Wolf Hall was a low key house for someone of my magnitude to be situated in, but this place offered a sweet place to stay and get some space from my Queen. Inside the house oak panelled the walls which reflected the glow of many candles which lit our way.

"Sir John," Charles greeted the old man with a light smile. He looked surprised to see us in his home, which is understandable given the fact we arrived with out any future knowledge.

I pulled him into a tight embrace before he led the way to the dining hall were his servants were quick to make a feast. The dining hall copied the same design as the rooms before, with thick oak panelling and an oak table in the middle of the room. As we sat dishes of simpler food was set out while they cooked something more complex.

We talked and laughed over past memories of war. Each of us bragging about what we could do in the heat of battle and the things which went wrong, which involved horses and a field of mud. The light, easy conversation helped to ease my mind of the troubles back that the palace and completely relax me.

As dinner was drawing closed a soft figure went slowly past the door way, my attention was immediately caught. The figure stopped just before it disappeared from sight. Sir John caught my gaze and smiled "your majesty I would like you to meet my daughter, Jane."

A beautiful young woman with long softly waved blonde hair approached me. I stood up as she bowed before me, as she rose I took hold of her hand. Her skin was pale with a gentle glow; her eyes were a stunningly captivating sky blue. Her demeanour appeared to be shy but her eyes gave a way a side to her which is more exciting and intriguing. I placed a soft kiss on the top of her hand, unaware of any of the others in the room.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Your Majesty," she spoke in soft airy voice, it showed of how well spoken she was with a tinge of her accent.

I did not reply just merely nodded while all the while keeping my eyes fixed on her as she sauntered back to where she once came. There was quiet in the room once she left and I could feel their eyes burning into my back. As I turned around I could see Sir John's delighted smile that I was pleasant to his daughter, and Charles smug grin that once again he was correct. That smug, pretentious grin which infuriates me to no end, the fact he manages to get inside my head and know what it is that I desire. His taste in woman has always been exceptional; it's a fine art to know the swans from the geese.

Later that evening Charles and I were sipping wine by the fireplace. The gentle glow reflecting in the gold candle stand, outside the reddish sky quickly being engulfed by the darkness.

"My friend, you have a wonderful eye for woman," I compliment taking another swig of wine.

"Yes, Jane is a very pretty girl. One most suited for you sire," Charles agreed.

"Sire? Surely we're passed that Charles." I stated.

Charles chuckled taking a sip of his wine while his eyes stayed glue to the flickering of the fire. As I looked at his profile I realised how beautiful he is, this time my vision isn't clouded by lust, need for skin or want for release. Here I saw the way the light of the fire highlighted the depth of his cheekbones, the way the light intensified the colour of his eyes and brought out tones of grey. The barely noticeable way his bottom lips sticks slightly out from the upper giving him a soft pout which curled up at the corners as a gentle smile grazed his lips. It was then I released that the angelic beauty of Jane Seymour is nothing compared to how this man before me looks, how each time I look at him I notice something I never saw before. That the mere sight of him alone in moments like this takes away the strong need for a queen to give me a son, it's as if he is the only thing that can calm me.

I slowly reach out my hand to stroke the side of his check, taking in the scratch of stubble underneath my fingertips. I caught the fluttering of his eyelids when my skin touched his and the slight lean into my fingers. I let my fingers drift downwards to play with the curve of his jaw. His face now turned to mine let me see the pure honesty which shone in his eyes, his stare of minor confusion but something deeper, something that could be meaningful. I shifted forward until there were only a few inches between us, my hand now choosing to idly brush and card through his curls. I brought my lips slowly towards his and shared one of the most intimate kiss I have been apart of. It was one of strong promises and a suggestion of feelings, one that goes completely against us. As we part I rest my head on his and just breathe in him for a few seconds, before getting up and returning to my chambers Sir John has given me.

Morning rose, its gentle rays lazily gave light to my room. The fresh scarlet sheets ruffled from a night's uneasy sleep, my clothes from the day before have been pressed folded the best they could from one of the servants.

In the dining hall Charles sat eating from a range of choices in front of him, as I joined him a servant came out with the same looking food on a plate of my own. His curls slightly askew on his head, darkened circles under his eyes from a worse sleep, this I can sympathises with as sleeping in a bed that's not yours without any familiarity is never comfortable.

"Are we returning back to the castle today my liege?" Charles asked.

"Yes, I think we have quiet over stayed our welcome," I reply as ripping apart a piece of freshly made bread.

Sir John strode into the dining hall taking the seat at the top of the table between me and Charles. His cheery nature was one I couldn't help but be pleased with. A man who can appreciate what he has, be grateful for the experiences he had been apart of and can not be disturbed by any demons of the past is a man to be highly respected.

"Sir John, you seem to be in happy mood this morning," Charles notes.

"Of course I am my Lord, having the King as company in my own home is something that would please anyone," he returned directing this more at myself.

I smiled and said "I hope to be adding to this good news. I wish for your daughter Jane to become one of my Queen's lady in waiting."

Charles eyes widened slightly "you think her majesty would want her?"

"Of course, let her come down to the castle later in the day. I'm sure she'll enjoy it." I say lightly.

Sir John's face spilt into a wide grin. "Thank you Sire."

When we left Wolf Hall my mood was high thinking of how soon she will be apart of the castle. I knew Charles had his doubts and concerns about how this would work, but I'm glad he did not voice these. He may not approve but in time I know he will.

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