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Chapter One

Edward groaned as he rubbed his head, blinking angry gold eyes as he searched for whatever had hit him. He had been innocently going over to open up a window – it was much too stuffy in his and Al's hotel room – when something smashed through the open glass and knocked Ed over before the young alchemist could react.

He was interrupted from his searching by a soft "Whoooo!" from across the room. Spinning around with a triumphant smirk, Ed dove towards the offending creature, an owl, with an amused and slightly annoyed battle cry. The owl let out a hoot of anger and surprise as it leapt into the air, letting Ed run into a wall, before calmly gliding through the air and landing on the small desk beside the window.

"Oh, you'll pay for that bird." Edward snarled, his gold eyes narrowing as he blew a lock of his equally golden hair from his face. He tried a different tactic, slowly inching towards the dark feathered owl with his hands held out ready to grab in front of him. The owl blinked at him, cocking its head to the side as it let out another long hoot and stuck out its leg. Now it was Ed's turn to blink at the owl as it held its leg out expectantly, waiting for the letter wrapped around the limb to be taken away. Ed stepped forwards, falling out of his crouched attack position as he reached for the letter. As soon as the letter was taken away, the owl gave one last long hoot before launching into the air and sweeping out the still open window.

"Weirdo owl." Ed muttered as he watched the bird go before turning back to the letter. The alchemist ripped into it quickly, tearing the fragile paper from within without even glancing to the address on the envelope. His eyes widened as he read what was printed on the letter, simple swirling green words dotted the paper, yet only six words stood out.


"There's no such thing as magic." Ed spat out loud, getting ready to crumple the paper and burn it quickly. If there was such thing as magic, then why had he and Al spent all those years fighting and sacrificing? "There's no," a rip, "Such thing," two more rips, "As-"

"No such thing as what brother?"

Ed turned his head upwards from the now disfigured mess of paper that used to be a letter. His younger brother Al was standing in the doorway, his large grey eyes blinking curiously at his older brother as he smiled sweetly.

"Nothing Al, don't worry about it." Ed replied, adding one last rip to the letter and rendering it unreadable. Al cocked his head, his light brown hair shifting as he walked towards his brother.

Then the mangled letter was snatched from Edward's hands in the blink of an eye.

"Alphonse! Give that back!" Ed cried, not wanting his brother to read it and have all his happiness shatter. They had just gotten back Al's body not only a week ago, and things were just starting to look up for them. The reveal of magic would only send things crashing back down.

"If it's nothing brother then why can't I see it?" Al cried, holding the letter high above his head.

"That's just cruel, using your height to take advantage of someone smaller!" Ed snapped at his younger brother, who was at least an inch or two taller than him.

"Just let me read it!" Al pleaded, pulling the letter down to his chest before bringing out the best weapon in his artillery to use against his brother.

The puppy dog eyes.

Ed took a back step as his brother began to pout, sticking out his bottom lip and widening his eyes to an almost impossible size. "Al, stop it!" Ed said, reaching slowly for the letter again as if he was confronting the owl once more. Al only made a small whimpering sound, like a lost cat in the rain.

"Please brother?" he whispered, blinking large watery grey eyes up at Ed. Edward's resolve was quickly shattering, his anger melting against his brother's attack.

"No Al!"

Then it was Al's turn to have the mangled pieces of paper snatched from him. Ed quickly clapped his hands, using the paper and oxygen in the air to start a small fire and let the letter burn slowly in his automail hand. Ed let out a triumphant laugh as the fire died, turning to his brother with a small smirk.

"My letter, my rules, sorry Al!" Ed said as he waltzed past his shocked little brother into the kitchen of their hotel room. Al only gaped at the small ashes gathered on the carpet, a small tower of fine black particles sitting there ominously. Why would Ed go to such lengths so Al wouldn't read the letter? What could that letter have possibly said that had Ed so angry moments before Al had entered the room?

