Okay... so... I lied. There is no new character in this part, and once again, its very short. For some reason I'm having trouble with this story, though I've had the plot planned out for months in advanced. I think its starting to take on a mind of it's own. So, this is once again just a transtion part. This is basiclly explaining the current state of Scar and Saffy's relationship. I promise I'll try to write longer parts, and have more happen in the story, but for now, enjoy!

Part V: Addicted to Her Tears

As the years went by, Scar's soul became more and more tainted with every day he lived. By this time, he was full-grown, as was Sarafina. He was on the smaller side, lanky in build, and not too incredibly strong (at least not like his father and brother). Despite this, he was thought to be quite a handsome lion by the pride's young lionesses, especially Sarafina. She had not realized what she had until it was gone, and she regretted it. She hadn't been able to place her feelings for her friend back when she was a cub, but she could now: it had been the beginning of love.

How she wanted him to love her! The very sight of him made her melt. The way his raven mane fell on his shoulders enchanted her. The way his emerald eyes gleamed in the light intoxicated her. The only thing that stood between them was Scar himself. She knew that somewhere, deep down in his soul, he was still the kind, gentle lion he had been; still Taka. She tried everything to unlock him, but to no avail. She tried enticing him with play, but he just scowled at her antics and left her in his dust. She tried being charming and lovable, but he just rolled his eyes and stalked off. Everything she tried failed miserably. How could he not know that he was breaking her heart with his indifference?

Little did she know, Scar didnotice, and he quite often took delight in her despair. He chuckled softly to himself every time he left her sniffling, and shivered with pleasure every time he saw her weep. He knew it was wrong to enjoy the young lioness's pain, but he couldn't help himself. And what did it matter? He didn't care if he hurt her. She had broken his heart, left it in shambles. He was just returning the favor. Shenzi had even told him that it was the very bestway to make the pain go away, and she had been right, as she always was. Now it was a dark hobby of his to make Sarafina cry. He was addicted to her tears.