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"Buckle speaking"

A teenage girl stood in a valley in a kimono, looking around wondering where she is. She looked around to see if some one is there, but she sighed as it appeared that there was no one there. it was then that multiple colored beams shot and went bye right in front of her.

She jumped back from the beams as she hard yelling coming from one end of the valley. She turned and saw dozens of men and women in battle suit running carrying weapons, some riding motorcycles and some were flying. Leading them were two warriors.

The first had yellow bug eyes with a line on it. His suit was red and the chest had a phoenix head on it from a top view of a bird's head, and had a silver belt. The buckle was a red orb like jewel with a black kanji for fire. On the right hip was a disc with a phoenix on it. His head had red bird wings with holes for the eyes in them, on it with the top like where the forehead would be, is a phoenix head. The other had a blue body suit and black arms and chest with navy shoulder and knee pads. The helmet was navy with a silver diamond in the center of it, going upward and had green bug eyes with black outlined R s on the sides of the helmet. On the chest on the right side if you looked at it from the front side, was a circle with an R in it. He had a navy and black rectangular buckle on with a device in it.

They lead many warriors on the attack, while they were on motorcycles. Some of the ones she saw were a red cladded warrior with a wheel on his back and blue face mask. Another had a black suit with designs of a Minotaur. In the air she saw more coming with beasts and machines. Some of the warriors on the machines were a warrior that had one have green the other black on a motorcycle/ flying machine. On the back of the bike was green suited warrior with a green gauntlet on his left hand. He had a lime green chest plate on with a shooting star on it. His buckle was a circle with the zodiac sign for Aries the ram on it, with chips in the circle. The helmet looked like a ram with the sign for Aries on the forehead. An orange beam hit them bike and knocked it down as the two jumped off.

The bike landed into a cliff side destroying the cliff side to reveal more coming lead by a silver and Green colored cybernetic Ninja armored warrior with white tiger designs. The helmet of the armor was the shape of a Ninja helmet, with the design of a Gold shuriken faceplate, which each of the four blades split across the helmet and it revealed two Jade Green eyes. Behind him were many warriors some of which were a samurai designed like a fox, a swordsman designed like shark, a marksman designed like a wolf, and more. The most of them though were gold designed warriors that looked like warriors of bushido. They all ran down the valley but some of them were shot down by orange beams. It was then that large orange beams shot and hit the warriors and knocked them to the ground. Form the sky there was a scale up there that was hit in the head and all the warriors that were being carried on it were it was well. The scale fell down and smashed on top of most of the warriors. The beams hit many of the ones in front of the armies. Nothing was left, well except for nine warriors. They ran as an orange warrior stood in the middle of the valley. They all surrounded him ready to attack him. The green warrior and the red bird like warrior ran forward both of them with swords in their hands and swung them. The orange warrior grabbed the wrist of the bird warrior and kicked the stomach of the green warrior and shoved the bird warrior into the green warrior. The tiger ninja warrior ran at him and did a flying kick at him, but was stopped by kick from the orange warrior.

There was a warrior with a black body suit with silver chest plates. The plates were designed like bone with a spade in the middle of the chest plate. The back plates were silver but with no design on it. the shoulder pads were silver with the ends sticking up with a spade on the end on each side, think of the shoulder pads on Kamen rider garren but were silver and had a spade on it. he had silver wrist guards with a gold trim. the boots were silver with a spade on the strip on the boot. in his hand was a scythe that had a 4' poll with a blade at the top next to a scanner. on the bottom was a sapphire orb. he and the shark designed swords man ran at the orange figure and the swung their weapons but the orange warrior used the red bird warrior and the green warrior as shields destroying them then he took the swords of the two warriors that were just destroyed and swung them at the two causing them to explode and lie on the ground dead. the warrior green/black warrior and a warrior that had red metallic looking soildier boots that reached halfway up to his knees. The belt wires around his waist were covered in a red snake scale like armor, the sides of the V-system on his belt had two brick like castle pillars attached. His chest was covered in a red armor patterned like a knight's armor. His shoulders had something similar looking to red shields on top of them. His hands had red armor gauntlets lined with the color of yellow on them making his fist bigger. On his head a full red metal helmet covered his head, on his face were two half ovals on his face which looked like black screens with a slight red hue. the two ran at the warrior and went into a melee battle but it ended with the two being killed.

