Loud, angry disputes of the many noblemen flooded the courtroom adding to my already increasing headache, furthering my irritable mood. Yet this still wasn't what seemed to tip me over the edge, no it was the constant presence of my young wife. Anne. Her smug grin while sitting proudly in her throne out looking the erratic behaviour, made me want to wipe that smug grin from her pump, red lips. Yes she was a very beautiful, intelligent, fiery young woman much different to my previous wife, which was why at first she was so appealing. Different and enticing from any previous women I have chosen to chase. She was a challenge. Now the challenge had been won her hold over me was slipping as she became dull. A wonderful mother to Mary and to Elisabeth, but her promise of a son was growing thin, and offers were being to flood in. No man can ever turn down the advances of many desirable and rather attractive women.

As the noise rose and my patient finally broke, I gave an almighty roar of annoyance surprising everyone in the room to deathly silence. Anne's eyes wide with surprise and eagerness to see what I would do.

"What is happening here? I employed you under the guidance that you would come to a reasonable decision without behaving like children! Actually children would know better! You are animals!" I yelled my steel eyes harden as my voice echoed around the room.

Thomas Cromwell attempted to give reason for this behaviour but what was spoken I can not recall. All I can remember was giving growl for silence and indicating for them to be seated. Which they did in the quickest way I have seen them move; each not wanting to disgruntle my mood further.

There was silence as I tired to sooth the thunderous beating from within my head. My kingdom was beginning to become restless and the arguments about taxes were still not solved. Either way people would not be pleased, yet being King meant not everyone would be happy.

Sighing I said "just tax them."

"But my liege that would become quite unpopular with your people," Thomas Wolsey spoke with such a level of dignity around him.

"I do not see a way around this, do you?" I hissed, my eyes narrowing into tight slits.

There was a pause, my eyes glancing around the courtroom; many were either looking at each other for an answer of looking to the floor. All apart from Charles. His eyes were keenly staring back at mine, full with that confidence and slight arrogance I expect from him. Oddly enough, that did seem to calm down my anger slightly, quite appreciate that at least one person would always be acting the same.

"Get it done." I say sharply when no one filled the silence. Giving one last look to the courtroom I was on my way out while calling "Charles."

It did not take him long to catch up, I waited until he was in step with me when I announced "we are going hunting."

I saw his blue eyes light up with excitement, hunting was the activity any man could do to clear their head easily from any problems that was surrounding them that day. It made you feel alive, in control and powerful. An easy way to release frustrations in an enjoyable way. Taking a friend like Charles along, you could be sure that an interesting conversation would always be there.

It did not take long to change and the horses to be ready and waiting from their King and Duke. The ride out into the fields was what I was looking forward to the most. It was a chance to offload to my most trusted friend, he would be wary about his opinions on the matter, since those very thoughts got him banished from my court.

I waited until we were far enough from the threat of eager eyes and prying eyes when I confessed "I feel my love for Anne was gone and all that remains is bitterness."

His eyes widen slightly and pulled his horse to stop; turning his head so his bright blue eyes were locked with mind. "Do you desire another?" he asked in what appears to be an innocent question, but I know Charles and his uncovered distaste for Anne.

"No," I answered slowly considering the question carefully. There are other girls who were very attractive, who were easily to bed in an attempt to please their king yet none seemed to hold that attention to replace their fellow Queen. And the ones of royal blood were interesting enough for me to even consider an attempt to woo them. "It's just the constant reassurance that she will produce me a son and her attempts to be involved in affairs she does not understand."

There was a pause where Charles took in what had been said; with a thoughtful scratch of the head and spoke carefully. "She annoys you, which is certain. If you were to divorce her, what grounds could you stand on?"

I sighed; Charles is right about many things. It still never ceases to make me proud yet frustrated me all the same. I did not replied, just gave the horse a nudge to move forward. The hunt would continue and hopefully this Anne problem would sort itself out.

The hunt gave me that shot of adrenaline I was craving for. Still burning strongly on my bones was probably the reason for what I'm doing. The reason I was now roughly kissing my Duke with all my might. The battle for power and control still raging between us, in a clash of teeth on lips and tongues in a wresting match of their own. The animalistic moans and growling as hands desperately reached for the heated skin under the far too many layers of expensive fabric. Pulling away to catch my breath and start to tear and rip away the layers that bounded his body in. Once the shirt was free and chest was bare, the brutal attack on the mouth began again. His strong, rough hands fumbled weakly with my breeches, choosing now to turn his attention to the parts of neck visible so he could get a better look on the clothing.

Before long we were on the floor, naked as the day we were born completely oblivious to world around us. Out in the open, anyone could see this act of sodomy which made every sense heighten and the feeling from his tongue and lips intensify. Very thrust of hips bringing pleasure to every fibre of my being, completely absorbed in the feeling and the low, deep throat groan that came from either one of us lead to one of the most mind-blowing orgasms I have ever experienced. With a firm grip of my hand my Darling Duke came also.

As we regained our composure I took the time to look at him. To truly look at him for the first time since I was a boy. His strong jaw line and intense blue eyes were captivating, enhancing his already attractive face. I could see why many women would swoon as he would walk by and happily lie with him. Whereas I am now in the numbers who had lain with him, I see him for who he really is. Where many could only see one maybe to layers to the man, I saw at least ten: the protective father; the not always faithful husband, the regale duke; the loyal friend, the intense lover; the charmer, the troublemaker; the competitive man, the wise thinker and even the sensitive man even he tries to deny exists. Sure his silver tongue that charm even those of coldest hearts and the body many men would crave to have is always present to the world, I see the man behind the fa├žade. The man even his own wife finds it hard to find.

As our breathing slowed, our eyes locked with a look of understanding. Our relationship has changed, yet may that be for the better or worst it is still to be decided. All I know is that my body ached for him, just minutes after the experience we shared. Craving to remain in his arms, to resting with him in a warm embrace; to feel his stubble scraping roughly against my bare chest again, to stay in this moment of peace and tranquillity.

"There is always Jane Seymour," Charles suggested lightly. In that phrase the moment was broken and that tranquil bubble was popped and the air in which surrounded returned to a business like manner. And for now the relationship returned back to what it was before.

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