"Give me the wand Lupin. I'm waiting for you. We're almost done this little game. When you're ready you know where to find me."

Teddy was awoken from his dream to Q shaking him and he jumped into full alertness when he realized it was because they'd reached their destination. Vic was also being roused beside him. He rubbed his eyes, thinking about the little snippets of dream that he'd been having. He could have sworn Clair had been in it...

"Change your hair," Q said, eying the two magical boys in his back seats. Ted and Vic were still dressed in their Hogwarts uniforms, cloaks and everything and Ted had to admit it was a bit out of place in Muggle London.

"This is so cool," Vic whispered, getting out of the car as Teddy reverted back to his natural hair color.

"It's MI6. It's actually MI6," Vic said, jumping up and down excitedly as they walked up the steps of the ziggurat shaped building.

Ted shushed him. Although it was rather impressive. It was still the wee hours of the morning and the building was lit up like a Christmas tree. The soft, yellow glow from nearby lights cast onto the building made it seem as if the walls were painted in gold.

Q led the way, flashing an ID card to the waiting receptionist on the ground floor who raised an eyebrow at the two children from her desk. Vic and Ted smiled nervously back and the receptionist wordlessly handed Q two extra tags.

"Put these on," he said, handing Vic and Ted their own visitors passes before ushering them through a creepy metal thing Teddy hadn't seen before. He went through it just fine and the lone security guard gestured him to move out of the way so Vic could come through. An alarm was raised causing Teddy jump.

"Kid remove everything in your pockets," the guard said in a bored tone.

Vic hid is discomfort and took out the two things in his pockets. His wand and his magical penknife. The guard frowned at it.

"It's my 'wand'," Vic said, stressing the term to seem like he was just a little kid playing dress up.

The guard rolled his eyes, it was way too early in the morning to fight with a kid with his head in the clouds, "Sure kid but I need to take the knife. You can pick it up at reception."

Vic, rather unhappily, handed his penknife to the guard who dropped it into a bin with an assortment of other metal objects.

Q was the last one through, having dropped his wallet, keys and cell phone into a bin that was passed through the metal detector. He went through fine as well and Teddy and Vic waited for him patiently by the elevators.

"They took my knife," Vic pouted once all three were in the elevator.

"At least you'll get it back," Ted reassured, "And at least they didn't take your wand."

"What's the point? I can't use it outside Hogwarts anyways."

Ted shrugged, "If the going gets tough. You might have to."

The elevator pinged their arrival and Ted was rather unimpressed to see it open to a row of plain offices.

"I didn't really expect the Secret Service to be so...boring," Teddy said but Q ignored him as he strode through the hall.

Most normal people would be in bed by now Ted supposed but then the hallway turned left and through a door and suddenly, life was blasting through the walls. Ted and Vic watched in dumbstruck awe as people bustled about in a flurry of organized chaos.

"Well if isn't the Quartermaster," a woman's voice said, the title said in almost a mocking tone, "It's about time you got here."

"Dinah," Q replied with a tilt of his head as a blonde haired woman strode up to them in the midst of the chaos.

"The bosses want your ass in the office. That's right. Boses. Plural," Dinah said with a frown before looking down at Ted and Vic. "Who're these two?"

"They're my leads," Q explained and motioned Teddy to introduce himself.

"Uh. Teddy Lupin," Teddy said, rubbing the back of his head in embarrassment.

"I'm Vic Sage," Vic said with a grin, raising a hand up.

The woman Q had mentioned as Dinah smiled at the boys and shook Vic's hand.

"Not every day we get kids here. Although there's usually a whole bunch during Take Your Kids To Work Day and all. I'm Dinah Lance."

Vic and Teddy beamed at her.

"So, your leads?" Dinah asked, turning back to Q, "I can see they're from Hogwarts."

Teddy and Vic looked at each other and then down to their uniforms.

"Lupin might have the means to track down the source," Q said offhandedly.

Dinah looked at Teddy who was equally clueless and could only shrug back at her.

"Well this better work Q. Everything's going crazy. Special Ops has already been deployed. Intel's got about a hundred sightings to track down, Information is working overtime to halt any more press and MI8s practically trying to shut down the internet."

Q hmmed before Ted and Vic found themselves facing a closed office door.

"You said bosses," Q finally said after staring at the door for a beat.

Dinah patted him on the shoulder, "Yeah. But you'll be fine."

Q gave a barely audible grumble before he opened the door.

A secretary looked up from her computer screen.

