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-This is the first part of this Fic and the shortest bare with me this is my first fanfic lol-

-The past, a few hundred years ago-

In a village not too far from Ikai, the family of Hoshimura was expecting. The mother was so happy and so was her husband. Yet, the husbands grandfather and head priest of the temple was troubled for what he saw in a vision one night was not to his liking. It was the day before the birth of the child and the grandfather pulled the husband to the side.
"I don't mean to be intruding on this very special occasion, grandson. Honestly I'm proud." Sai bowed to his grandfather in respect. "Thank you, grandfather. But tell me, why be in a grim state if you do not mind me asking?" Grandfather sighed. "I believe this birth will be a terrible one. The stars are showing a bad sign. Seven stars of death , is what I am seeing." Grandfather turns away towards the pond that was placed in front of his room just outside. "Hokuto? Grandfather I don't quite understand, Why Hokuto? Of all signs, why?" Sai begged and hoped for it not to be true. "I'm afraid it is not a lie. I'm very sorry." he said. "Grandfather, what can I do? Is there anything that can be done? Anything at all?" Sai asked. "I'm afraid not. I have also seen something else, Sai. You aren't going to have just one." Sai looked down. "But Tetsuko isn't that big." Thinking about Tetsukos' condition and an image of her with a small belly under her robes. "That may be so. But when the time comes, we shall see. Maybe I'm wrong or… Well, we'll see." Grandfather sipped the sake from his cup. Sai was afraid and decided to join him.

The next day was a time of anxiety and for Sai, worry. Tetsuko laid on the futon holding her stomach from the pain that seemed to go in circles of leaving and returning. It was until the sun started to set blood red that she began to scream. "Sai come quickly, the baby is arriving!" said Hake, one of the monks under Grandfather. Sai quickly went into Tetsuko's room and sat by her side holding her hand. "Sai, Sai! Don't leave!" Tetsuko pleaded. Soon enough the baby started to appear and was given birth to safely to Sai relief. But Tetsuko did not stop screaming and began pushing again, only to give birth to an unexpected child. Sai was cold and yet again was in fear. When he went to see the twins, the female monk tending to them was in a grim expression. "Sai-san, the children are indeed healthy. But.." Sai went passed her and peered on to see them. To his surprise, both of them were identical; two beautiful baby girls with snow white-silver hair and all. Although this was true, something else creeped Sai out. Their eyes were different in color. One was normal but her eyes were a light pinkish red, dark pupils. The other however, Dark irises, red pupils. Sai was stunned. Grandfather came in and Sai showed him this. "Well, I guess I was right… I had another vision.." "What was it, Grandfather?" "A drought will be coming in 17 to 18 years from now…" Sai looked down. "And one of my fellow disciples thought that if it was needed, a human sacrifice will be ask for, but it must be an infant." Sai looked at him. "I can't allow you to take either of them Grandfather. Both may be strange and one even more, but they are my daughters." "That may be true Sai, but think for one moment. How will they be treated? Especially the child with dark irises." Sai looked at them both. He couldn't bare or even think about the treatment of his children. He didn't want that. He even thought of terrible things happening and couldn't bare it any longer. He took a deep breath. "What must I do…" "A process must be done. Let the children have their feeding from Tetsuko, then bring them to the main temple. Bo will be there to take them. Only one shall return, the other remains at the temple." Grandfather walks near Sai and rests a hand on his shoulder. "I know this pains you, but this is the path that must be taken…"

While Tetsuko was feeding the twins in the room, Sai came in a few moments later, looking drowsy. "Sai? What is it?" Sai looked to her, straightened up. "Oh nothing, how are you?" Tetsuko looked down to the twins. "I'm alright. I named them." Sai sat next to them. "What are their names?" Tetsuko looked at them again. "Nirako and Hokuto" Sai looked at her then at the twins. "So… you know?" She nods. "The normal child is Nirako and she was born first, the other is Hokuto. We didn't expect her… although I'm happy to have her." she looks down. "And I know that grandfather is wanting them for a vision to come…" Sai nods. "A… human sacrifice…" She shakes her head with tears. "Sai, it's not fair. Why did God betray us? What did we do?" Sai calms her. "God didn't betray us, the demons just got to them first. I know it's terrible but, there is nothing we can do now… nothing." They look at the twins as they cry.

As told by Grandfather, Sai did the one of the most hardest things in his lifetime as so did Tetsuko. Tetsuko prepared them into blankets herself and tended to them together one last time for one will not return. With a heavy heart, she and Sai kissed them both before Sai had taken them away, headed for the main temple. His feet felt heavy with every step as he caried his new borns towards the temple. He tried turning around but then went into a circle and went foward again. He felt sick to his stomach everytime he thought about letting them go.

A tall monk was standing in the entrance of the temple with an intimidating face. Sai looked to the girls as they started crying again, which tore into his soul the more steps forward he took. When he reached the man he held back his sadness. "Are you Bo?" The man nodded. "I am Kitsuga Bojiro, your Grandfather is my mentor. You are Sai I presume?" "Yes, Hoshimura Saijo." Sai held up the children. "I was instructed to bring them here to you." Bo nodded and reached out his arms. "I'll take them now." Sai looked at them one last time, making sure he was to remember that he had two and not one, then handed them over. As soon as they had left his arms, he felt empty. Bo then called two female monks out, one in a white robe (Like Rika Aragamis' robe) and the other in the same robe, but black. Nirako was given to the monk in white, Hokuto to the monk in black, and were carried away into the temple. Bo stayed with Sai to help him cope with his loss, for he finally lost it in silence.
Inside the temple's prayer room, Nirako and Hokuto were in the same craddle and side by side crying in sync. The two monks that carried them stayed at the side of the baby they carried in. The female monk that helped in their birth came in with a tray of knives, rags, ointment and other items to begin the ritual. Grandfather and his fellow disciples were in the room, chanting sutras.

Since Nirako was born first, and her name meaning (starflower child), her mark was carved in as that, a star flower with two leaves on the stem that went on the right side of her face. Hokuto received the mark of the Big Dipper according with her names meaning, which was carved on the left side of her face. This was done for a few reasons.
1: To not get them mixed up
2: To prevent any future problems like trading places and helping each other escape the was also to make them a bit different, so if they had met, they could not call themselves or each other sisters. Basically to brainwash the one that goes free, convincing her that her real twin sister has the same exact mark since they're identical. Grandfather crainged as the twins screamed in pain, feeling bad for the twin who's carving lasted longer than the other. When the ritual was completed, they took the child that was to be released back to Sai and Tetsuko into a room separate from the human sacrifice twin.

The next morning, they prepared the baby girl for home and the monk that carried her in took her home. The twin that got to go home you ask? The one that got to go home was Nirako, the twin with the star flower mark. Hokuto stayed at the temple and was thus began her raising as a human sacrifice.