A/N: I really need to start working on a longer story with Kurt/Blaine. Until then... another drabble!


Kurt Hummel knows what it feels like to be lonely. He knows how it feels to lie curled up on his bed at night, sobs wracking his body. He knows how it feels to jerk wide awake at midnight, push off the bed covers and sit, shaking, until the pain in his chest subsides. Kurt's watched at school, as Rachel holds hands with Finn, as Tina and Mike kiss. It hurts when he sees Sam hugging Quinn, and knows that he was wrong about the other boy.

He's looked at his body in the mirror a hundred times, a thousand times, analysing every part, from his hair down to his hips and then lower. Kurt's stared at his legs (too short), and his hands (too small), and his face (too girly.) He's whispered to himself over and over again not to be stupid, no guy would ever want him, and just to put up with it. And then he meets Blaine.

Blaine is confident where he is shy, smiling when he frowns, laughing when he wants to cry. Kurt looks up to him, admires him, but never once hopes to have him. Not as more than a friend, a mentor. Because Blaine is handsome, funny, clever, and kind… he could have anyone he wanted, so why would he choose Kurt?

It's a shock when they kiss for the first time. They're just sitting together on the football field at Dalton, just lazing about. Kurt has his eyes closed, his head tilted back, drinking in the sunlight. And then, out of nowhere, Blaine's lips are pressing against his, warm and insistent. Kurt kisses back at once, thinking this is a dream, and hoping to make the most of it. But when he breaks, and opens his eyes, Blaine is still sitting there, smiling softly.

"Sorry… I just had to know…" he murmurs, stroking his thumb down over Kurt's cheek and onto his lips. Kurt smiles, and leans in again. And without him noticing, that ache in his heart that has been there for so long fades. Kurt Hummel knows what it feels like to be lonely; but he's not anymore.