E/O Challenge, word: Sweatshirt.

Musketeer word: Space.

Tag to 6.07 "Family Matters", so beware of spoilers.

Summary: He had lost his brother too many times. To Stanford, to the YED, to the Apocalypse. But nothing had prepared Dean to the kind of loss he suffered now...

Though our fellow musketeer Shannz has to fight at other frontlines at the moment, BarbaraGER and me try to hold the flag high and beat two words at once. Even if it means to connect "space" and "sweatshirt" to a very dark moment of Dean's life :-) Hope you like...

He didn't even flinch when Castiel poked his arm into the creature that claimed to be his brother.

Simply observed the creepy examination with stony eyes and a frozen heart.

Because deep inside he already knew there was an empty space where there used to be the essence of Sam.

Even his memories of Sam were more alive then this... shell of a person.

And that scared the shit out of him.

So much that he had stood over that steadily breathing body at night, a sweatshirt in his hand, shaking, fighting, considering to choke these cold-blooded lies for good.

A/N: In case you're asking yourself why he wouldn't use a pillow like every normal person... well, isn't it obvious? I had no choice :-)