The last one was the blue warrior who spun the disc on his buckle three times as the earth under him rose and encased him in a crystal. the crystal shattered to reveal the warrior the same. but he had five horns on the top of his helmet. His right shoulder pad was now yellow and it looked like lightning was in it. the left shoulder pad was now emerald green with energy flowing threw it. the right knee had a white knee pad and black boot with white trimming and it looked like snow. the left knee pad and the trimming of the left boot were silver and it looked like stars were in there. He had a blue chest plate on now that had an R on it. he ran at the orange warrior and their right hand's glow the color of their body suit. the punched each other and they both exploded.

The teen looked in horror at the destruction of what happened here, as the world thenturned white.

The teen woke up and found her self in her bed, and looked at the time and saw that she was going to be late for school. She then went to her closet and rummage through her cloths and chose a pair of jeans with a white tank top with a red jacket. She then ran down stairs and saw her best friend there, eating an apple waiting for her.

"Kagirinai, what are you doing here?" she asked. Kagirinai was a black haired male with a black jacket and pants with an orange shirt under his jacket. "Well, I can't let my best friend be late for class now, can I, Soukou?" he replied, as he threw the apple core in the trash.

They both left the building as they got on a motor cycle that had an upward C on the front. They both got on and Kagirinai began to start the engine and they both road away from the building, as a trenched coat man walks in.

Soukou and Kagirinai have been friends since they were kids and had a lot of adventures with each other. Though some times, Kagirinai doesn't think that he belongs in this world. But still he doesn't let that get in the way of him and Soukou having a good time. when kagirinai grows up he wants to be a writer and writes sttories but, he lacks insperation to think of a story to write. "so how's your break been?" "Good and you Kagirinai?" "Ok-ish. I have been having visions of something these last few weeks."

On the way to school, they find people's bodies on the ground as if they were sleeping, but that thought ended when they stood up, but their eyes were Black and had crimson slit in it. The bodies then, turned into animals and bugs that were black and red, and ran a muck in the city.

Which made Kagirinai stopped when that happened and was shocked, while Soukou was freaked out. As they looked around, a dragon shot fire balls at them splitting them apart. When they were split up, a grey smoke-like wall appeared in between them.

With Kagirinai

Kagirinai was looking around at where he was, as a teen walked towards him. "Hey where's your buckle and cards?" Kagirinai looked at him and asked him, "Where am I?" The teen pointed up and the world around them vanished, and was replaced an endless galaxy with a ball that was the earth fell from the sky and split into nine earths. The teen walked over to Kagirinai, and spoke to him, "in the universe there are masked heroes that fight, protecting the world that each of those hero's live on. Out of all of those stories, only a few are known to others. With the others, many have been forgotten, are almost forgotten, or haven't been told yet. Many of those stories are being destroyed as we speak, because many of those stories are merging together. Those stories must not be forgotten, for when those stories are gone your world is gone." As a smoky wall goes over Kagirinai, and he was back where he was. He looked around and shouted "Soukou!"

With Soukou.

We find Soukou and many other civilians running from the monsters as they pass through a smoky wall and were then attacked by humanoid crystal monsters one had a hammer and hit the wall next to her and she saw a buckle, that looked like the buckle she saw in a movie she and kagirinai once saw, kamen rider decade the movie, if she remembers correctly, but on the buckle was an upward C and a case and took them she ran away with none of the crystals but one noticing her running away. She got to a smoky wall and saw Kagirinai there. She called to him and he heard her and came running towards her. "Soukou what's going on come on." He said as he saw the buckle and remembered what the teen said as he grabbed them just as Soukou was pulled away from the wall.

He put the buckle on his waist as a belt rapped around him and he opened the case and pulled out an orange barcoded card of a kamen rider. He then placed the case on his left side of he belt and took the card and he shouted, "Henshin!" and placed the card in his buckle as it said, "Kamen Ride" and he then closed the buckle as it said, "Century!" as nine circles appeared around him each with a different symbol, which were, a circle with an R in it, the kanji symbol for fire, the zodiac symbol for Aries, a skull shaped like a spade, a clawed up shuriken, a W, an S, what looked like the joy stick of an old arcade game controller, and a chewed up katana. The nine circles then changed into holographic suits and attached to Kagirinai and nine blocks attached to his head and he then looked like kamen rider decade but the pink color of the decade like suit was replaced by orange and on the bug eyes there was the upward C. and on the chest instead of the X was a C

The smoky wall shattered and he ran in there as he opened the case and took another orange barcoded card out of it and opened the buckle and placed it in the it as the buckle said "Kamen Ride" and closed the buckle as it said, "Miuchi Roc" and then the earth under Century shot at him as he then had the same suit of one of the riders from Soukou's dream. He now had a blue body suit and black arms and chest with navy knee and shoulder pads on. The helmet was navy blue and had a silver diamond on the center going up, and had green bug eyes, and there was an R on the sides of the head. On the chest was a circle with an R in it. The only thing not to change was the belt and case as well as the buckle.

