AN: This jumped into my head after I read something in My Year of Meats. Written at midnight b/c I couldn't wait to get it on paper! Also, fair warning: She's pregnant.

Disclaimer: I don't own them. Purely borrowing for entertainment!

Halting Fear, Calm Reassurance

By: SentientMist

They lay in the quiet darkness, side by side, barely touching, in the center of her bed, their bed. It is getting more difficult to distinguish. The lines are blurred; they hover on a precipice, waiting for the fall. Unsure of what comes next. Unconvinced they can face it together, yet unable to face it alone.

He feels her shift, rolling onto her side, resting her head against his chest. Her right hand latches onto his left, trapped between their bodies, as her left curls loosely, protectively, around her stomach.

Her voice is soft, almost reverent, "You know what she looks like, right now? By this point, she'll be nearly three inches long, so tiny," she murmurs with awe, "but she has ten little fingers, ten toes. Perfect."

When she had asked him to stay, he had been reluctant, hesitant; but now his arm is sliding around her and she is pressing further into his warm embrace. Now, as he listens to her describe the tiny life they have managed to create, full of wonder, he realizes this is exactly where he is meant to be.

They lay in the quiet darkness, gently tangled together, caught somewhere between halting fear and calm reassurance.