Attack of Giygas

-A dumb adventure story by HyperInuyasha-

Warning: Story may plunge into deep despair in later chapters. And that's not good for a humor story, but it's still funny, so get over it. Love, HyperInuyasha. Aka, the idiot who introduced himself twice.

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"Darkness. The horrible creature was made of darkness. He was a red swirling vortex of pure darkness. Me and my friends were unable to hurt him. He kept striking us with godlike powers. We prayed that something would rescue us..."

"Our prayers kept being absorbed by the darkness. But then, as if God himself came to help, one big prayer erupted and banished him... We're not sure if he's dead or not... But we survived, saving the world at last!"

Prologue: Start of Darkness

"Boring." muttered Pikachu. Everyone was sitting at the dining room of the Smash Castle. It was the last days of Brawl, and everyone was packing up to head to their own solar system. Everyone was there to enjoy a huge feast, and they were telling stories. Ness frowned, having told his side of the story.

"But it was very traumatic for me. It was also awesome." said Ness.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. We all saved our worlds several times. Except for Captain Falcon." said Pikachu rudely. Captain Falcon scowled.

"FALCON PUNCH!" yelled Captain Falcon, throwing his cup of punch at Pikachu.

"Oh gee, a pun. How wonderful." said Pikachu.

"Stop being rude Pikachu." said Meta Knight. He had good mannerisms and a sense of honor, and was disgusted at Pikachu's rudeness.

"SOMEONE STOLE MY FOOD!" yelled Fox, getting up from his chair. Everyone stared at him.

"...It's right there. ...On your plate." said Ness.

"Oh." said Fox. Dinner continued on without a hitch... until Pit approached Meta Knight.

"Hey Meta Knight..." said Pit.

"How are you Pit?" asked Meta Knight. Pit then took out a Porky Statue trophy from his pocket. However, what made it different from the others was the fact it had glowing eyes.

"I found this weird trophy in New Pork City last week. Even more weirder, New Pork city dissapeared after I found this." said Pit. Indeed, New Pork City was no longer where it usually floated; all idiots that went into the New Pork City teleporter found themselves splattered on the ground. Poor Fox.

"Hmm... That is weird." admitted Meta Knight.

"Can you examine it. You're a good guy who's skilled in the ninja arts. I think." said Pit.

"I'm a swordsman." said Meta Knight.

"Whatever. Here you go!" said Pit, handing Meta Knight the Porky Statue trophy. Fox leaned in to see the statue.

"Oooh! OOOH! What's that thing?" asked Fox.

"I don't know. But I feel as if something big is going to happen..." said Meta Knight.

Later on...

"Order, order." said the Ancient Minister, aka, R.O.B. He got everyone's attention. "I regret to inform everyone that Master Hand won't be seeing us off. His injuries was worse than we originally thought." Everyone grumbled, remembering the Subspace Emissary incident. "But... He'll be out of the hospital by the time we start our next tournament next year!" Everyone cheered, jeered, clapped, hooplah'd. "Now, I suggest everyone start packing. Meta Knight will be carpooling everyone."

Meta Knight blinked. "I never agreed to that."

"Well too bad. Now everyone, go back to your dorms!" said the Ancient Minister. Everyone left to the dining room, talking to each other on the way. Pikachu and Fox caught up with a muttering Meta Knight.

"Hey buddy! Glad that you're dropping us off." said Pikachu.

"Yeah, it's pretty nice, but I never agreed to that, I don't know why..." muttered Meta Knight.

"Cheer up Meta Knight! That's not a bad thing! A bad thing is being round and pudgy!" said Fox.

"..." Meta Knight stared at him.

"...Oh right." said Fox.

Meanwhile, nearby the castle...

"My minions. We are heading toward the place where all those wretched heroes are. There, we shall capture all of them. As soon as we deal with them, we shall start our REAL goals..." said an ominous voice.

Meanwile, back at the castle...

"Hmm. It's dark already. Even though it's only 3 o clock." said Meta Knight.

"It's probably a winter thing." said Pikachu.

"No, no. This is too weird. In fact, I think the skies slightly red." said Meta Knight.

"I think your mask is on a lil' too tight." said Fox happily.

"Yes well... WAIT! What are you doing in my room? OUT!" yelled Meta Knight. He pushed Fox and Pikachu out of his room and slammed the door.

"...I think he's happy." said Fox.

"ARRRRRRGH!" screamed a voice. Then came Pokemon Trainer, stumbling through the hallway, covered in red dust. He falls unconsious as Fox and Pikachu run toward him.

"Pokemon Trainer? ...Are you asleep?" asked Fox.

"Score! I got his wallet!" said Pikachu.

"Piakchu, even I know this is a serious problem." said Fox.

"I know. I hope it's not the crazy gas thing again..." said Pikachu.

Then, almost as if on cue, the nearby window opens up, and red gas begins to enter the hallway. Pikachu ran to Meta Knight's door and knocked on it wildly.

"META KNIGHT! OPEN THE DOOR! I DON'T WANT TO BE CRAZY! I DON'T WANT TO BE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!" screamed Pikachu. Fox is giggling. Pikachu turned to see Fox being enveloped in the gas.

"Hee hee... This tickles." said Fox.

"NOT YOU TOO!" screamed Pikachu. However, instead of going crazy like expected, Fox fainted. He was covered in red dust. That's when Meta Knight finally opened the door.

"What do you wan-" began Meta Knight. But then Pikachu runs into the room, dragging Fox behind him. He then closes the door. Meta Knight looks at Fox. "Oh dear. Did Fox get drunk again?"

"No! Some weird gas thing knocked him out, so did Pokemon Trainer!" said Pikachu.

"Hello everyone. This is the person invading your castle at the moment. Please come up to the roof of your castle. If you don't, you shall be killed on the spot. Have a nice day!" said a voice on the intercom.

"Invader? Quickly, we must reach the top of the castle." said Meta Knight.

Meta Knight and Pikachu dragging Fox leaves the room to see that the entire hallway is covered in red gas. However, the gas was no longer affecting anyone. They journied toward the top of the castles, encountering half of the Smashers unconsious. At the stairway at the top of the tower, they found the other half of the Smashers being lead by the Ancient Minister.

"Okay everyone. We do not yet know of the threat behind these doors. So carry your weapons." said the Ancinet Minster. But then, the doors suddenly swung open, and a lightning bolt comes through, piercing through the Ancient Minister. He falls onto the ground, attempting to reboot himself.

"Drop your weapons... I wish no harm... yet." said a voice. The Smashers walks through the doors and encounters a red swirling darkness. In the middle of the red darkness was a face. The face of Giygas. Everyone looked terribly scared, some even wetting themselves.

"Pfft. Told you guys he was scary." said Ness.

To be continued...

Future Non-In-Character Author: Oh sup I noticed that this didn't have any ending author notes, so I decided to add some. To new reader, this previously didn't have author notes down here. You may also notice that my writing is significantly better here than in the actual chapter. It's okay. I sucked back then. Refuse to edit though cause I'm lazy. Yep, nothing will ever change. :D So, post-completion of the story, I'll add extra author notes to the chapter ends to show my opinion on my past writing, so look forward to that. Whether you wanted to or not. Welp, gotta go back into my time machine and get back to writing. Allonsy!