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Oh and by the way, there will be Eggy, or IggyxOC or Erene. It could also be Irene.

Also, Erene is obviously the same age as Iggy. They are both 14 years old.

Anyway, this story is during SOF. {School's Out Forever} It's from Iggy's view of when they went to school in Virginia. It will start out as them being friends, and then this story will take a weird turn. She is the only person who is able to give Iggy his sight back. Anytime they touch, they will be able to see each other. Then something happens that totally changes the story, kinda. Please read my Fanfic to see what I'm talking about.

Chapter 1

Erene's POV

"Class, there's going to be a new student coming in today. His name is Jeff. Make him feel welcome. Anyone who doesn't make him feel welcome will pay the price." Said Mrs. Murray.

I groaned. He's probably going to be like all of the other weak pansy guys in this place. He'll also try to hit on me. Almost every guy who first saw me when I came here tried to. This school is for losers who can't even stay out of trouble. Now just because I'm a loner, and my seat's not taken, 'cause no one wants to sit next to me, and I don't want anyone sitting next to me. He'll have to sit next to me now. I can't help wondering what he's going to be like.

Jeff/Iggy POV

I hold my breath. This is it Iggy, or now Jeff, I tell myself. This will determine whether or not I'm left alone, or bullied. The first impression is always important. I grab the door handle, slowly release my breath, and open the door.

"Class, this is Jeff, the new student. I hope you make him feel welcome. "She turns to me."I'm Mrs. Murray. Go sit in the seat next to Erene. Erene, raise your hand to show him where you are. Oh wait. I forgot to mention he's blind. Erene, instead of raising your hand, call out to tell Jeff so he knows where you are." "Here" said Erene. Nice, Murray. Way to put a big target on my back. I slowly walked to my new seat. I sat down, and Murray started some lecture about the English language. I didn't say anything. I just waited to hear Erene speak, to see how nice, personality wise, she is.

Erene POV

I stared at Jeff as he walked to my seat. He looks like a GOD. People, who know me, like my family, know I don't say this about anyone. All those popular actors, like Robert Pattison and Taylor Lautner, their faces will be seen on posters on any other girl's bedroom walls. Mine are blank of those kind of things. I only have posters of animals. I don't idolize anyone. At that moment, when Jeff came in, that all changed. He has such gorgeous blond, spiky hair, with white skin and electric blue eyes, that even though he couldn't see, it was like he was staring at my soul. His long, lean, perfect body, that through his t-shirt, you can visibly see his abs. I want to touch his abs so bad. Wait. What's happening to me! I've never been like this in all of my 14 years of life, so why start now? I love mythology, and this only proves that there is a god of love, or Cupid. It's the only thing that fits. There's no other explanation. Anyway, Jeff sat down next to me. I waited for him to speak, after the lecture started, but when he didn't speak, I guess he's silently telling me to talk. "Hi.", I whisper. "I guess you already know my name, since Murray decided to randomly call my name." It's amazing to me, that since I'm this close to Jeff, my mouth's not hanging open, and I'm not drooling. Is that cologne I smell? That's a faint whiff of Old Spice. I love that stuff. Dammit, that's added to the list of how hot Jeff is.

"I'm Jeff. That is, if you weren't listening to Murray over there." Jeff whispers back. He even has the same humor as me, and he also calls the teacher Murray, like I do. "Since you're not staring at me like:

a) You're planning something like putting a sign on me, and since I'm blind, I won't notice it.

b) You're also planning to discriminate me for being blind, and you'll also tease me for being it too.

c) Refuse to talk to me because I'm blind.

You can call me Iggy instead of Jeff. My family calls me Iggy."

"Don't worry, if anyone makes fun of you, I'll kick their asses from here to Australia and back again. You see, I have a reputation for being a badass in this school. I can kick anyone's ass, even the fit, popular guys. I would rule the school, if it wasn't for my crazy, nature. If I was like them, I wouldn't even be whispering to you right now, and I would probably be the one thinking of putting a sign on your back saying 'Kick Me'. But since I'm not, here I am."

"I like your attitude about things like that. You want to be my friend?" Whispers Iggy, with a serious look on his face. "I don't usually say this to anyone."

It wouldn't have taken much for me to have said yes, in the first place. But as I quickly thought about it, I realized this:

1) He's a good person

2) He won't try to hit on me, 'cause he can't see.

3) He won't purposely try to get me kicked out of this place, like all my other so-called friends have almost done.

He's the best person to be my friend.

"Yes, Yes I will be your friend Iggy." I whisper/replied.

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