Nolan: well were back.

Rick: and this is going to be good.

Kagirinai: maybe, maybe not

Soukou: well make sure you get you CLAW powers back soon. I miss our world.

Kagirinai was walking around in S.A.D.E. HQ and saw Nathan walking into his office. Curious, Kagirinai followed and saw Nathan talking with two people dressed in black with white masks on. On the forehead he saw a leaf on it. They both had a katana on the back. "Danzo-sama is wondering how things are going here, Sai?" "Things are going as planned." "Good, soon Danzo-sama will rule this world and will finally be able to capture that demon and we can finally free the innocent of his control."

'Not good. Better tell the others.' Kagirinai thought and he left the scene. He arrived back at Soukou's home and saw Rick there with Nolan and Soukou. "Guys there might be trouble, big trouble…"

Some where else a reporter was walking down the street minding her own business until two black figures appeared in front of her and knocked her out. They then picked her up and left the area.

Rick was walking around SADE thinking about what Kagirinai told him.

Flash back

"Guys there might be trouble, big trouble."

Rick hearing this, sat down and looked at Kagirinai and asked, "What do you mean?"

"Well I heard Nathan talking to two mask people with black ninja suits. They were talking about gaining all the C.L.A.W. beasts and powers to defeat a demon and save those that are under his control. They also called Nathan, Sai. He also said something about some one named danzo. So Nathan has to be from a world that has some one named Danzo in it"

Rick was in a thinking posed while Soukou and Nolan looked at Kagirinai and Nolan said to him, "ok that is definitely not good. I don't know where he could be from." Rick walked over to the Rider book shelf and pulled out a book, while not looking at the cover and opened it. He read it for ten minutes while the other three were talking. When he finished the book, he then closed the book and placed it back on the rider book shelf.

"Well I think I might know where he might be from. He's from shadow's world."

"Ok. But…" Kagirinai said but was interrupted by a phone ringing. Nolan picked it up and answered it, "hello." "Hello Nolan." "What do you want Nathan." "Nothing really I just thought though that you would want your little girlfriend back." "What, What have you done with her." "Nothing, yet. Here talk with her." "Nolan is that you?" "Jessie, Jessie where are you, Are you ok." Nolan where are you. I'm scared. Please, Nolan, help…" "Jessie, Jessie you there. Nathan what did you do with her." "

She is safe. For now. If you want he back, bring me the claws and systems you own."

Nathan then hung up. Nolan slammed his left hand into the table and yelled in anger as he couldn't figure out what he should do. Rick went out side for some fresh air and to find Jessie. And once he got outside, in the building slim and Dewey were meowing, pestering Kagirinai and Soukou to give them food.

Flashback end

Rick walked down the halls and saw Nathan talking with his lion. Being curries, Rick had Roc go over and listen to them.

With Nathan and the lion.

"When will we get the claws back? I really want to fight some one."

"Cool down Empeo. We got time."

"Yes sir. So what do we do about the Other Claw beasts when they find out?"

"Kill them. They are of no use to me."

"Uh-huh. So get out here, you, the one behind the door."

When Empeo said that, Rick then walked in as Nathan took the scepter key and placed it in Empeo's mouth and the lion attached to his wrist. Rick took the Miuchi watch/controller and placed it in the Miuchi Buckle that was already on his waist. He spun the disc three times as Nathan moved the lion head from his wrist to the belt on his waist, and the both shouted the same thing as the room could then burst open so to speak, "Henshin!" "Kamen Rider Miuchi Roc. Emperor Form."

They then turned into their rider forms and they began fighting each other.

Nolan was running through NYC in his speed claw form and was looking for Jessie. The reason was simple, though he won't admit it, though it is very obvious too every one but him and Jessie, he loved her and she loved him back. He looked around as he ran and saw no sign of her. He ran up a building and jumped and flipped and landed on the top of the building. He looked out over the city and was thinking on what to do when "Final Slash Attack." A bullet shot passed him and Nolan turned and saw Tim and Yuliya there in their rider forms, weapons drawn ready to attack. He looked at them and sighed, this is going to be a long day.

