A/N: So I got another random idea. That popped out nowhere. Now I haven't written much as far as FF goes. But this idea got stuck in my head so I had to at least try and write it out. I mentioned in my (totally) different SM one-shot. That I personally perfer Senshi/Senshi pairings. So I absolutely love Venus/Mars hehehe. So got this funny idea of making it a love triangle of sorts. (Because I love those too!) And I don't know, if it will be liked or not. But I've already written most of it out. So I figured I'd post it here for the heck of it. If you love it, you love it. If you don't, you don't. Here's my strange take on a triangle between Minako/Rei/Usagi. Though it will mostly be in Minako's POV (being as it just turned out that way.) And one last thing...I have no intentions of making this a full on chaptered story. Its just going to be like, three chapters, or four. Depending on how I write the third part. And no beta on this one! So apologies on small mistakes you might notice, or OOCness (if there is any? There maybe...) Alright! Go on now! Enjoy!

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Act I.

Of course, she thinks.

She shouldn't be the slightest bit surprised to find them in such a compromising position.

She's Minako Aino, Sailor Venus.

She should know.

But then sometimes she forgets that. Like now, when they are pulling away from each other, like they've been burned. Sailor Venus thinks its possible (Mars does love fire after all.) Minako Aino thinks this is wrong.

Because even though she is both. Moments like this seem to test the theory. Venus' hand clenches. Minako's heart breaks. They are kind of separate at times (mostly because it works better if they are.)

"I…we, were going to tell you…"

Really? Venus snorts, Minako frowns. (The lines are blurring a bit.)

"Of course, Rei." Mars. "I understand."

But she doesn't really feel like she does. The wedding, the wedding…Moon Princess, Earth Prince… Minako doesn't understand at all.

Times like these make her wish she was a robot. Who only took orders and fought for justice. Not at all some ancient Venusian Princess who feels like she's torn between being empathic to the cause of love. Or feeling scorned by it. Not to mention there's destiny, her duty…Venus is tired.

"We know the wedding is coming up, we…we promise to stop after it, Minako. We promise!"

Minako Aino frowns, again. Because who can say no to the Princess of the Moon? Who's entire life is like a damn fairy tale. Prince and all.


Even as she says the words she knows that her second can see right through them. It's noted somewhere in the back of her mind for future reference too. Just in case. Because right now, Minako doesn't think she can even bring herself to stare into those petrifying amethyst eyes.

Venus who stands as the defacto leader of the Senshi. Can't really help but feel some kind of guilt. Because Mars is her subordinate, her second in command. And even if Minako Aino loves Rei Hino - in this life (maybe the next one too.) She knows somewhere deep, dark, (someplace inside) that she has to be Venus first. But she's breaking some unknown rule from some book she even hasn't read yet. Because even if she herself, as either Venus or Minako. Is indeed in love, or heartbroken at this moment. She's going to let this, happen.

If only so they (more like she) can be happy for a time. Even if it kills her. Because Venus and Minako would rather they were happy. Then all of them miserable.

The Senshi of Venus is first after all. Second only to the Princess of the Moon. Her second is the Senshi of Mars.

So how is it, she still comes last?

"I'll keep it a secret."

I know Venus, I know, I know… Minako forces a smile.