Summary: Some sympathy would be nice, his brother would be even better. Tag to season 6.

Challenge WOW: Sweatshirt

Word Count: 100

Cold as Ice

Dean pulled the sweatshirt over his head, still shivering. He rubbed his arms, trying to get feeling back in his limbs.

"You're a dumbass," Sam scoffed.

"Shuddup." Sneeze, cough, shiver.

"That spirit ran right in that freezer and locked you in. I know you're rusty, but you're not that rusty."

He hadn't even asked if he was alright. He sat down, pulling the sweater even tighter around him. He coughed, hard, the sound low in his chest.

"You might want to take some medicine," he said coldly.

He bowed his head, blinking tears away.

I want my little brother back.