"Sir, Mr. Rodor is here," she said into the microphone before indicating Q to step through into the inner office.

"The commanders will see you now."

"Plural," Teddy heard Q mutter as he went through the door.

Ted only managed to see a large table of some elderly people in suits before it swung closed behind Q.

"Is Q going to be OK?" Ted asked, taking a seat in the secretary room.

Dinah grinned, "Oh he'll be fine. It's just some of the bosses can be real old and grumpy at times. They're not keen on the fact some kid like Q gets to be head of a department."

"Kid? He's like thirty." Vic scoffed for the enth time. It always seemed to be that everyone forgot that Q was rightfully an adult just like everyone else.

"Yeah and the rest of them are nearly seventy. To them. We're kids," Dinah said, pointing to herself, "And you're just a baby," she teased, ruffling Vic's hair.

Vic gave a very baby-like pout and Teddy snickered behind his hand before popping another question to Dinah.

"But what happened to his face?" Teddy asked, running a finger along his jaw line to mimic the gash on Q's face.

Dinah shrugged.

"Mission gone wrong. Don't worry about it. It won't slow him down."

"He goes on missions?" Vic asked, suddenly fascinated, "I thought he was just your info geek."

Dinah laughed, "Q gets his fair share of field work," she said with another shrug, "He's more useful on the field. He tests the gadgets, plots the maps and gets the data better than anyone else can do sitting in front of a computer."

Teddy was impressed. Vic was just jealous.

"So, everyone here knows about magic?" Vic asked, "Can I work here when I grow up?"

Dinah shrugged, "Sure if you want to. And no, not everyone knows about magic. Just certain branches. The government has a tight lid on things, they're more departments and special branches than you can count. It just so happens that it's four in the morning and everyone with half a brain is asleep. Which leaves us with just the magic folk for the next few hours. Hopefully we can avert the crisis before the daily workers come in."

"How do you know about magic?"

"My mother was a witch," Dinah explained, "Just about everyone working in a magic control branch has some sort of connection or relation to a magical relative. It makes things easier and you'd be surprised how many Muggles have some magical cousins or close friends."

"Even Q?" Ted asked, curious.

Dinah shook her head, "Honestly, I don't know much about Q but he's a bit different. We've got a guy downstairs who may be able to tell you if you're really that curious. He's known Q since they were kids."

Ted paused to think what Q as a child would feel like and got an image of a quiet boy who went off and did his own things. He couldn't really imagine Q having many friends. But he must have met Helena somehow...

"The magical world doesn't sound all that secretive anymore," Vic interrupted with a frown.

"Well the majority of the Muggles still don't know. They might suspect when their next door neighbors' owls start flying in through their window with misdirected mail but I'm sure your Ministry tries to keep that under control. As far as we know, the wizards don't know that we know. And we'll just let nature play its course."

Dinah winked at the boys who both nodded. They could keep secrets and both were fairly certain if they told any of the grownups they wouldn't believe it anyways. As far as the wizarding community was concerned, Muggles were clueless to magic and would continue to be with both the Ministry and the British government keeping tight lids on things.

A buzzing sound came from the desk causing both boys to jump.

"The generals would like to see the boys," the forgotten secretary said, motioning for Ted and Vic to go through the doors.

"Don't worry. They're not that scary," Dinah said reassuringly as Ted and Vic gave nervous glances to each other.

"Theodore Lupin and Victor Sage," an elderly man said as soon as they entered. Ted was a bit worried when he noticed his face staring back at him on a projector screen.

"You have us in your databases?" Vic asked sounding angry only to trail off as six pairs of eyes turned to them.

Q was slouched in a chair on the other side of the room, looking distinctly rumpled and tired when compared to the other five men and women dressed in crisp formal attire.

"Not for every magical child, no, but as the sons of Order of the Pheonix members and Voldemort's Death Eaters we do have a basic file drawn up for both of you," and elderly lady said almost gently. She was seated next to Q and Ted immediately counted her to be on the nicer side.

"I can see the Hogwarts robes," one woman said in a bored tone, "Now let's get on with this."

"Theodore. We just have a few quick questions," the nicer lady said, "From the information Renton has given us is it true that you may be able to find person behind the current magic crisis?"

Ted made the quick connection that Renton was indeed Q's real name before he sent the man a confused look.

"Some time along the way, your vampire friend has contracted with you in a Blood Pact," Q told him simply.

"What? That's impossible!" Teddy told him, bewildered. There was no way Clair had made a Blood Pact with him. He would have known!