Kagirinai and Soukou were riding on the 100bike and were riding through the city when 20 civilians dropped dead in front of them. Kagirinai hit the brakes as the civilians got up and morphed into dreamons. There were a total of 10 cobra dreamons, 5 hawk dreamons, 4 wasp dreamons and 1 lion Dreamon. They all looked at Kagirinai as he got off the 100bike with the 100driver on his waist as he pulled century's card out. "Henshin" "Kamen Ride: Century" he placed it in the 100driver and he changed into Kamen rider century. He grabbed the 100case as ran at the dreamons and he turned it into its sword form and he slashed twp cobra dreamons. The hawk dreamons flew up into the air and shot feathers at Century and they landed on his back sending sparks out of his suit. He got back up and pulled out a card as he turned the 100case into its gun form. "Attack ride: Blast" and he open fired at the hawk dreamons sending loads of sparks and sand out of them. He jumped away from the lion dreamons as they were going to slash at him and was about to open fire at them when a barrage of blue bullets hit them. Century turned around and saw Officer Taihou there with a blue and black gun aimed at the Dreamons. He looked at the gun and saw it looked like a gun he saw off a TV show he watched. He spun the gun on fingers as he pulled out a card and placed it in the gun.

"Henshin." He then pulled the handle out and the gun spoke "Kamen ride: Pi" and he aimed the gun up ward and he shot it. Out of it were 8 light blue cards. Then three images began to move randomly around him. A mathematical symbol of pi appeared in front of him as the three images attached to him and the cards attached to his head. Then the pi symbol attached to hi head as well. He now looked like Kamen rider Diend but the panel on his head looked like the sign for Pi. On the buckle of the suit was the symbol of Pi.

He took out a card from his side and slid it into the gun, "Kamen Ride: Wings: Commando Mode," and he slid in another card, "Kamen ride: JamZ" then he pulled the trigger, and two light blue orbs shot out and six images scattered surrounding the two orbs, soon they both connected and in place of the orbs were two Kamen riders. The first one's suit was black, with white armor, resembling a Falcon, and a Futuristic Military Officer, with actual wings on the Rider Armor. The other was wearing around her whole body light white armor. Around her wrist, ankles, and waist were black looking straps around them with dash's and numbers from 1 to 10 as if they were dials for volume. On the front of her shoulders and knees were circular black speakers pads.

On her right forearm was another speaker, and in the palm of her left hand was another one as well. On the front of her chest was just a second plating in two halves like the back of a beetle. Her helmet had one circular glass like speaker over her face, and on the sides over where her ears were was something in the shape of thin earphones made of grey metal built onto her helmet.

The two ran forward and at the dreamons with Pi following and came up to Century. "Are you ok, Kagirinai?" "Yes I guess thank officer. Now shall we join in on the fight." "Of course."

The two jumped into the fight and soon each rider was fighting a curtain group of dreamons. Commando was in the sky shooting the hawk dreamons, with his pistols that nailed each of the dreamons and sent that to the ground and they turned back into their normal forms. JamZ was fighting the Cobra Dreamons with melee moves as she ducked under swing by a cobra. She jumped back and kicked two into each other, and ducked as three dreamons nailed each other and they blew up. The last five then ran at her as she pulled out a black guitar/sword and swung it and the dreamons explode. She and commando then dissolved into light blue pixels.

Century and Pi were taking on the last five with Pi fighting the wasp dreamons and century fighting the lion. Pi aimed his gun and fired at the wasps and sand came out of them. He then slid a yellow card in the gun. "Final Attack Ride: Pi" and eight cards came out of the barrel of the gun and made a circle with more cards coming out. If one were to look at the cards, they would see rider cards on it. The cards then turned into a drill as Pi pulled the trigger and shot a drill at the cobras, smashing into the dreamons and destroying them in and explosion of sand.

Century was fighting the lion dreamon and he ducked under its claws, as he kicked the lion in the gut knocking it back as he placed a card in the 100driver. "Kamen Ride: Miuchi Roc" he ran past a pillar and when he got past the pillar he was C-Roc. C-roc placed a green card in the driver as he punched the lion dreamon. "Weapon ride: perfect R" the earth rose up from the ground and took the shape of an R. C-roc grabbed the R by the long side in the loop and the earth shattered and in its placed was a Blue R. It was a blue R with the long leg having a blade on it and the angled leg having a barrel on it. On the top was a yellow disc with an R in it. C-roc pulled the lever on the side and the angled leg connected with the other and became a sword like device. He ran at the lion dreamon and swung the R and the blade slashed the lion and sand fell out of it as C-roc held it like faiz would hold the blaster in his blaster mode. He then shot a bullet at the dreamon and it landed and the dreamon was sent back into a building. "Final attack Ride: Miuchi Roc" he aimed at the dreamon and shot a blue bullet at him and from the bullet it exploded into a million bullets that nailed the dreamon in the chest and it exploded with a blue ® in the air where it was at. In the lions place was a boy that fell to the ground and vanished shocking C-Roc. He looked at the spot where the boy was as he turned back into Kagirinai.

