Safe House in London

The gang stood around a large table filled with open-faced books from Granddad's very extensive research about the First.

Aunt Willow lifted her head from the ancient paper Granddad had given her and eyed the empty entrance thinking about the children. "They seem to be doing better."

Granddad lifted his head and removed the glasses from the bridge of his nose. "They are as well as to be expected."

Uncle Xander rested his elbows on the table running a hand over his face. "It's getting worse out there. We're having trouble contacting Faith. And the other Slayers…"

"… Three units have been taken out this month." Aunt Cordy said rubbing her hand in small soothing circles around Uncle Xander's back. "I'm getting visions every few hours like clockwork. The forces of Evil are only getting stronger."

"I'm afraid Cordy is correct." Uncle Wes opened a bag taking out a pile of papers he had been researching as well. "I fear that the human race will cease to exist in only two months time. More than ever, we need our Champions."

"There has to be a way to bring them back." Aunt Dawn began.

Uncle Xander shook his head eyeing the young brunette, "Remember the last time we raised someone from the dead?" He waved his hand towards the window frame. "Hell on Earth."

"Xander's right," Granddad said rubbing a hand to the back of his neck. "Bringing her back from the dead shifted the entire balance of Good and Evil. It took a long time to settle it back down then… and then they were killed shifting it all over again."

Outside the room, Katie listened carefully to the conversation creating a plan in her overactive mind. It was not until Uncle Xander said, "It's not like we can just go back in time and rearrange every event that's happened up until now."

Katie's ears flinched listening closely.

"Tracking it all the way back… the shift happened when she jumped off of the tower... to save me." Aunt Dawn said with guilt.

"Osiris Libro vitae." Aunt Willow thought back to the spell book. "That was the book I used for the spell. Even if this was our plan… I can't find it. I think it might've gone down with Sunnydale—"

"—It's upstairs," Granddad told her. "It's in a wooden box in the master bedroom's closet."

Aunt Willow frowned with surprise, "Oh."

On the other side of the wall, Katie grabbed Liam by the wrist. "C'mon." She whispered pulling him to run up the stairs and straight to the master bedroom.

Master Bedroom

"Granddad said it was in a wooden box in the closet." Katie slid down onto her knees digging into the closet in search of the wooden box.

Liam stood at Katie's side staring down at her with a frown.

With frustration, Katie raised her eyes to Liam's face and scoffed, "Why are you just standing there. Look around." She demanded.

Liam turned his head to a grey button-up shirt that had been carelessly tossed across the foot of the bed. He went over to the shirt and ran his little hand over it trying hard to imagine his father. Liam was so young when his parents passed, he relied on Katie to tell him stories about them.

Picturing his father's face in his mind came difficult to him. He remembered small parts of his parents creating a Picasso-like painting in his mind. All he had were photos that are scattered around the safe house in picture frames and stories shared with him by his family and sister. Liam was only two when they died, he barely knew them but his love for them was great. He remembered the scent of his mother best. She always smelled like flowers. Her scent was always clean, fresh, and it always lingered in the air.

"Liam? Earth to Liam!" Katie's voice took him from his thoughts.

Liam turned his head to his sister and waited for her to say something when he noticed the wooden box she had been looking for in the closet.

The youngster moved back to his sister and knelt down beside her staring at the wooden box. "It's a box." He said.

Rolling her eyes, Katie shook her head, "Nothing gets past you." Katie took a deep breath hoping what she'll find is the spell book.

Slowly, Katie unlocked the box and lifted the lid up to reveal stacks of ribbon tied open envelopes of letters. Carefully, Katie took out the ribbon stacked letters placing them neatly beside her. Underneath the stacks of letters photographed in a smaller box.

Liam watched Katie hold the photographs onto her lap and thumbed through them. He peered over her shoulder to catch a glimpse.

Katie raised a photograph of her teenage looking mother sitting outside in the grass. She looked away from the camera at Aunt Willow. A large smile adorned her beautiful face.

Katie turned the photo over. At the bottom left corner of the photo, written with black ink read: Me and Willow, 1997.

Liam picked out another photograph from the pile and ran his finger over the faces of his parents. "Look! Mommy's sitting on Daddy!" Liam giggled showing Katie. "Look Katie! She's squishing him!"

With a small sad smile, Katie could recall frequently seeing her mother sitting on her father's lap just like in this photograph. Turning over the photograph. There was another inscription. Katie recognised the feminine handwriting from the last photo and read the inscription: Me and my Love in the library, 1998.

Digging her hand deeper into the box, Katie took out a manila folder and looked at it brushing off its dust.

"What's that?"

Rolling her eyes with impatience, Katie looked at Liam, "It's a folder you dingus."

Liam dug his hand into the box and picked out an old book of poems when another photograph fell out from between the pages. Liam held the photograph up and smiled, "Mommy!" He ran his brown eyes over her features trying to memorize every detail of his mother's face. "She's pretty."

Katie smiled unable to push back the sadness filling her eyes, "Yeah… she is…" she tucked a piece of her dark brown hair behind her ear and kept searching for the spellbook Aunt Willow had mentioned when she spotted a small photograph nestled between papers. "Look at this." Katie held up the photo, showing it to Liam.

Liam craned his neck to see over Katie's shoulder then took the photo of his sister's hand. He held it close to his face memorizing the curves of his mother's face.

"That's me." Katie pointed at younger self in the photo. "Mom… obviously… and that's you," she tapped her index finger over the newborn held in their mother's arms. "You were just born."

"Where's Daddy?"

"Holding the camera," Katie replied still search for the book when she finally spotted a leather-bound book underneath piles of thing books and papers, Katie pulled it out from the box.

She examined the book hoping this was it, otherwise there was nothing left the box. The book in her hands looked old. "I think this is it." Katie placed the book on her lap and tried to open it.

The book's pages flew open to break the mystical lock. The pages turned into settling to its correct page of containing the Time Traveling spell.

Liam looked at his sister wearily, "Are you sure this is a good idea, Katie?"

"Do you want Mom and Dad back or not?"

Nervously, Liam nodded and stuffed the photograph in his small hands into his back pocket.

Katie brushed a loving hand over her brother's short brown hair and smiled watching the small cowlick pop back up into place on his head. "Then we're going to get them back ourselves. I promise you, we'll get them back."

"What if they don't know us?"

"They will." Katie rested a hand on Liam small shoulder. "We're their kids. They love us to the stars and back." She reminded the six-year-old of the saying their mother had always whispered in their ears.

Liam nodded his head with a bit more confident, "Okay." He turned his eyes down the opened page and frowned, "Can you read that? The words are all funny." He gestured to the Latin written page.

Katie's heart fell. No, she could not read it.

Suddenly, the Latin words glowed and turned into English.

Katie cleared her throat and read: "Osiris, keeper of the gate, master of all fate, hear us." A thunderous noise pounded over their heads. Liam's eyes widened out when he looked up at the ceiling seeing it turn into dark grey clouds where the ceiling fan usually was. Katie swallowed and continued, "Before time and after, before knowing and nothing—"

"—Huh?" Liam interrupted. "What did you say?"

"Shut up." Katie scowled then continued, "Accept our offering." Katie looked up from the book then at Liam. "We need an offering." She whispered into Liam's ear.

Liam thought for a moment then dug into his jeans pocket taking out a round shaped lint ball and placed it on top of the magical pages.

"You're such a loser." Katie rolled her eyes and kept reading, "Know our prayer…"

The world around the siblings melted into a bright white light which zipped them into an abyss of psychedelic waves of colour and shapes.