"Perhaps you got into a fight with him and he managed to get some of your blood," Q went on calmly. "Would explain why you've been so interested in him all this time. Subconsciously, you're always thinking about him. You can sense when he's about to do something bad or when he's nearby."

"He sent people to break into my house! He got my dad shot! Of course I've been keeping tabs on him!" Teddy argued getting angry with Q's bland assessment of him.

"The zombies knew where you were," Q interrupted, "They followed you from Hogwarts up until we outran them in the car."

Teddy paused, stunned. He hadn't noticed they were being followed.

"You have neither of the two remaining Deathly Hallows. The only explanation is that the wielder of the Stone has a strong connection that makes him able to determine your location. As we speak, no doubt, that zombie hoard will continue to follow you here."

"Maybe he's right Ted," Vic said, suddenly, "You've gotten into a fight with him before and he busted up your face pretty bad that time in Snape's office. There was definitely blood then."

"Ok, so Clair made a Blood Pact with me," Ted sighed in defeat, anxious to move things along, "I don't see how that's supposed to help us find him though."

A murmur of agreement was brought up among the adults in the room.

"Have you had any dreams? Messages being sent to you? Strange feelings?" Q asked, ignoring the rest of the room. Ted thought to himself.

"I had a dream in the car coming here," he said, "And I think I got something similar during Christmas."

"What do you remember about these dreams?"

Ted rubbed the back of his head, embarrassed.

"Nothing really. Just words like delicious, and sentences like I can't wait to see him again. He's happy I've made it so far... random stuff really," he paused to frown.

"He said once that I'd know where to find him if I wanted to see him. But I honestly don't know," he said with a disappointed sigh.

"Have you ever tried to reach out to him?" Q asked and Ted shook his head, confused.

"A Blood Pact works both ways. If he can indeed communicate with you in your dreams and know your whereabouts, you can do the same."

"And how do I do that?" Ted asked, eyeing the silent yet professional crowd in front of him.

"Close your eyes and try to concentrate on just finding the boy, like meditation," Q suggested. Ted gave him a disbelieving look but tried anyways.

He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. He grasped desperately for that connection he'd had in his dreams a few hours ago. He tried to simulate the same concentration he'd had during his first morph as a child. His mother had told him to told his eyes and concentrate on the outcome, reach deep inside you until you no longer feel any attachment to the physical plane and quietly draw that power out. It wouldn't work at once. It needed to be coaxed out, slowly but surely, until it would become second nature.

"Clair. I know you're out there. Tell me where you are."

There was complete silence.

Ted blocked out the people in the room, Vic vanished beside him and the grownups were eaten up by the shadows. His heart stopped hammering and his breathing evened.

"Clair. You want us to finish this game? Then tell me where you are."

More silence. And then static. And then finally, after a lifetime of waiting and concentrating, Teddy heard a laugh.

His eyes snapped open. Everything coming back into focus in an instant.

"I know where he is," he said in amazement and Q gave him a smile. Teddy felt like he could fly.

"He's in Sicily," one of the men concluded gruffly.

"Smart boy. We can't send out a force to get him. Not without a lot of paperwork over international borders."

"Not to mention Special Ops is kind of spread thin as it is," someone else mentioned.

Ted and Vic nervously stood next to each other in the back of the room as all the adults poured over their computers and information screens.

"I'll go," everyone turned to look at Q who had just spoken.

"Yeah. Send the runt to go," a woman said with complete sarcasm.

Q held up three fingers.

"I just need three. The paperwork for a smaller group will be easier. We'll neutralize the threat and you can send a later force to do cleanup."

"You really think your little group of techies is going to be enough?"

"My success rate is on par with Special Ops. I've been tracking the Leonelli's movements for some time. I have the best equipment and data at my disposal. Unless you want to risk this going on for longer than necessary while you try to clear a whole Special Ops team through Italian borders to take out a mere child."

The group of critics remained silent.

"Gentlemen," the lady Ted deemed the 'nice lady' interrupted, "I believe we have an agreement. Chang, please have the paperwork done by noon. The rest are free to go," the elderly lady sitting next to Q said, waving her hand and sending the others away

Two women disappeared effortlessly. Their jobs done. The third was the gruff man who had read off Teddy and Vic's names upon their first entrance.

"With all due respect Ma'am, I don't think this is a good idea," he said, jabbing a finger at Q, "He's a loose cannon."

Teddy glared at the man.

"I trust Renton to get the job done quickly," the commander replied a most professional tone, "From my understanding this is a result of a boy's thirst for power. A simple fix for simple problems."

