I couldn't see anything. Not because I was blind or anything, but because Shiro had taken off his belt and wrapped it around my eyes before shoving me face first into a bed. I could hear various pieces of his clothing coming off, most of them being used to tie my limbs to the bed. Why the hell had I ever gotten a western style bed? I'm just so big and the California King sized mattress had been so drool worthy. I felt my right leg, the only free part of me being tied down.

"Stop!" I said.

Shiro paused.

"I...have to see you. I can't tell...who you are..." I said.

"Worried I'm not Ichigo?" very clearly came Shiro's voice.

"Fuck you!" I said. "Let me go! I'm not going to make my first action after getting engaged to Ichigo to cheat on him!"

"Didn't you propose to me too?" came a soft voice behind my head. Shiro's whole body was pressed against my back and legs, letting me know exactly how excited he was.

"I was...trying to be sweet," I got out, trying to ignore how much I really enjoy being tied up.

"Oh, it was," Shiro said, licking at the back of my ear. "And now I'm showing my appreciation."


I was only held down by cloth, it's not like I couldn't break free. I kicked my right leg and freed it.

"Bad Red," Shiro said sitting his body on the offending leg. He tied it down again, and then teethed at my ankle. I gasped. He left small bites going up the back of legs, up my thigh, biting hard enough to leave marks.

What? I like a little pain now and then. It's not like I get off from getting punched or slapped or anything.

Shiro slapped my ass and I moaned.

Ok, fine I do, but only in context. I mean, it's not like I'm out there getting turned on by fighting. Unless I'm practicing with Ichigo.

I began to collect my spiritual pressure. As much as I hated to break my bed, as much I was guiltily enjoying this, I wasn't about to hurt Ichigo.

"Take it easy," I heard. I stopped what I was doing. The makeshift blindfold was pulled from my head. I craned my neck to look at who was talking. I looked into deep chocolatey eyes.

"Shiro said that you would enjoy this," Ichigo told me. "And I can tell that you are."

I didn't say anything, my mouth slightly gaping in shock.

"Most of the time, I really like finally giving into someone, not being the one in charge for once. I enjoy being taken, being held and comforted. It's not really something I've ever had in my life," Ichigo told me. "I've always felt alone, even when surrounded by my friends. When I let you take me, when I'm under your control, I feel so loved, so full."

I was smiling now. Oh Ichigo, I'm glad I can give you that.

"But, I know there's a part of you that sometimes wants me to take the reins," Ichigo said. "Hell, don't think I don't notice you like it when I beat you up a little."

I blushed. Did he mean when we were sparring he could tell, or was he talking about him taking initiative kissing me and stuff? It's not like we have had a long time to really get to know our sexual likes and dislikes yet, it's all been so...almost hurried, desperate.

"I know I'm not really experienced enough, but Shiro wants to show me how to please you this way too," Ichigo said. "If you want."

"You're...the same right? Shiro told me awhile ago that you were two sides of the same coin."

"'s hard for me to admit, but's like two parts of me were separated when Tessai cut my soul chain. Almost like the animal and the man. The whole idea was for me to overcome the animal, but I don't know that I ever fully did. I did enough to become a shinigami, but not enough to not have some hollow left in my soul," Ichigo stated lowly. "I don't really know what he is, sometimes he says that he's part of my zanpakuto. But that's part of my soul too, right?"

I nodded.

"When you told me that you had kissed him, back when he saved you and my sister and Uryu, I actually felt relieved. I was worried that you would be scared of him. I know I was terrified of him...I still am a lot of times," Ichigo continued. "But if you're ok with this, then I am."

"Just relax and enjoy yourself," came Shiro's voice, his golden eyes laughing at me. "Who would have guessed ya to be shy."

"Shy?" I guffawed.

I felt another hard smack on my ass and bit my lip.

"None of that," Shiro said. "I was to hear ya whimpering."

"I'm not going to be..." I froze. I could feel a cold blade pressed against the back of my neck.

"Yeah, you better be still for this," Shiro said. He drew the blade down my spine, tracing my flesh but not cutting me, the sharpness of Zangetsu easily cutting through the fabric of my shinigami uniform.

I was breathing heavily. The blade almost caressed my skin and I felt the fabric bunching and pulling as it was cut. Shiro moved with precision, over my arms and leg as well.

"You...owe me some clothes..." I got out with a gasp, trying to maintain my dignity.

