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Kanou felt his head go light, leaving him feeling dizzy.

No way.

No way.

He didn't just say that.

But...he did. He did.


Emotions that he had suppressed in an attempt to make him seem like someone Yukimura could always lean on tugged at their chains with renewed strength, seeping out from that dark pit to sting at his organs. As he was unable to keep them restrained any more, he allowed them to burst forward, his arms quickly circling around the smaller frame.

Kanou's knees weakened and then buckled, and still he refused to release the boy; thus, he dragged him down, pulling him into his lap to hug him all the tighter.

"I love you, I love you, I love you," He said, his own voice weak but elated and relieved and grateful and adoring and...just lovely. The notes on his voice were the embodiment of love, as much as they cracked or came out at the wrong pitch. It was beautiful to Yukimura, and the way it rang brought huge globs of salty formations concocted of guilt and unconditional affection to the 'windows of his soul'.

The boy allowed little whimpered sobs to float out as tiny, butterfly kisses were applied along his throat. He was painfully aware of how the lips doing the job shook timidly, of how the rare exhales were shuddering, of how that mouth would sometimes pause, pulled terse over the skin, as a warm liquid spilled and leaked between them.

Yukimura knew of those silent tears, which only tore at his heartstrings more.

"I'm sorry," Was cried in reply.

It was ignored. "I love you."

"I'm sorry..."

"I love you."

Beside them stood Misaki and Usui. The president watched them with a motherly expression, her hand secretly held by Usui who kept his place close to her—both of them gave looks that said "don't disturb them, please" to the students that had arrived late to school. Once no others were in sight, Misaki shoved lightly at the blonde, before turning to head to the building, a large grin on her face. The one being commanded turned to head back with her, but he hesitated... Quickly throwing a glance over his shoulder, and despite knowing it wouldn't be noticed, he mouthed:

'Sorry. And, you're welcome.'

/ / / / /

Months passed, and now that Kanou had announced his and Yukimura's new-found relationship, that had been established a week earlier, the boy was left less harassed... Though what had dwindled in the public was replaced by Kanou's own type of harassment. The hypnotist found that absolutely adored kissing his lover on the forehead (whilst holding hands, of course), and left no opportunity to do so unfulfilled. It mattered not if they were in school, or at a restaurant, or at each other's houses... And, though he would never admit it, he found that he particularly liked giving those forehead kisses after gym, when Yukimura's skin was tangy with sweat.

What Yukimura would never admit was that he greatly fancied those kisses, and that he was happiest when Kanou carried him around. When he was lifted from the ground, and carried like a child, he had plenty of access to the warm, soft, tender, vulnerable piece of shoulder-flesh that laid so close to the base of the neck—to his pulse. He regularly indulged in asking to be carried like that just so he could get a whiff at his darling's scent, and feel that beating, and nuzzle against the warmth of the place that was better than the best pillow. Of course, Kanou would more often than not agree, as long as he got a treat for it (which was always a gentle kiss on the lips).

"I love you" is what Kanou always manages to say, everyday. Multiple times, and, of course, at the utterly perfect moments.

And by then Yukimura is so awestruck that he can only admire him for a long moment before a quiet "I love you, too" is whispered back.

So, yeah... I'm sorry this ended so bad. If no one likes it, I can rewrite it again, when I get over this block. I just tried to get this out so you guys wouldn't think that I died, or abandoned this forever, or something. Orz;;

I could always write something about their "firsts" on a different story, so this one doesn't go M (while that one will be) to make up for this lameness. :D;;