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Radio said nothing more in his sleep and he remained silent through the rest of the day, the gang ended up spending the night there at Dr. Gallio's house for the time being. When morning finally arose, the group slowly wakes up and Radio regains conciseness.

"Man, that was a weird dream," said Radio as hey lie there.

"What were you dreaming about Radio?" asked AllStar.

"I dreamed about taking over Snorkland, I won." said Radio, "And then I had another dream where I failed, then all of a sudden I saw bursting light that tried to blind me. Then I heard thunder, followed by an earthquake. That's when I woke up. Wait a minute, what am I doing here? Oh now I remember."

Radio puts his hand on his head and feels electrodes on it, "Now I understand, you want to see what's going on inside my brain." he predicted.

"Correct," said Dr. Gallio, "You were talking in your sleep as well, speaking out random math problems and we managed to right down 5,000."

"How did I do?" asked Radio.

"You got all 5,000 calculations correct," said AllStar.

"Well, thank Neptune they don't call me Snork Calculator," said Radio, "What else that came out of my mouth."

"You said what E=mc2 means," said Dr. Gallio, "And then you said 'I've become Death, the Destroyer of Worlds, you know what that means?"

Radio was silent for a moment, and then he sighed, "It's my technology, I have developed one technology that can destroy us all. It's called an Atomic Bomb, but luckily I'm smart enough Not to develop it."

"An Atomic Bomb?" asked Dr. Strangesnork.

Radio rips off the electrodes off his head then sat up to stare at Dr. Strangesnork in the eyes, "Don't get any ideas, if you were to detonate such a device you'll turn about thousands of kilometers into dust and rubble." he warned, "If you survive that, then good luck dealing with the aftermath as it is much worse."

"You sound agitated," noted Casey, "How come?"

The green Snork sighs and said, "I was heading to Snorkland to grab a meal at a Fast Food restaurant, then these family members of mine captured me awhile I was half way there. Where's Rex, he was with me when it all happened."

Rex was still sleeping on the ground nearby, Radio stuck his fingers in his mouth and made a loud whistle. The octopus woke up and quickly swam to Radio, then it licked his face awhile cooing, "Yes, I'm happy to see you too," said Radio.

"Rex brought us here," said AllStar, "He was worried about you and we thought that my uncles went evil on you."

"Not really," said Dr. Gallio.

"I did, well sort of," muttered Dr. Strangesnork.

"The look on your faces says it all," said Radio to the Seaworthy Brothers, "There's another reason on why you captured me."

"Governor Wellington needs your technology for his Medical Program," said Dr. Gallio, "So he sent me after you, Dr. Strangesnork happened to tag along because I asked him to."

"He said there's a reward," claimed Dr. Strangesnork.

"Well, I might be able to spare some gizmos," responds Radio, "And that would shut him up. Anyway, I'm heading out for breakfast if you want to join me you best follow me. I'll see you later."

After Radio and Rex swam out the front door, the group stood there for a second and just went after him. Eventually, everyone ended up in a Fast Food Restaurant eating breakfast with Radio. They all talked for minutes as they ate their breakfast meal, "Oh Seaworthys," asked Radio, "When you captured me, did you check if someone was watching."

Gallio and Strangesnork just sat there staring at him, and then they looked each other. "Did we?" asked Dr. Strangesnork.

"Nope," said Dr. Gallio.

Suddenly, bean bags came shooting out of nowhere and they struck the two brothers repeatedly. They soon scramble out of their seats and they took off, yelping every time they're hit with a bean bag. As they swam off, about a dozen Feral Snorks came out of nowhere and they were firing away at the two brothers. By the time, they're out of sight Radio laughed and said, "Man I love this family, love to torture. He he he."

Dimmy burst out laughing, and everyone caught on with the joke and laughed as well. Fortunately for Finneus, it hadn't caught on as he finished eating and swam away heading back to Dr. Strangesnork's lab to meet up with him after his misadventure.