Whispers in the dark Rewrite

A/N: Hi guys, yes I know its been a while, but hey a lot of stuff has happened in the real world lately. I first started writing Whispers in the dark in April during one of the worst periods of my life to date. Since then things have gotten better but they're not 'normal'. Due to the massive gap in time since the last posting I decided to rewrite the story, go down a slightly different path and hopefully give you a better insight. The stuff that happens in the story and things that Harry feels are often things that I have, though not always. Sorry for the massive a/n and the huge wait. Thanks to everyone who has read, reviewed and favourited the old story and without further adieu here is the new instalment.

Chapter one Books

It was dark yet again outside the window; his bedroom curtains deepened this darkness. Months had passed by since he had looked out a window, at the world beyond. This was one of the rules. Closing the curtains meant that the world was darker, but also meant that he couldn't be watched. Harry stretched out on his bed, holding a copy of the latest cult fiction novel, he snorted disgustedly as he finished the first chapter. The first page had been enough for him to know that it wasn't going to be any good; the little he knew about vampires cemented that fact. Sighing in annoyance Harry threw it into the bin beside the bed.

Leaning over his bed the teenage boy picked up another volume from the pile that lay there. The aim this year was to finish them all before school started. At the end of school Harry had given his friend Hermione a bag of Galleons and had asked her to buy him some books from both the magical and muggle worlds so that he did not die of boredom over the holidays. She had done well and had managed to locate all of the books he had asked for and since he had insisted that she spend all of the money, god only knew he had too much of it , she had purchased a number of books that she thought that he might like. The range in styles and subjects was vast, from non-fiction on bugs to the great classics such as Great Expectations by Charles Dickens.

He couldn't deny that he was using them to distance himself from the remaining family members that he had as well as the events of the previous school year. Cedric was a good student and even, one of Harry's few friends, he shouldn't have died. The boy had, had so many plans and ideas, none of them would ever come into fruition, now that he had been murdered on Voldermort's orders. At night when Harry tried to sleep he would often return to the graveyard, forced to watch whilst the events repeated over and over before his eyes. There were times when he had to stuff his pillow in his mouth to stop himself from screaming too loudly.

The first time that he had walked back through his memories of that night, he had screamed in horror, waking p his relatives. For other children, Harry was sure that if they had been through the same traumatic things that he had, their relatives would at the very least be concerned about them especially if they were having nightmares that caused them to wake up screaming. He knew that Mr's Weasley would be smothering him with motherly affection and concern if he was at the Burrow now, but he wasn't. Currently, he was trying not to fall asleep.

Other strange things had started happening to Harry but he didn't know this, he had just taken them in his stride. Weird things after all always happened to Harry Potter, why should these be any different.