Bella POV

I fidgeted as Alice curled, re-straightened my hair then re-curled, unsure of how she wanted it to look. I sighed and rolled my eyes when she declared she was finally finished.

"Thank god." I complained and she smirked at me, fiddling with one lose curl. I batted her hands away, probably giving myself a bruise.
"Enough, when will Edward be here?" I asked, well demanded really. I was on edge because Charlie, Renee and the rest of the Cullen's would be under the same roof, in a room containing alcohol. I was sure Charlie would be looking for any fault with Edward, but to be honest I didn't care. Tomorrow was my last day as a single woman, and it was going to be filled with things like going to get petrol and buying pop tarts.

Just then the door bell rang and Alice pulled me to skip down stairs. She headed into the kitchen as I went to answer the door. I paused and bit my lip with my hand on the door knob.

I was feeling adventurous today.

Yanking open the door to reveal a grinning Edward I beamed, he leant into kiss me but I took a step back, before slamming the door back in his face.

My sides hurt from the retained laughter as Edwards annoyed growl came through the wood.

He rang the bell impatiently and I heard Charlie shift in his chair in the kitchen.
"Get the door Bella!" He yelled.

I rolled my eyes, "Who is it?" I laughed though the wood.

"The pizza man." Edward said sarcastically.

I laughed and pulled open the door to see Edward frowning at me.

"That wasn't very nice." He said sadly.

I smiled and took a step forwards, wrapping my arms around his neck and stretching up to skim my lips along his.

"Let me make it up to you then." I challenged and captured his kips in a kiss. Edward moaned softly s I did, him lifting me into his arms bridal style. I kept my arms around his neck and out lips never left each others, me only just being aware of him moving forwards back towards the house.

I felt him step up, although I was barely even jostled.

There was a gruff cough from behind us and I pulled away reluctantly to see Alice stood with her hands on her hips, my mother giggling behind her and a glaring Charlie.

Edward set me on the floor and I straightened my dress, him his suit before winding one arm around my waist as I laughed and buried my burning face in his side.

"Evening Sir." Edward said formally, Charlie only grunted in response.

My mother giggled, "You guys are supposed to wait for the thresh hold you know."

Alice rolled her eyes, "Oh you are so far off base Renee..."

"Shall we be going then?" Edward cut her off with that and a knowing look. Alice huffed and walked past us to her Porsche, my father and mother climbing in the back of the Volvo.

We sped to the Cullen's, house, my hand in Edwards tight as he drove. My mother and father were chatting about traffic laws ironically enough. But Charlie was so into off-duty mode that it did not occur to him to check how fast Edward was driving.

Edward climbed out of the car first and held open yam door and then my mothers. We walked up the porch steps and I went in fist, beaming and rushing to hug Esme.

"Hello dear." She laughed.

I smiled, I felt like I hadn't seen her in years, although the reality it was hours, not even days.

"Foods nearly ready guys if you want to go through." Carlisle said, appearing then behind his wife. I smiled and hugged him next, before being attacked by Emmet in a bear hug. Jasper smiled politely and Rosalie surprisingly hugged me to.

Edward claimed me again then, wrapping his arm around my waist and leading me and my family to the table.

Esme did a wonderful job of cooking for someone who doesn't eat, and after about ten minutes a i began to relax. Charlie swallowed his beer and leant back in his chair.

"That was wonderful Esme, truly. I haven't had anything that good to eat in a long time... not since before Bella stopped cooking for six months anyway." He said but froze after he had.

Everyone at the table became as still as stone, even the people who technically weren't, like me and my mother.

Edward swallowed and refused to meet anyone's gaze.

"Excuse me." He said quietly and pushed away form the table, dropping my hand where his fingers had been playing with mine and walking off out of the room.

My dad looked around anxiously, "I'm sorry."

I swallowed, "I'll go talk to him." I whispered and stood up, Carlisle and Esme watching after me anxiously as I followed Edward path to the living room.

He was easy to find, standing behind the piano, silhouetted against the big glass wall. It was nearing getting dark, and I wondered idly what time it was.

"Twilight." He mumbled to himself, and I was amazed I could hear, maybe my human hearing wasn't so bad after all, for he was still at least twenty feet away from me.

"it's the safest time of day for vampires." I quoted him quietly and walked to stand beside him, glancing at him anxiously as he did not turn to meet my gaze. I swallowed and decided to speak first.

"Tell me what your thinking?" I whispered.

He chuckled darkly, "How ironic."

I swallowed again, "It's okay you know, to feel upset about what Charlie said."

Edward glanced at me with black eyes, "That would be almost human of me wouldn't it?"

"I don't hate you for leaving me... don't even care about what everyone else thinks... I love you Edward." I whispered and he sighed, turning and pulling me into a hug.

"I just hate being reminded of all the pain I caused you." He murmured.

I pulled back to kiss him gently.

"I love you Edward." I breathed.

He smiled, "i love you to Bella."

I smiled and he re-took my hand, before pulling me away from the window towards the garage.
"Where are we going?" I asked.

He chuckled, "To see the first part of your compromise." He said and pulled me into the garage, before walking me over to the huge tarpaulin covered shape and ripping the cover off.

I groaned he chuckled.

"only one more day to go and what is mine is yours." He reminded me before walking to hug me again.

I ran my fingers up and down the back of his neck.

"My Bella." He whispered and leant in to kiss me, my fingers knotting in his hair.

Heya guys so that is the last chapter of this story, (I know, it's very sad) so this is where the real breaking dawn book starts and it kind of fits in there, although of course for all you readers you need to move on and read my A Cullen Xmas, and then read, After Breaking Dawn, and then the final chapter.

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