I could feel something else, not as sharp as Zangetsu moving across my skin now. Shiro dragged his nails across my back and then started tracing my tattoos. I moaned. He leaned down and bit at the edges of my shoulder blades, lapping at the marks he left behind with his dark tongue.

"Ichigo..." I moaned, pushing back into him. I could hear a hiss of displeasure behind me.

"Don't you dare," Shiro said, give me a harsh slap on my now bare butt, the sound of skin on skin seeming extraordinarily loud. "Now apologize before I punish you." I paused and then felt pressure as Shiro bore his weight down on me, pressing me into the bed, his knees in my back.

"S-sorry," I said.

"S-sorry what?" Shiro teased my slight stutter.

"Sorry, Shiro," I told him.

"You say his name again and I'm going to leave you naked on your boss's doorstep," Shiro threatened.

I paled. "Don't do that!" I said.

"Say again?" Shiro asked, his knees digging into me.

"Please don't do that, Shiro," I said.

"Now, ya got some lube around or do ya just want me to tear you up from the inside out?" Shiro said, his voice harsh, but full of lust.

I bucked into him a little then. Ichigo doesn't really do dirty talk. It's been all lovely and romantic, and a lot of times full of desperate need. I thought back to when I cornered Ichigo in his school, living out his fantasies. Yeah, I definitely saw it in him. I was looking forward to helping him grow into his sexuality even more. He was all...

"You are all mine now," Shiro said, completing my thought for me. "So, lube, or did you just want me to eat ya out?"

W-what? I groaned without thinking, my legs clenching.

"Well then," I could hear Shiro's smile in his voice. His hands were roughly spreading me apart. He waited, making me wait. I tried to turn so I could look and see what was happening, but a strong hand was pressing my head forward, forcing me to stare down into my pillow. My muscles quivered in anticipation. His hand retreated from my head and I could feel his breath at my ass. And then suddenly hands were pulling me open and I cried out as I felt Ichi...Shiro's tongue breach me, diving into my hole.

"Fuck!" I said. Shiro's hand starting kneading at my ass as he pressed into me. "Ah! Ah!" I was really starting to lose it. Damn it, I am going to start whimpering, aren't I? I could feel Shiro chuckling. I could feel something else do into me, alongside the wet muscle that was causing me to lose my mind. His finger went in deep, soon joined by another.

"N-nightstand," I got out, telling him where the lube was.

Shiro left me and my body practically cursed me for saying anything at all. A moment later I could feel two fingers inside me again, this time slipping in easily.

"So it is the whole two personalitied zanpakuto thing or what?" Shiro asked me.


"I know that you love pounding into Ichigo," Shiro told me. "How is it that you can be such a seme and uke at the same time?"

"Shut up," I moaned as Shiro picked up the pace and placed a third finger inside of me.

"Maybe that's why we get along so well," Shiro said. "Maybe I'm not the only one with two personalities."

"Ah!" I cried out as his fingers brushed against my prostate. Shiro pulled out completely. I was silent for a moment, wondering what he was doing.

"Beg," came a whisper in my ear.

"Fuck you. I'm not begging," I replied.

"You are really enticing looking right now. I could just jerk myself off to this image. Jerk myself off and come all over you, and then just leave you here, panting and wet," Shiro said.

I didn't say anything. He still didn't touch me. Then I felt him begin to move, his knees on either side of my waist.

"Mmmm," he moaned.

Damn it. "Don't you dare!" I told him.

"That's not what I want, Red," Shiro said. He pressed his erection against my back and began thrusting. I could feel it like a hot rod rubbing against my muscles. "Oh, Red," he moaned.

"Stop!" I asked him.

He wasn't stopping. His rhythm was increasing.


"Red..." came his husky cry.

"Damn it, Shiro! Take me!"

"So close, Red," Shiro said. "You feel so good."

"Shiro! Please!" I was there, I was definitely begging.

"What?" Shiro asked.

"Shiro, please..."

I had no warning as he pushed himself into me, but the burning sensation was exactly what I wanted. I cried out as he didn't stop, pushing himself all the way in.

"You perfect," Shiro said, his head resting on my back as we both waited for me to adjust. It's always a surprise to me to hear him like this, like when he was concerned for me when I was hurt. On some level I still consider him a hollow, almost an enemy. His voice now was soft, full of emotion. His hands reached around to my hip bones and pulled, making sure that there wasn't the slightest bit of room between us. "I'm going to move, you better man up," Shiro said, his voice playful and slightly harsh again.