'What happened to him?' was all Kagirinai thought as he ran over to officer Taihou, who had his gun in his hand, and was putting it away.

"What happened to the kid?" Taihou looked at Kagirinai and pulled out an envelope and gave it to Kagirinai.

Rick and Nathan were running down the halls of SADE, each with their own weapons out. Rick had his club saber out while Nathan had a crimson and black scepter with a red orb on it. the swung the swords and they clashed as Rick pushes off and press the arrows on his buckle three times before pressing the action key. "Perfect R" and the perfect R appeared in his hand and he swung it and it slashed Nathan sending sparks out of his body. Rick then held it like a gun, aimed and fired at Nathan sending him into a wall. Was about to run at him but was slashed in to back by another emperor. Rick was then slashed in the front and then all over as he was then launched into the air.

Nathan stood up and moved the his buckle to his wrist "Final Slash attack" and he scepter glowed blood red and he the slashed Rick and he screamed bloody murder as his transformation canceled and he fell unconscious. Nathan walked up to Rick and with his scepter raised and aimed at his heart. When he was about to swing it down, a sword stopped him. Nathan looked up and saw another rider. This rider had a decade like suit but with purple instead of pink, and had a swordsman theme to it. His helmet had a mixture of on top of a on it that was white. The belt buckle was the same as the one Diend wore but had the same sign on it. On the side held a card case like Diend's. He swung the scepter away, making Nathan stumble back, as the rider took a card from his case and he pressed a button on his sword and a slot opened to fit a card in it. He placed the purple bar-coded card in it and then closed it as he held the sword in a diagonal form, "Kamen ride: Accel." Then his suit changed. The suit changed into a hulky rider with a wheel on his back and between his feet. He pretty much looked like Kamen rider Accel but still had his own suit's colors on. He ran at Nathan and swung his sword, sending sparks out of Nathan's suit. He then took out a card and placed it in the sword, "attack ride: slash" and his blade glowed and he slashed Nathan, sending him into the wall. The rider then turned back to normal and he grabbed Rick and he ran away. Nathan looked around and saw no one there. He sighed and canceled his Henshin and left the area.

Nolan jumped off the building and ran down side of the building and landed on the ground as Tim opened fired on him and he used his sword to block them. He then back flipped over Yuliya who had her sword in her hand and she slashed at him. He parried it and then did a round house kick to her and a sent her into a street sign. Tim then did a flying kick at him from on top of the building but was stopped by a black and red bat. It flew by and landed on top of a building, and changed into a black ninja. He then disappeared into the shadows. Nolan used this to his advantage and he ran away, to continue his search for Jessie. Tim and Yuliya both sighed as they returned to SADE head quarters.

At Century's library. (Soukou's home)

Rick laid on the couch, still unconscious, as Soukou, Taihou and Kagirinai entered the room and saw him there. Running to his side, Taihou checked him over as Soukou picked up a note that was by him.

Rick was injured by Nathan and will be out for some time. When he wakes up tell him that Than saved him.

Soukou looked up in confuse-ment as she thought about it. Kagirinai and Taihou were in the kitchen getting a snack as Soukou's grandfather came in. He was covered in fur, white fur, and black fur on his body. Slim and Dewey then walked into the room purring and rubbing up against Soukou's grandfather's pant legs. He smiled at them and walked into the kitchen and was getting the cats supper, while officer Taihou and Soukou read the book about claw's world. Kagirinai walked over to Rick and sat on his legs as Miuchi Roc came out of the Miuchi controller. (I had to do something that we all know that happens on decade's journey. This was the first thing that came to mind.) He relaxed on him as Roc went out side and merged to the ground. He then moved to the city.

With Jessie.

Jessie was in an old abandon factory. She was going to Nolan's home to talk to him about how SADE has been but she was then captured by two black suited ninjas. She was then knocked out and was brought here. She looked around and saw nothing here she could use to escape. She sighed and looked out at the ocean that she could see from where she hung. 'Nolan please save me.'

