By: WolfFang of LeafClan

A/N Yes I know, since they were born/turned in separate periods, this is impossible. So, bear with it or don't read it. I'm Kitty, and I approve this message. Also, it's my 1st written fanfiction, so go a little easy with the complaints, please!

Disclaimer: Twilight's author? Sorry, you're mistaken, that's not me. You're looking for an older, prettier, better woman named Stephenie Meyer, not Kitty.

It was mid-day in a small park in Mississippi. A petite girl walked her dog, a beagle that was happily barking up at a squirrel. Further down the pathway, a uniformed man walked his German Sheppard. Neither noticing the other, and they would have walked right past each other if it hadn't been for the dogs. It is sometimes said that dogs know things before humans, and this must be a perfect example of that. What other explanation is there, for the dogs decided to stop and play. It wouldn't have been much of problem, except that their leashes, tangled, wound their way around their owners, and the girl fell into the man with a surprised yelp. The dogs simply sat down, their 'mission' accomplished. Once disentangled from the leashes, the two stepped apart. The girl held out her hand, blushing, as an introduction, and the man wondered briefly why he didn't hesitate to take it….

"I'm Alice." The vampiric girl stated as rain battered the windows on a Philadelphian Diner. The man smiled a little, a dim memory flickered in and out at the back of his mind, he knew her from somewhere. Without hesitating, he took her hand. "I'm Jasper."