Title: Bottoms Up

Disclaimer: Don't own. Just playing in the sandbox.
Pairings: Dean/Castiel, Sam/Gabriel
Warnings: Enthusiastic imbibing of alcoholic products

1 hour

Nothing's really changed except for the number of empty glasses pile by Gabriel and Crowley.

2 hours

Dean and Cas are completely out of sight. Gabriel suddenly frowns down at the space under the table and snaps. Crowley looks enormously relieved.

3 hours

Crowley has started to babble about a place called Tadfield and another Armageddon that had been averted. Gabriel listens, nods and informs the demon that should it happen again, he needs to call the archangel, because it sounds like there was a lot of opportunity for a Trickster to take advantage of.

4 hours

Both Crowley and Gabriel are still speaking clearly. Sam finally notices that Dean and Cas are no longer at the table.

5 hours

Gabriel finally has to snap them away from the bar and provide the alcohol himself, as the bar threatened to cut them off. They adjourn to Crowley's estate. Sam falls asleep.

6 hours

The demon finally slips into a slur, but seems perfectly sober otherwise. Gabriel ups the alcohol percentages in the drinks with a snap.

8 hours

They aren't talking much anymore, just matching each other drink for drink. Sam starts tossing and turning in his sleep.

9 hours

Gabriel calls a quick time out and, muttering to himself, wards Sam's dreams. The human quiets down and Gabriel and Crowley resume their game.

11 hours

Dean and Cas stumble into the room from somewhere else in the house. Cas is missing one shoe, his tie and the trench coat. Dean seems to have misplaced his pants. Gabriel and Crowley spend half an hour laughing, drinks forgotten.

13 hours

Sam wakes up and promptly falls off the couch where Gabriel had put him when they'd first transferred to Crowley's place. Dean hands him a couple of aspirin and some water and crackers. Gabriel asks Crowley if he's got an identical twin.

15 hours

Dean, Sam and Cas have gone off on a self-guided tour of the house, leaving Gabriel and Crowley to their game. Crowley gets a bad case of the hiccups and Gabriel snorts at him.

17 hours

They're drinking slower now, about one shot every ten minutes or so and both are weaving in their seats. Dean's teaching Cas how to play strip poker while Sam steals the M&Ms they're using as chips.

19 hours

Gabriel tosses back a shot, slams it to the table and glares about three feet to the left of Crowley. The demon repeats the movements, then blinks, looking surprised. The three observers watch closely (once Sam started winning all the hands—even if he wasn't even playing—they'd stopped playing strip poker and taken to making snide commentary on the game) and the demon turns to look at them. The movement seems to have shifted his center of gravity, since he is suddenly falling out of the chair. Gabriel blinks at the now empty seat across from him then lets his head fall to the table.

37 hours

Gabriel wakes with a crick in his neck and a mouth that feels like cotton. Crowley's no better and may be a bit worse off as he swears softly, trying to find a way to stand up that doesn't move his head. Sam walks by with a plate of scrambled eggs and sausage and bacon and the two supernatural entities gag before blinking out. They return much later and seem to have come to an unspoken agreement to never speak of the game again.