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A/N: So, I know I marked this as complete. Because it was, and the last chapter was a good place to end it. But then I just had this idea, and it fits. Even though it doesn't feature Lily, I think it's really a very important piece for this particular story, because it shows how James reacts to her moods. So enjoy:)

"It just can be really hard sometimes, Sirius," James said, rubbing a hand over his face tiredly as he sipped his coffee. "I mean, I love her. I love her to death. You know that. But she just... she makes it really hard, sometimes."

Sirius sipped his coffee as well, made a face, and poured four or five packets of sugar in it. "How, mate?" He tried the coffee again, scrunched his nose, and poured three more sugars in it. "And how does anyone drink this plain?"

"She's just exhausting. I can't really explain it. She gets in these moods and she won't even listen to me. She's too sad. It's... I can't explain it, Sirius. She just lies there in bed, barely moving. And I try to cheer her up or comfort her. Sometimes I even try to make her mad. Anything to get her to feel again. I can't stand seeing her like that. I just want her to be okay." He ran a hand through his hair. "I need to fix her."

"Maybe you can't. Maybe you should just let her be broken and be there for her," Sirius suggested, putting down his drink in defeat.

"Merlin, Sirius! Quit trying to be wise!" James suddenly shouted, sweeping his friend's drink off the table angrily. "You don't know what it's like! You've never been with a girl like Lily! You've always been in fun, exciting, easy relationships! Don't try to give me advice!" He clenched his fist, then breathed out. "Don't try to understand." He was no longer yelling. "Even I can't."

"Sorry, mate," Sirius replied, shrugging, not the least bit offended. "I'm just trying to help." He waved his wand, repairing his coffee mug and cleaning up the steaming liquid on the floor. The witch who was walking around waitressing glared at the two of them. Sirius shot her a winning smile; she blushed and tucked blonde hair behind her ears, the angry look disappearing.

"And the way she talks sometimes. She says things like, I'd die without you, or, Sometimes I wish I was dead, or even I don't deserve to be happy. I deserve to die. And nothing I say ever cheers her up. I try to tell her that I'm never going to leave her because I love her too much to abandon her like that. And that if she died, so many people would be sad and hurt. Me, Petunia, you, Peter, Marlene, Alice and Frank, all our friends from school and the Order. Her friends from work. But she won't listen." James looked both angry and confused. "And I don't understand why."

Sirius looked at James, his eyes intense. "When she feels like that, James, there is nothing to say that will cheer her up. It's not that she wants to be sad; it's that she can't be happy, literally. I know what she's going through. My mum got like that sometimes, and I do too. It's not something she wants to be feeling. All you can do is be there for her, like I said already. Rub her back, bring her flowers. Don't make her feel guilty for it, though."

"I wouldn't!" James snapped, looking a little irritated.

"Not intentionally," Sirius amended for him. "But you have to watch what you say, or she'll feel it anyway."

James sighed. "Okay, mate. I dunno. I'll try to figure it out."

"You will," Sirius said, grinning. "Now, can we go somewhere else? I don't know why you like coffee, but I'm in the mood for something better. Let's go."

James shook his head and made a face. "Can't. I have to get home. I promised Lily I'd make dinner tonight."

Sirius snorted. "Whipped."

"Obviously. You made a point of that in about second year, if I'm remembering right," James stated, rolling his eyes.

"Yeah, but making dinner for her? Come on, man, that right there is serious whippage. You have to admit it," Sirius said, smirking.

"Shut it!" James muttered.

"See ya, mate," Sirius said, laughing.

"See ya."

The two young men stood from their booth. Sirius left through the back door, exiting to a little alleyway behind the cafe in order to Disapparate.

James stood at the booth a moment longer, looking tired and lonely. "I just want to fix her," he suddenly whispered. "I didn't ask for this, I wasn't prepared to be a hero. I just want her to be fixed. I'm sorry. I'm sorry."