Nolan was near the docks, looking around for where he could find Jessie at, and sighed and then ran at a near y abandon factory and ran through it a looked around. He looked through four factories, when he saw her. She was hung on a crane's hook, hung with chains around her.

"Jessie!" Nolan ran at her to set her free but was stopped by five red, black and crimson orbs that landed in front of him creating sparks. Then three more shot at him and landed and sparks exploded from him, canceling his Henshin. He fell to the ground holding his chest in pain, a patch of blood was near the left corner of his lip. He looked up and on a near by walk way was Nathan, in emperor mode. He had his orbed end of his scepter aimed at him. "Not so fast Nolan. I will be taking those claws back now."

Nolan, in pain tried to get up, but pain was overloading his body so he couldn't get up. He was about to speak but a voice echoed through out the whole factory

"No you won't"

They all heard foot steps and they turned and saw Kagirinai walking towards them with the 100driver on his waist. He calmly walked in like nothing new was happening. "You won't be taking anything Nathan."

Nathan, under his helmet, glared at Kagirinai as he got ready to attack him. "Why do you say that? I have more power than any of you." "Power maybe but trust no."

"What do you mean? I don't need trust it is but a stupid and weak thing that I don't need."

"Wrong. Trust makes the world go round. Jessie isn't struggling now because she trusts Nolan and knows that he will save here. But Nolan lost some of his trust though. You see he forgot that to accomplish great things you must be able to work with others." Nolan hearing this went wide eyed. He knew Kagirinai was right. He could have found this place faster with their help. He got up and walked over to Kagirinai's side ready for battle as his rider belt appeared on his waist.

Nathan growled as his plan had failed. He looked at Kagirinai and pointed his scepter at him and spoke, "Kisama, nani mono da?"

Kagirinai pulled out Century's card and held it out to him as he shouted "Tōrisugari no Kamen Raidā da, oboeteoke!" "kaiger!"

The liger meche ran in and jumped into Nolan's hand and morphed into a gauntlet with a liger claw face. With them both ready, they both shouted "Henshin" "Kamen ride: Century. Shinobi Mode" and activated their Henshin turning them into Kamen rider Century and Kamen rider CLAW: Shinobi Mode. They both had their swords out, and ran at Nathan.

Nathan snapped his fingers and two black claded Shinobi came out of the shadows and black and red sand exploded from their bodies and changed them into black and red humanoid bats, and they flew down at the two running riders. The said riders slashed at them as Tim and Yuliya ran into the building, and were shocked. They saw Nolan and Kagirinai fighting two bat dreamons, Nathan just watching this, and Jessie, wrapped in chains being hung by a crane hook. They were shocked and were about to go to Jessie but, two black red and yellow orb shot at them and paralyzed them as well as canceling their transformations.

Nathan with his scepter aimed at the two now paralyzed riders smirked under his helmet and looked at the fight between the riders and the dreamons. 'Time to fight.' With that thought he jumped down the now fighting riders and dreamons and slashed the riders. Kagirinai and Nolan tumbled to a corner of the factory as Nathan and the two bat dreamons walked to them. "This is the end to you riders. You shall now die by the king of the animals." He then started to laugh evilly as the two dreamons began to merge together and turned into a giant two headed red and black bat with four wings and clawed feet.

Nolan was worried as him and Kagirinai didn't know what to do, when a while light came from Kagirinai's 100case. It opened up and three cards popped out revealing them to be the Kamen, final attack, and final form rides for Claw: Shinobi mode. Kagirinai smirked as he took the final form ride card and placed it in the 100driver and spoke "or not." "Final Form Ride." Kagirinai closed the driver and a clawed up shuriken appeared in front. "Claw" Kagirinai got up and pulled Nolan up and shoved him in front of him and placed his hands on his black as a silver shuriken with cyber green edges appeared in his left hand. "This may tickle a bit."


And with that Kagirinai pushes Nolan forward. When he did this, Nolan's hands and feet met and the shuriken split four ways and became like clawed feet. The sword on back moved down his back and turned into a silver tail and four spikes grew from his backs. His body grew as two blades of the shuriken on his helmet morphed into a mouth while the other two turned into feline-like ears. The helmet became more feline-like as he roared. Kamen rider Claw: Shinobi Mode was now Kamen rider CLAW: Shinobi Mode: Tiger form.