He then ran at the crystal monsters and punched one of them that then shot lightning at him. He jumped to the side and the bolt hit a different Crystal as C-roc kicks one Crystal into another and jumped back.

He then placed a green barcoded card in the buckle as it said, "Weapon Ride" then he closed the buckle and it said, "Club Saber, Boulder Blaster" as a boulder and a club appeared in his hands and the boulder changed into a pistol and the club changed to a sword. He ran the crystals and slashed through them then jumped back and shot at them hitting them as they exploded.

The buckle opened up and the card shot up and he caught it as the suit reverted to its original form, as he thought, 'why did I pick this card?' As he looked at the card as the image on it rose from the card and vanished. He looked at the card surprised but he then remembered Soukou and got to his bike and rode to her. When Soukou saw Century, she didn't know what to expect but when she heard Kagirinai's voice she relaxed a bit and got on as they rode off down the street and went through a smoky wall. In it they saw black and red monsters attacking people and one grabbed Soukou and pulled her off the motorcycle and dragged her away. Century stopped the bike and pulled out another orange barcoded card from the card case and placed it in the buckle, "Kamen Ride" he closed it and ran the monsters holding Soukou as the buckle said, "Claw" as Century was encased in a Silver and Green colored cybernetic Ninja armor with white tiger designs. The helmet of the armor was the shape of a Ninja helmet, with the design of a Gold shuriken faceplate, that each of the four blades split across the helmet until it revealed two Jade Green eyes. He then pulled the katana on his back out and ran at the monsters and slashed at them but it didn't do much to them. he pulled out a purple barcoded card out of the card case and placed it in the buckle and closed it, "attack ride: Tora no bushin." and he multiplied into three and they ran at the monsters and made a slashing motion with their swords and it cut the monsters in half as they exploded and turned to sand.

The card came out of the driver as the image vanished from it and turned into a silhouette, while he returned to Century. Then a hydra monster and a Medusa appeared behind them as he pulled out another orange barcoded card from the case and placed it in his buckle and closed it, "Kamen ride: Phoenix" as he was engulfed in crimson and red flames. In his place was a red suited figure. He had yellow bug eyes with a line on it. His suit was red and had a silver belt. His head had red bird wings with holes for the eyes in them, on it with the top like where the forehead would be, is a phoenix head. He had a red gauntlet on the wrist of the right hand and it glowed red as he placed a purple barcoded card in the buckle. "Attack ride: Fire shot knuckle" and shot multiple flaming aura like fists at the monsters. The fists hit the monsters and the monsters exploded. C-phoenix returned to Century, and he caught the card that popped out of the buckle as the image on it turned into a silhouette. He then turned back into Kagirinai and ran towards Soukou.

Later we find Kagirinai in Soukou's living room looking at the cards that have silhouettes in place of the images and Kagirinai sighed and asked Soukou, "so now what. How do we save our world any way?" Kagirinai walked over to a book shelf that was on the wall, and he took out one of the books there, "i don't know really" he said as he looked at the spines of the books there. there were twenty total but only nine seemed to be available to read. since there was a lock on 11 of them. the spines of the nine available said, in order from left to right starting with the one in his hands, Miuchi Roc, system, claw, shadow, Phoenix, fang, death, aries, double. they all had different spine colors, and designs. he looked down at the cover of the book in his hands. it showed an image of a high school with on three walls were different symbols. on one wall was a triangle with a P in it. on another was a square with an F in it. and on the last wall in the middle of the school was a circle with an R in it. the cover glowed White as the view of out side changed from a destroyed city to a quiet neighborhood. Kagirinai ran out side and looked around and saw a high school near by. And he thought of one thing there, 'this is Miuchi Roc's world.' Far away on a cliff side three riders stood looking out over a city.

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"Century I won't let you destroy my world."

"Who are you?"

"Century, you shall fall before you complete your journey."

"Rick, give me your powers."

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