WOW: Sweatshirt. Both brothers have a secret ... two related drabbles from each brother's POV. First; Dean ...

Disclaimer: I own a sweatshirt, but it's not as nice and Sam's. Good job I don't own the boys - it wouldn't fit them :(


Dean would never admit it; oh no, Alastair himself couldn't extract the truth …

But when Dean was sick, there was only one place he wanted to be.

It was big, blue and snuggly; it swamped him, enveloping him like comforting arms, he could curl up inside it. It soothed his ills and smelt of Sam.

Wiping his dripping nose along the sleeve, coughing and spluttering, he moaned and bitched because Sam was laughing; he had a rep to maintain after all - it was expected of him.

But, Sam's sweatshirt made Dean feel protected; like a little brother.

That's why Dean loved it.