Aria Montgomery, was sitting in her bedroom on her bed thinking, ever since the homecoming dance she was confused she wanted to be with Ezra but it seemed like he didn't want to be with her.

She loved him, she knew she did, she just couldn't find a way to tell him. Besides that fact was the fact that A was still bothering her and her friends. There was one other tiny fact she still needed to deal with to.

With her parents split she was a mess everyone was attributing it to the fact her parents had split, but Aria knew that it was what she was hiding not her parents. She lifted her self off her bed and went downstairs.

"Hey dad I'm going out for a while ok?" Aria said

"Alright" her dad said absently. He'd been like that the last few weeks with her mom gone, he seemed lost without her.

Aria walked out the door and down the street she knew. She walked into the building and up the stairs. Knocking on the door of apartment 3B. It opened to a shocked looking Ezra Fritz.

"Aria? What are you doing here?" he asked.

"I need to explain something's to you" she said he let her inside.

"Ezra, I haven't been completely honest about who A is."

Okay who is she or he?" he asked sitting next to Aria on the couch.

"Alison, the Girl from the posters, she was my friend mine Emily's Hanna's Spencer's the five of us were inseparable. She went missing then her body was found but the four of us have been getting messages from someone named A we think it's Alison, she knows all of our secrets.

"we don't know how to stop her or why this is happening. She is ruining our lives. Ezra, she is out to get us and make us miserable scare us out of our minds I guess." Aria said

"Ok. That makes a little more sense I suppose." Ezra said "but there's something else isn't there Aria?"

Aria nodded and placed her hands on her small but definitely there followed her movements with his eyes. Aria was close to tears. Pulling her close to him Ezra wrapped his arms around Aria.

"Ezra I'm Pregnant and I want to keep it but my parents will flip everyone will find out I don't know what to do."

"Aria, let them I'll do what I have to then come back for you and our baby. I promise."

"ok, so I tell my parents and come what may?" Aria was confused

"Sort of. We can tell your parents the truth about everything maybe they will understand or I'll get sent away and find you when I get out" Aria nodded "how far are you though Aria?" he asked

"around 5 months I think Hanna knows she promised not to tell she's been going with me to the appointments and everything." Aria said

"should we go tell your parents then?" Ezra asked Aria nodded and got up

"Mom first she might understand more than dad."

The walked to Ella Montgomery's Gallery and to the apartment her mom had up there.

"Mom." Aria called "Mom are you here?"

"Aria? Is that you?" her mom called back

"yea I need to talk to you." her mom rounded the corner from the small kitchen and stopped when she saw Mr. Fitz with her daughter.

"Mr. Fitz what are you doing with Aria?" she asked

"actually mom that's part of what I want to talk to you about but you have to hear me out ok?" her mom nodded

"mom I meet Ezra at a bar before school started we sorta made out in the bathroom and when I found out he was my teacher we decided to continue the relationship but in secret. I love him mom." Ella slowly nodded her head

"ok I think I can live with that."

"mom there's more" Aria said

"oh please don't tell me your pregnant Aria I don't know if I could handle that." Aria ducked her head and Ella groaned

"Aria that was not smart. What are you going to do? How far are you?" her mom asked

"I know that mom we're going to keep her mom, round five months." Ella looked to Ezra who was holding on to Aria's hand

"Ezra, what do you think about this?" she asked Aria turned to him he smiled.

" I think I am incredibly happy that Aria is pregnant with my child. If you chose to tell then I will except the consequences and come back to her after what ever happens to me. I love your daughter Mrs. Montgomery"

Ok this is going well Aria thought. Mom hasn't freaked yet

"ok Aria here's what we'll do. Ezra, I think you might agree that having Aria stay with you might be best considering, that way you will be there with her and if we do decide to tell then Aria will stay at you're apartment and wait, is that alright?"

Aria smiled and nodded and Ezra wrapped Aria into his arms and nodded to.

"sounds more than far to me. I would rather be there with her for everything this makes it easier."

"Aria don't tell your father he'd flip. We'll move your stuff this weekend alright?"

Two years later

Aria was waiting outside the police station her daughter, Anisa, on her hip at almost two years she was heavy.

Everyone had soon found out about Ezra and Aria they had taken him away for only two years seeing as Aria was willing not forced and that she cried hysterically when they took him. She was allowed to visit him but her dad wouldn't let her.

"Aria!" she looked up and smiled there he was coming out of the building smiling at her. he wrapped her in a hug as soon as he reached her. She handed Anisa over to him and smiled as he held their daughter. They were together and happy that was all Aria cared about at the moment.

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