It let out a defining roar as it leaped at the two headed Bat, which moved out of the way and the tiger kept going and it cut the chains that held Jessie and she dropped but was caught by the tiger and placed on the ground. As this happened, Kagirinai ran at Nathan with the 100case in sword from and he swung at him. The blade and the scepter collided and the tried to push the other down. Nathan pushed Kagirinai off him and shot five red orbs at him, which Kagirinai dodged and he parried a strike from Nathan as C-tiger swung its paw at the twin headed bat dreamon, which was right behind them. C-tiger jumped bat as the bat sent crescent blades made of sand at him, hand he jumped up and the claws on his right paw glowed bright green as he ran them through the bat and it blew up in explosions of sand.

C-tiger hit the floor and ran at Nathan and Kagirinai and changed back into claw Shinobi mode and threw the shuriken at Nathan and Kagirinai slashed Nathan at the same time. Nathan saw the shuriken coming at him and he would have caught it but was slashed in the side by Kagirinai and was then hit by the shuriken. Kagirinai took a yellow card and placed it in the 100driver. "Final Attack Ride: C-C-C-Claw." The Nolan changed back into C-tiger. He then jumped in the air and Kagirinai followed as C-tiger flew down at Nathan who was supporting himself by a near by crate. C-tiger was then engulfed by a neon green flame and Kagirinai did a flying kick at Nathan. C-tiger rammed into Nathan and then jumped out of the way as Kagirinai's right foot absorbed the green flames around him, and the foot landed on Nathan's chest and he blew up. C-tiger turned back into claw and both he and Kagirinai de-transformed.

Jessie, Tim, and Yuliya, who were no longer paralyzed, ran over to them as they saw Nathan still there but he now had a white face, black air and eyes, and a black ninja, with a short katana on his back.

Then a trench coated man walked up to him, and smirked at them and spoke, "this is root anbu but he is also known as by another name, Sai" then a smoky wall came over them and they were gone. They all looked at each other in shock, Tim and Yuliya because they didn't know about this, the rest be cause they didn't know who was that man in the trench coat. The shrugged it off, and left Nolan, Tim, Jessie, and Yuliya going to SADE, Kagirinai and Soukou going to century's library.

With Nolan and his group.

"Hey Tim. Where is Lieutenant Rodriguez?"

"Don't know."

"How did Sai become head of SADE?"

"Don't know. One day Lieutenant Rodriguez was in charge and he stayed the night to work on some thing and the next day Sai was in charge."

It was then that two black and red tornadoes of sand appeared in front of them and there was a tiger Dreamon and swan Dreamon. They looked at the four and smiled at them as the tiger walked to Nolan.

"I know where he is. But it is a dangerous too."

"Where is he then, Noah? Jezebel?"

"Well he's in the dream world but he's in the dangerous part ever."

"Why is he there?"

"how did he get there?"


It was then that a red and black portal made of sand appeared in front of them. It showed of a grave yard with black and red flames there. The swan then glowed and then turned into an exact copy of Jessie. "You all going?" Nolan, Tim, Yuliya, and Jessie looked at each other and nodded and the four of them jumped into the portal.


Kagirinai and Soukou looked at the portal from a nearby corner. "Let's go."


And they left and headed home. When they returned to century's library, they saw Rick feeding the cats with a smile as there was another man there. He looked like Rick but had red eyes and black hair. Rick looked up and saw them there ad he waved to them as the man walked up to them. "Hello you must be Kagirinai and Soukou Rick has told me much about you two."

"Who are you?"

"I am Yochi. I am also known as the rat Dreamon, and Rick's Dreamon counter part." This shocked them as Soukou backed into the rider case and knocked down a book that was cobalt blue. Soukou picked it up and saw the cover. It showed a a village surrounded by leaves. A large shadow covered it. The book glowed white as they went to another world. in a different world a blond headed teen with wisker-like borthmarks on his face looked into a lake, and his reflection was a a cobalt rider with a dog like head. They stared at each other as leaves fell from the trees.

next time on kamen rider Century.

"I'm an Uchiha bow to me."

"Naruto-baka shut it. Sasuke-kun is shadow, the whole village knows it."

"Naruto-kun what will you do?"

"Die Demon"

"give those memories back Danzo!"

next time Kamen Rider Century: shadow's world: a Shadowless Ninja.