Elliot and I are home alone that night. Our homework is done, I'm not really allowed to do anything. Taylor's at the hospital, and I'm not allowed to leave the house without someone unless it's for school.

"Audrey, do you want anything?" Elliot asks.

"I was to see the Fitzgeralds." I say.

"You can't go there. We have no way to get anywhere."

"But were home alone, I just got out of the hospital, Mom and Dad are with Taylor who IS in the hospital...I'm bored. I'm scared. And I have no idea why they are always there for Taylor but not for me. I did die for a few seconds, nobody was there. If the same happened for Taylor, someone would be there." I point out. Elliot walks away and when he comes back, he sits me up and helps me get upstairs to change into something comfortable. When I come back downstairs I've got on pajama bottoms and one of Taylor's tee-shirts. I go and sit on the couch again, slightly tired, but also in pain. I don't tell anyone about the pain, it's not even that bad, just a little pinch in my stomach, probably nervous about Taylor. After about 5 minutes, there is a knock on the door.

"Elliot!" I yell. I can't really get up, I'm tired and my side hurts.

"I'll get it." He comes barreling down the stairs and looks through the peep hole without glancing at me. He breaths a sigh of relief and lets Jesse and Kate in.

"Where's Audrey?" Kate asks.

"Resting on the couch, she's had a long day but she wanted to see you guys." Elliot tells them. Jesse comes in and sits on the couch, looks at me, and says "Oh shit." I try to figure out whats wrong and he hands me a tissue.

"The doctors said there may be more bleeding but they have enough platelets in me I should be okay." I tell Jesse. He nods.

"Audrey how have you been feeling?" Kate asks.

"Fine." I lie. But it doesn't sound convincing so I try again. "I've been feeling actually normal." I joke, and to play it up even more I add a smile. I feel awkward doing it, because how can anyone smile while in pain?

"Hmm...I see." Elliot looks skeptical.

"Hey you know what I don't understand?" Kate says. I look at her.

"When you were in the hospital, you went into multiple system failure, your liver failed, your kidneys did, the kidney Elliot gave you failed, so how did you get cured by half of Elliot's liver and chemo?" I think about this for a minute, but Elliot answers for me since most of that time I was sick and unconscious.

"The kidney stopped functioning because she had a vitamin deficiency, so when the liver stopped working they gave her more medicines which included various vitamins. Those vitamins got her kidneys functioning again and then they gave her a new liver, so it fixed everything." While Elliot preaches, I stand up to go to the bathroom. Because I've been having treatment for my cancer for a long time, there has been developmental delays, such as the fact that I haven't gotten my period yet.

"Audrey where are you going? The doctors said for you to relax."

"Chillax Ell...I'm going to the bathroom."

"Why the upstairs one? What's wrong with the downstairs one?"

"Elliot relax,it'a a girl thing." I cover up. Elliot doesn't know I don't have it yet. I hurry up the stairs because then I realize, Kate knows. I get into the bathroom and lock the door. I use the toilet and then I have to hold down a scream because there's blood within my feces, running down my leg, everywhere. I strip my clothes off and step into the shower, letting the warm water and organic soap wash away all traces of blood. I get out and wrap myself in a towel, get into pajamas, and quickly clean up the bloody mess around the toilet.

"Audrey? Are you okay?" Kate bangs on the door.

"I'll be right out, I took a shower." I tell her. She doesn't move from in front of the door.

"You don't have your period." Kate tells me when I open up. She looks around the bathroom and sniffs, smelling the sharp scent of the cleaner. She opens up the cabinet under the sink and looks at the bunches of bloody paper towels.

"Audrey what happened?" Kate screeches.

"Nothing..I cut my leg shaving."

"You wouldn't bleed that much, and there wouldn't really be a need for you to clean your toilet."

"Leave me alone Kate I'm fine it's just...from the chemo."

"The chemo you had 3 months ago?" Kate asks. I try and grasp for words, but none are found.

"I'm fine. I cut my leg shaving and it just kept bleeding because my platelets are still a little low and it didn't stop bleeding."

"Audrey you could be going into relapse." Kate says with authority.

"What do you want me to do?"

"Tell me what happened!"

"Anal bleeding."


"Girls! What's happening?" Elliot calls up the stairs.

"Elliot, Jesse and I have to go. Watch Audrey very closely tonight. If she starts throwing up, call 911, and then call my house. We'll meet you there."

"Ok. See you later Kate, Jesse." Elliot gets me, picks me up, and tucks me into bed. I fall asleep without a problem, but I wake up, as Kate predicted, running for the bathroom. Blood comes out of my mouth, a result from a relapse. Elliot calls the Fitzgerald's, calls 911, they have me loaded into a gurney. I'm in the ER where Dr. Chase takes a look at my blood smear. He says it's low, but that we better take a bone marrow aspiration to check before a confirmation. Someone calls my parents who are with Taylor. My mother comes to sign off on the forms and then leaves. Do they not know my cancer is deadlier? That my risk of dying is higher? That I was dead for a few minutes? These are the last thoughts that run through my head before they put me under with anesthesia.

"Audrey honey? It's time to wake up." I hear a nurse saying to me. I blink a few times, and go to rub my eyes and that's when I notice it. My central line catheter is being flushed and then filled with new medicines, meanwhile I have an IV going in my left arm.

"What's going on?" I ask groggily.

"Dr. Chase has looked at your bone marrow, he needs to talk to you about it."

"That's never a good sign. Where's my parents?"

"With Taylor, but Elliot is in the cafe."

"Okay, thanks." I look around the room, out the door.

"Audrey?" I look up to see .

"Hey Dr. C what's happening?"

"Audrey, this is your second relapse in a year, which leads me to believe that were at the end." I breath.

"I feel okay though."

"You have a low fever, which means there is an infection in your body. Does anything hurt?"

"Honestly? I've had a pain in my side for a few days."

"Where?" I show him where and he has a nurse bring in the ultrasound tech. and ultrasounds where the spot is.

"You,my dear, have appendicitis. We will go into surgery to remove it."

"But what about my cancer? How much longer do I have left?"

"Estimated time...2 months."