Thankfully, as the younger members of the Scooby Gang then left the library to go to their classes, the rest of the school day passed without another musical number. To make absolutely sure of it, Rupert Giles dawdled in the book-filled room until well after the last period, breathing a hearty sigh of relief as he warily poked his head past the library doors to glance around at the deserted school corridors. The older man's subsequent journey out of the building was in his normal firm stride, Giles mentally assured himself. He was decidedly not sneaking out of here-

"Hey, G-man."

*Oh, bloody hell. Ambushed.*

Standing at the top of the front steps of the school entrance, Giles glowered down at where Buffy, Xander, and Willow were lounging against the lower stair railings. The Watcher's ire was mainly directed at the young man happily grinning at him, as Xander waved off in the direction of the school parking lot, to then cheerfully say, "You got here right on time. Mrs. S. pulled up just a sec ago."

"Who-" a bewildered Giles began, until he followed Xander's pointing finger at the front of the parking lot, which now contained only a single automobile with a very familiar driver, as Joyce Summers inside her car waved back at the Scooby Gang.

Buffy bounced up to her feet while chattering, "C'mon, Watcher mine. Mom's doing us a favor, taking us to your new car."


Willow nodded firmly, assuring the dazed Englishman, "It was Xan who found the car, but he convinced us today that it was the perfect choice for us all. Now, let's go!"

Afterwards, Rupert Giles could never clearly remember the next few minutes, only regaining his senses to find himself in the front passenger seat of the Summers family vehicle, as Joyce drove them towards the Sunnydale business district with its car dealers there, while good-humouredly glancing at the stunned man besides herself. Calling over her shoulder to the three giggling teenagers in the back seat, Joyce chided them, "Guys, I know you said you wanted it to be a surprise, but shouldn't you tell him first anyway?"

"Nope," resolutely said Xander directly behind Giles and breathing down his neck, much to that man's intense annoyance. "You know that the G-man is a tricky customer. One slip, and he'll be away and on the loose, definitely doing something like buying a Yugo or an even worse car, if that's actually possible. Though, trust me, he'll manage to find one. We had to take him off-guard, and there were serious discussions about putting him in a straitjacket and hauling him along to the dealer's lot."

As she giggled over that, an amused Joyce then commented, "After you told me, I remembered seeing those cars around, but I never actually thought they were bought here. Isn't Sunnydale really a little too small to have one of those dealerships?"

To Giles' growing bewilderment, Xander answered, "Oh, we've got enough people here who want and need one, what with being near the ocean and the hills and the desert. Not to mention the zoo and the docks and other places in Sunnydale itself. From what they told me when I called them up, they do okay. And today, they're gonna have another new customer, who'll be sure to do his patriotic duty, buying exactly the same kind of car that the Queen of England herself uses!"

At that point, Joyce fortunately stopped at a traffic light, since a thunderstruck Giles' sudden "WHAT?" roared at the top of his lungs that rattled every window in the car might have actually caused a driving mishap for that woman. Instead, Buffy's mother simply laughed loudly, as a disbelieving Englishman twisted around in his seat, to see back there a smirking trio, with the only male of them then gleefully pointing to his right, at something in that direction outside of their automobile.

Almost doing himself an injury, Giles even more quickly turned his head and body, to finally look at where Xander had indicated, as the Briton now saw over there on the right side of the street….a Land Rover dealership.

As the man gaped at something so familiar from his native country, he dazedly heard Xander behind him crowing, "And now, ladies and gentlemen, I direct your attention right at the front, to what's the whole point of our visit here: Rupert Giles' new car!"

Five pairs of eyes then shifted to where the dealership was dramatically displaying in a spot next to the street in an effort to catch any potential customer's consideration, a circular, knee-high platform that had a turntable on top slowly spinning, as the gleaming, new vehicle parked there was now being shown off in all its glory while continuously revolving in circles under the bright California sun.

The chunky British four-door 1997 Defender-110, with its rugged styling, including the steel luggage rack occupying the entire roof and the line of extra headlights attached to the top of the front windshield, perfectly showed off this vehicle's legendary toughness and readiness to meet all the challenges in transporting its passengers over any environment on earth, whether it was jungle, desert, or any other back country. In fact, this car looked right now that all it needed was to have a few Sherpas clinging to the outside, and it'd effortlessly drive up any vertical face of Mount Everest, to then successfully attain the summit of the world's highest peak and park there in the snow, as its driver and anyone else along for the exciting ride shared with each other a celebratory spot of tea.

In Joyce's car, Giles opened his mouth to begin his unyielding declaration of exactly where Xander Harris could stick his latest bright idea, only to be immediately cut off by three feminine voices squealing at eardrum-piercing levels, "Oh, it's sooooo cute!"

As he slumped back in his car seat while Joyce, Buffy, and Willow continued to gush over something they fully approved of, a despairing Rupert Giles now knew two things:

First, he was utterly doomed to purchase that bloody safari vehicle over there that would be totally out of place on the streets of Sunnydale.

Second, that young jackanapes, currently behind the older man and quietly snickering under his breath, would undoubtedly sooner or later sneak onto the Englishman' library desk the finest example that this teenager could find of a sahib's pith helmet that the Watcher would be forced by a certain blonde Slayer to wear whenever Bwana Giles drove his new car.

Author's Note: As for the songs performed in the second chapter, they're identified here, along with their bands, year of introduction and album or single, and their creators:

"Little Deuce Coupe" - The Beach Boys, 1963 'Surfer Girl', by Brian Wilson and Roger Christian.

"Drive My Car" - The Beatles, 1965 'Rubber Soul', by Paul McCartney and John Lennon.

"Take It Easy" - The Eagles, 1972 'Eagles', by Jackson Browne and Glenn Frey.

"Fun, Fun, Fun" - The Beach Boys, 1964 'Shut Down Volume 2', by Brian Wilson and Mike Love.

"Stuck In The Middle" - Stealers Wheel, 1972 'Stealers Wheel', by Joe Egan and Gerry Rafferty.

And finally, here's a guide to the proper location if you want a look at the car: Go to Land Rover in Wikipedia, and then scroll down the series of pictures on the right side of the screen, until you get to the photo marked as the 1997 Defender 90 which is the two-door version, but that's a minor quibble. Can't you just see Buffy riding on top, effortlessly standing onto the luggage rack at Giles' full speed as he chases after an escaping vampire (Spike, for preference)?