"Yeah," I breathed. He pulled back and plunged into me. "Ah!" I cried out, my back arching. I pulled on my hands straps as forcefully as I could, giving me enough leeway to get on my arms, leaning on them as Shiro bucked into me with gusto.

"Harder," Shiro said.


"Beg me to go harder," Shiro said, slowing himself practically to a crawl.

"Please, don't..."

He didn't listen to me and pulled out of me.

"No," I begged. "Please, Shiro. I want you."

"Need me," Shiro said.

"I need you," I said. "Please!"

Shiro entered me again but didn't move. "Shiro...Shiro...come on."

"Hm," he hummed slightly to himself.

"Move," I said, pressing back into him. He began to move, slowly. "Damn it!" I cursed him. "Stop teasing me! Take me! Hard! Fucking make me bleed if you want! Shiro!"

With that all restraint was gone and I gasped as I felt myself being completely filled. Shiro began to move with force, in and out of me. The bed started to creak and groan in protest.

"Shiro!" I called out as he slammed into my prostate. He pressed into me again and again. The wooden slates on the bed started to hit the wall, leaving indentions in the paint. "More!" I begged.

"Yyyeesss..." Shiro groaned behind me. "Oh, Red."


He reached around and began to stroke my leaking cock I eagerly thrust into his hand. I was so bit my lip as I felt my body tightening. "Ahhh," I breathed out as I came, pulsing out and splattering my seed all over the bed and Shiro's hand.

"R-red," Shiro's choked voice came from behind me as my body clamped down on him. He pushed himself into me again. I could feel his legs tighten on mine, his muscles flexed as he came deep inside of me. "Ah, ah," I could feel his gasping breaths on my back as he laid on me. With a groan he rolled away. "Give me...a second...I'll get your ties..." he said.

I just pulled them away myself. They had barely survived our activities and I had been a little worried that they'd give out during the festivities.

"Come here," I said, pulling him close to me, wrapping my large frame around him.

"Mmm," he said, his head on my chest. "I have to admit, I'm like Ichigo too. I do like being comforted...sometimes," he said, snuggling into me.

"Ichigo?" I asked.

"I'm fine," Ichigo said, his body still out of breath. "Did I hurt you?"

"Oh, I'm definitely going to be limping," I said with a laugh. "I'll get you back though."

" it fun being tied up?" Ichigo asked.

I grinned. I was looking forward to everything I was going to get to show him.

"I love you," I told him.

"I love you too, Red," Ichigo said. I looked up into his eyes, slightly shocked, but saw only Ichigo smiling back at me.

"When you get to the academy I'm going to have fun sneaking in and molesting you. Man, to think what I've done in those poor bathrooms and stairways," I laughed.

"With who?" Ichigo's eyes narrowed.

" what are you going to tell your family?" I changed the subject.

"They'll understand," he assured me. "I'll just tell them the truth. I don't want to lie anymore. At least now I won't have to. I can just live and be me. You're going to have to give me some pointers on how to work with Byakuya though."

"First thing, don't call him that," I gave him some advice. "Secondly, think of what I would do, then don't do it. Probably anything other than that will be better."

Ichigo laughed.

"What the fuck!" I heard someone yell from outside. I paled when I identified it as Rukia's voice. She doesn't cuss that often, it's not very noble, but sometimes she reverts to her Rukongai roots. "I'm going to be scarred for life!"

"Whoops," Ichigo said. "Guess she was out there for awhile." He smirked at me. "You know that means she thinks you're a bottom now. I wonder if she heard you begging?"

My eyes widened. "Damn it!"

A/N: Well, it's a lot longer than the oneshot it started out as. I have to admit I was kind of in a depressed place starting this fic, and it kind of showed, what with all of the angst in the beginning. I think it made it good though, more realistic. Besides, people that are happy all the time freak me out.

Anyways, I actually have another similarly themed fic in the works (to be up maybe in a few days, less if I can't sleep tonight), although it involves Grimmjow instead of Renji and the plot is completely different. I imagine it will only be able five or so chapters and it'll be called Blue Moon. If I had to come up with a description it would be: Knowing he'll lose his powers Ichigo takes an unwitting Grimmjow to the world of the living to spend one night with him. Surprisingly, it seems that hollows don't have an idea what sex is about, not that that stops Ichigo. What will happen when Ichigo can't see Grimmjow the next morning, and what is up with Grimmjow and all of this "Master" stuff?

For those of you who like Renji x Ichigo, I don't have anything in mind now, but I do really like the couple and will be doing something else with them in the future.