Ritsuka's eyes shot open as he jolted awake. Warmness surrounded Ritsuka, both from Soubi's strong arms around him and from the boy's aching arousal leftover from the sexy dream he'd been having. Ritsuka froze. Crap! Was all he could think. Lately, Ritsuka had been having dreams about Soubi that left him extremely hot and with a raging hard-on. He was always afraid that this would happen.

Just hours before, Ritsuka had shown up at Soubi's flat, trying desperately not to cry after his mother's latest episode. Soubi had welcomed him in immediately and treated his latest injuries and told- not asked- Ritsuka to stay overnight. Distraught and in need of comfort, Ritsuka agreed. They were soon snuggled together on the bed, with Soubi's arms around him and his warm body pressed close. Their bodies seemed to fit together perfectly. Ritsuka's back was pressed against Soubi's chest, leaving them in a very intimate position to sleep in.

Now Ritsuka was stuck. He didn't want to leave Soubi, since he was warm and Ritsuka was very comfortable. He also wasn't sure if he could get out of Soubi's hold without waking the man. Waking him was out of the question, too. Ritsuka was too embarrassed to do that. Maybe he could just relieve himself here without waking him.

It was what he usually did, anyways, though he had never done it with Soubi in bed with him. He supposed he could try to make it to the bathroom without waking Soubi, but he honestly didn't think he could walk with his rock hard erection.

Ritsuka squirmed, feeling his need pulse with the thought of touching himself when Soubi was lying right next to him. It felt forbidden and Soubi was the one Ritsuka had been dreaming of, anyway. Yes, he was undeniably attracted to the beautiful blonde man. He was extremely attractive, even sexy. And Ritsuka had him all to himself. He was the only one who Soubi kissed with his soft, talented lips. Nobody else.

The teen squeezed his legs together, trying to make his arousal go away. This was so humiliating. Soubi was a light sleeper. He could wake up any second. He didn't know that Ritsuka thought about him almost every night when he was alone, and he would probably laugh at the boy for doing so. It was wrong to think of a man so much older than himself doing such dirty, dirty things to him.

Unable to ignore his erection any longer, Ritsuka brought a shaking hand down, under the waistband of his boxers to rest just above his erect cock. He reconsidered one more time, but decided to go on with it when he heard Soubi make a low sound in his sleep. That sound just turned Ritsuka on more. He attempted to steady his hand and brought it down further to rest on his shaft. He closed his eyes and scooted back so that he was pressed against Soubi.

How would Soubi start this? Ritsuka blushed as he tried to imagine Soubi getting ready to touch him in desirable places. He wouldn't start by immediately jerking him off, he would go slow.

Ritsuka lifted his hand out from under his boxers and just lay in the bed, thinking of Soubi kissing him. The kisses would start short and innocent, like the chaste kisses that Soubi would press on his lips when kissing him goodbye. The kisses would eventually get longer and Soubi would pull Ritsuka's shirt off and kiss down his neck.

Ritsuka slid a hand underneath his shirt, running his thumb over a nipple. What he really wanted was Soubi to pin him down to the bed and screw him into the mattress, as he had dreamed of many times. Almost every one of his dreams and fantasies took place here, on Soubi's bed.

He quickly grew tired of playing with his own nipples and moved his hand downwards again, slipping it under his boxers again. He pushed them downwards, freeing his cock. He shook was anticipation. He wished that Soubi would wake up and touch him. He thought for a moment of waking him up and asking him to do something, but he quickly rejected that idea, not knowing what Soubi would think of him if he did.

He slowly stroked himself, imagining Soubi's long, pale fingers around his member, teasing him. "Soubi…" He whispered, moaning quietly. One part of him prayed that he would wake up, while the other part just wanted to jerk off and go back to sleep.

Ritsuka wrapped his hand around his erection, pumping it. Pre-cum already poured from the tip, dripping down the hot organ and pooling at the base. He began to get careless in his movements and noise level as pleasure shot through his entire body. He thrusted into his hand, his ass slamming back against Soubi as he did so.

"Mmm…S-Soubi…more, please…" He begged, imagining his friend getting ready to fuck him hard. He squeezed himself, placing his thumb at the slit. "Fuck me, Soubi, please."

Ritsuka suddenly felt a larger, softer hand be placed on top of his and soft lips pressed against his neck. His body shuddered as if it was about to orgasm and he froze, then, realizing it was Soubi's hands and lips.

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