"So you stick some mental kid to go after another mental kid."

"Really," the remaining man said, kicking his feet up on the desk. Ted recognized this was the 'Chang' that had been placed responsible for the paperwork.

"The rest of you just need to focus on containing the shockwave and keeping the public safe. We all trust Renton. He's got this covered. And I'll pick the remaining three myself."

The gruff man glared at his laid back co-worker before getting up in a huff.

The others didn't watch him leave.

"Right. I trust you two can handle the rest?" the woman said, also preparing to leave.

"I'll need the boys," Q suddenly interrupted as if he hadn't been the topic of discussion within the last few minutes.

The woman paused and looked at Teddy and Vic.

"They are merely children."

"I was a child when you recruited me. Practically threw me into the lion's den while you were it," Q said with a shrug.

The woman frowned.

"You were much older. And I saw potential in you."

"I see potential in them. More than what I had."

Ted felt himself beam with pride at Q's words and he grinned at the man in thanks.

The woman sighed.

"Well. They're not part of my staff. Whatever they decide is up to them. But they're in your hands if they choose to follow you."

All eyes turned to Teddy.

"I trust Q. I'm going," Teddy said, determinedly.

"And there's no way in bloody hell Ted gets to go on an adventure and not me," Vic said.

The boys shared a grin and that seemed to be good enough for the grownups.

"Very well then. I leave the rest to you. I trust you'll have your own resources."

"Yes Ma'am," Q replied quietly.

And with that, the woman left, leaving Teddy, Vic, Q and the man named Chang in the conference room.

"Right. Better get started," Chang said, stretching with a yawn. He got up, Ted noticed a slight limp as the greying haired man walked around the table and, with a speed so fast that Teddy barely had time to blink, ripped off Q's bandage on his jaw.

Teddy and Vic jumped at the sound of tape peeling away from skin but Q didn't so much as flinch as Chang inspected his stitched wound.

"It's not infected," Q said as Chang frowned at him.

"No, but it looks bloody nasty Renton. How's the rest of you?" Chang replied, poking his younger colleague in his bruising ribs.

Q pushed the man away.


"You're always fine."


"Hrmm my ass. Come on. That paperwork isn't coming until noon at the earliest. I've already called Stein in. He's going to check you over and then you're going to sleep."

Q glared at the man who flicked him in the forehead with his finger in retaliation.

"Don't look at me like that. You either have me declare you unfit for active service or you get Stein and a nap. Consider yourself lucky. You kids don't look so great yourselves," Chang said, frowning down at Teddy and Vic.

Teddy had to admit that he was tired from the day's excitements and so when Chang lead the way out the conference room, he and Vic followed behind.

"Lance?" Chang called for and Teddy noticed that Dinah was still waiting or them outside. She stood when her bosses walked out of the room.

"I suppose you'd like to accompany Rodor on his daring escapades."

Dinah smiled," It would be an honor sir."

"Great. The others will be instructed to meet at the office," Chang said, beckoning Q to lead the way as he fished a cellphone from his pocket.

They made an odd group, Teddy supposed. Two magical boys in Hogwarts uniforms with one attractive blonde bringing up the rear and in front, a man slouched in his trench coat and fedora walking beside another man in a rather expensive looking suit.

"Hey, Dinah?" Teddy asked, looking up at the woman walking only a few steps behind them.

"Who's that?" he asked, pointing to Chang in front of them. The Chinese man was perhaps only a few years older than his father and roughly the same height too. Only instead of his dad's lanky frame, Chang seemed to support a rough build of someone who had done extensive physical exercise in the past. His hair was flecked with grey but he was clean shaven and the wrinkles around his eyes almost disappeared whenever he gave an easy grin as he talked with Q. Teddy noticed he walked with a slight limp but his strides were still purposeful and full of authority.

Dinah smiled, "Kujo Chang. He was the former Head of Development until he gave the position to Q a few years ago," she said, jerking her head to indicate the man in the front, "Before that he was in Special Ops. In his prime he had the best track record out of any of us, Special Ops or otherwise. "

Vic paused, "So like. He went on missions and blew things up and was awesome?" he asked and Dinah laughed.

"Yeah I guess you could say that. He trained the majority of the Special Ops forces and its respective branches including myself. It was an honor to work with him and I'm sure Q is just as appreciative. His youngest should be going to Hogwarts next year or so," she added as an afterthought.

"He's a wizard?"

Dinah shook her head, "Nope, but his wife is a witch I believe."

