with Mr Popo. Although now he is aging he still looks after the earth and is still in contact with Pan, as she was thought to be the last of the Z fighters.

Puck, since his trip to Mt Paozu with Goku Jr they have become good friends, Goku Jr has tried teaching Puck martial arts and he has got quite good entering the World Martial Arts Tournament but unfortunately he was against Goku Jr in the semi final and Goku won.

Kurelin, he a like his great grandpa krillen being short, but he is just like his Grandpa Trunks with long purple hair. His saiyan power are not very strong, but will a meeting with his distant cousin, Vegeta Jr, change that.