"That's pretty cool. We could be friends," Teddy said excitedly but Vic was having a different joy.

"It's Bond," Vic whispered urgently to Ted who looked at him in confusion, "It's actually, legitly James Bond. Like blow stuff up and save the world kind of guy. Just look at him Ted, he's like fifty and still built like a bloody tank...and he's Asian!"

Teddy laughed as Vic paused to think about the last fact before resuming his hyperactive leaps up and down in excitement.

"But technically he's also Q," Teddy said, looking at Dinah who shrugged.

"There's only one Q here," she said, "Not everything you see in movies is real. Quartermaster isn't actually the name of the head. It's just the name most people know Renton as."

Ted scrunched up his face in confusion.

"How'd they-?"

"It's was my hacker name in school," Q said suddenly, causing Vic and Teddy to jump out of their skins.

The boys turned and realized they'd been lead to a pair of closed double doors which Chang was leaning against with a grin.

"What's a hacker name?" Ted asked, genuinely curious.

Q shrugged and Chang laughed at him, "It's the name you use instead of your real one when you don't want anyone else to know you're the criminal that hacked into the Secret Service database at age fourteen," the older man said with a grin.

Teddy and Vic gaped at him. Chang just looked smug and Q cleared his throat uncomfortably in what could have been interpreted as awkward fidgeting.

"Moving on please," he said, motioning for Chang to turn back around.

Chang laughed again, "Alright, alright," he grasped both doors by the handles and pushed. Ted and Vic weren't expecting much, the whole building so far seemed to just be a row of office blocks after all.

But they had to admit it was pretty cool. When the doors opened they were lead out onto a landing overlooking the room. Looking down, Ted and Vic could see rows and rows of monitors and surveillance equipment decorating the huge room. People were simply everywhere. Some sat in ordered rows, hovering over displays while others ran through the aisles bringing paperwork and information. There was much chatter as discussions went on and presentations were held in their respective corners.

It was simply awesome.

"I suppose this is the appropriate time to say," Chang said, coming to look down at his workforce from the banister, "Welcome to Q Division."

When Q finally led the way to his office on the upper deck, Teddy was excited to meet even more new faces.

"Wow, we've got a whole party here," a girl's voice said and Teddy walked into a room to find a disaster zone.

"What did you do to the room?" Q asked with a bit of wariness at the coffee cups, garbage and scraps of paper all over the floor.

The girl who had spoken up earlier was sitting in the main chair, feet on the desk and slurping a large soft drink through a straw. Unlike everyone else in the room, she was dressed the least professionally, sporting shorts and a t-shirt instead of everyone's suits and ties.

Teddy guessed she was in her mid 20s. When Q asked her, she grinned and threw the now empty soda can into the nearest garbage can on the side of the room.

It missed but the girl didn't seem to mind and Teddy watched the can roll into a pile of discarded trash on the floor nearby.

"Hey, you wake me up at the crack of dawn and I'm going to need some sugar," she said with a shrug, opening up a drawer and taking out a bag of chips.

Another blonde haired man was lying on the couch opposite the desk, his blazer being crushed into the cushions as he raised his head to look at the newcomers before rolling over onto his side.

"It's way too early for this crap," he mumbled through a mouthful of cushion before he seemed to drop back to sleep again. It was only about five in the morning. And most people who worked day time jobs wouldn't appreciate being awoken so early Ted supposed.

A final man was busy sorting through a large medical bag at the edge of the desk before he rounded on Q.

"I can't believe you enrolled yourself on another mission, what the hell are you thinking Renton? You just got back from one."

A bottle was stuffed into Q's hands.

"Drink all of that and sit."

The girl put her legs down from the desk to make room for the other man and Q sat, slightly dumbstruck as everyone else still awake in the room laughed.

Teddy and Vic also found it slightly humorous.

The other man gave a huff instead and tilted Q's chin a bit to get a better view of the gash on his face. He then proceeded to take inspect the rest of Q's injuries and ordered the man to take off his shirt.

"You're probably wondering why I've gathered you all here," Chang joked as he pushed the girl off of her throne and sat down in the chair instead.

"If you're involved Boss Man it's gotta be fun," the girl replied with a grin and Chang rolled his eyes as he opened up the laptop that rested on the desk.

"Introductions. Quick. The boys are magical," he said, waving his hand around the room distractedly as he searched for relevant files.

Everyone in the room turned to look at the two boys idling by the door.

"Dinah Lance, communications specialist," Dinah said, starting things off.

"Oliver Queen, firearms specialist," the man said from the couch, not opening his eyes.

"Frank Stein, uh, doctor, the man inspecting Q said, giving Ted and Vic a friendly smile before returning back to his patient who sighed.

"Renton Rodor, intelligence director," Q mumbled.

And finally, "Rebecca Chang, Special Ops weapons technician."

"Chang?" Oliver said, finally taking interest and opening his eyes, "Oi, this your spawn Boss?"

The boss in question looked up from his computer and gave the room a wicked grin before returning to his work.

"Shouldn't you be containing the zombie thing going on right now?"

Rebecca shrugged to the question, "Don't look at me. Boss Man here wanted me on this team. This sounds way more interesting anyways," she said with a grin.

"Anyways, we're not done. Who're the new kids?"

Everyone turned back to Ted and Vic, waiting expectantly.

"Teddy Lupin, uh, metamorphagus?" Teddy asked and Oliver looked confused.

"What's that?"

"Uhh. Here," Ted said, pointing to his hair as he changed it from its natural brown to his usual blue.

Oliver stared as Dinah and Rebecca burst out laughing.

"What about you, kid? What can you do?" the blonde man asked, directing his question at Vic.

"I'm Victor Sage," Vic said before levitating a few inches off the ground, "And I can fly," he said proudly.

Ted grinned as his friend landed and Queen gave a low whistle.

"Man, this magic stuff just gets cooler and cooler," the man said, lying back down on the couch.

"How'd you know about magic?" Ted asked, going round to lean on the couch's arm rests. He was always curious to know how Muggles had contact with wizards.

"Hmm? Oh, my step son is a wizard," Oliver said with fond exasperation.

"There sure are a lot of ways Muggles can get connected to wizards," Vic said aloud and the rest of the room smiled at him.

"You don't know the half of it kid," Dinah said, ruffling both boys' hair.

"Right!" Chang suddenly interrupted from the desk, "Information's here," Chang said, motioning to the screen as the printer under the desk sprung to life, "Do try to give it to Queen before he gets himself killed," he said, motioning to the man lying on the couch as his daughter peered at the screen over his shoulder.

"I need an inventory request by noon and Stein, I want a physio report on Renton before you leave. By then I should have your papers. I expect it'll take the rest of the day to plan the rest so get some sleep everyone."

"What do you know? Queen's actually onto something," Dinah said and she and Rebecca shared a grin.

"Are we going lethal?" Queen asked, suddenly interested and Chang shrugged, leaning back in his chair.

"Try to avoid it. The paperwork's going to be a pain without telling them there'll be fatalities."

"We'll need about forty blue tab bullets and four reds then," Rebecca said, going from aloof to serious in under ten seconds. Chang opened up a file on the laptop and started typing.

"Just forty? That's ten shots each," Dinah said and Rebecca gave her a grin.

"I've been told by a certain someone not to waste inventory," she said, motioning to her father.

"We'll need a chopper," Q said thoughtfully, "And Dinah needs to bring her communications equipment."

"What about the kids?" Queen said, blindly pointing to Teddy and Vic, "They're underage. They can't use magic."

"What do you want to do? Give them a gun?"

Rebecca actually seemed eager to do just that and Teddy backed up.

"No guns," he said, worriedly remember his summer.

"If we're going non lethal they're not actually guns," Rebecca tried to explain, "They're just stun weapons. The blue tab bullets fire off an electric current that paralyzes the target for a few hours."

"The red tabs could get lethal, " Oliver argued, having finally sat up on the couch.

"There's enough concentrated nitrate in one to destroy this building."

Ted gaped at him and Rebecca shrugged, "That's why we only get one each."

"I'll add ten more blue tabs for the boys," Chang interrupted, typing it into the computer, "Maybe some protective gear too. They can't go running around in those uniforms."

Ted and Vic looked down at their Gryffindor robes.

"The usual assortment of guns and stock I assume?"

Everyone but the confused boys nodded.

"Done," Chang said, slamming the laptop lid closed and giving a yawn, "Get some rest everyone. Boys. Do your parents know you're here?"

"Uhh," Ted said with a sudden feeling of dread, "No...but they aren't home. And no one we know has a phone or anything."

Chang frowned, "Well I could send someone down to your house and drop off a letter I suppose."

"No wait!" Vic said, snapping his fingers suddenly, "We do know someone with a phone!"

Teddy turned to give Vic a questioning glance but he was already facing Chang.

"Sir, we need you to look up the number of Celty Sturluson."