Letting out a small huff, Al bent over and gathered what he could of the ashes into his soft hands. Determined to at least throw them away, Al marched into the kitchen and past his brother, tossing the ashes into the trash like they were nothing. Ed raised an eyebrow at his brother, snickering softly under his breath as Al resorted to sending Ed glares in a subdued childish fit.

"Al, the letter really was nothing. Don't worry about it!" Ed huffed after a moment, tired of having his brother throw him angry glares as he ate his lunch.

"Then why did you burn it?" Al snapped, noticing how Ed's eyes hardened and grew distant, as they always did when he thought about what they had done.

"Because it was just a stupid joke someone tried to pull on us. Jerks." Ed snarled before quickly turning back to his food.

Al's eyes softened, now knowing that the letter had probably had some important information, or it was just as Ed said, a joke, a joke that must have been hurtful for Ed to react this way.

Suddenly both brothers tensed, eyes widening as they bolted from their seats. They both looked to each other before listening carefully. There! A small tap, echoing from the room they had recently exited. Dashing forwards – food forgotten – the Elric brothers skidded into the room only for Ed to be knocked backwards with a scream of surprise.

"It's that owl again!" Ed roared as he swung his head up to glare full force at the innocent looking owl currently perched on Alphonse's head. It nipped at a strand of Al's straw like hair before hooting accusingly at Edward.

"What do you mean, 'again,' brother?" Al asked, trying to keep as still as humanly possible. He didn't know if the owl would be angry or not for moving as it sat on his head.

"It attacked me! Came right through the window and knocked me over!" Ed raged as he stalked towards the owl, "Hold still Al!" he commanded as he made a wild swipe at the owl with his automail hand. The owl spread its wings, swooping off Al's head and charging straight for Edward, who promptly let out a squeak of surprise and dashed away as the owl charged after him with what could only be described as a battle cry.

Al could only laugh as the great Fullmetal Alchemist, Hero of the People, ran screaming from a bird.

"Al! Stop it and help meeeee!" Ed screamed, trying to dive behind a chair to stop the owl's assault. Al only laughed harder as the owl sat on the top of the chair and pecked at his brother's hair, pulling at the antenna like strand with its beak. "GAH!" he shouted, swinging his hands wildly as he leapt from behind the chair and raced across the room before diving behind Al. If his little brother wasn't going to help willingly, than unwillingly would have to do.

"Brother, don't use me as a shield!" Al squealed, all amusement gone as he watched the owl tear towards them. Al shut his eyes, throwing his hands in front of his face as his brother did the same.

But there was no impact, no storm of feathers claws and beaks. Slowly opening his stormy grey eyes, Al blinked as the owl gave a small hoot from its new perch on the bedside table.

"Is it gone yet?" Ed whispered, poking out from behind Al's back before glaring heatedly at the now innocent looking owl.

"Brother, there's something on its leg." Al responded as both brothers began to inch towards the bird slowly, just as Edward had done earlier.

"I'll get it." Ed said, a malicious smirk crawling onto his face as he placed a hand on his little brother's chest and pushed the boy backward. Alphonse stumbled slightly before noticing his brother's demonic expression and realizing he had better not interfere.

Ed stepped forwards, hoping that his automail leg didn't creak and scare away the bird. Clapping his hands gently together with almost no sound at all, he pressed his left hand to the automail arm. Blue light flashed with crackling electric like energy, and in a moment in place of a hand was a large cage with no bottom. Ed approached, the cage held outwards threateningly, and the owl gave a soft fearful "Whoooo."

With a loud CLANG, the cage was slammed down around the bird. Ed laughed in victory as the owl flapped its wings as much as it could, which was not much at all, and let out angry caws as it bit at the bars.

"HA! That'll teach you to make a fool of Edward Elric, bird." Ed cackled, his gold eyes light as he momentarily forgot about his younger brother. Al loomed over his brother's shoulder, gazing sadly at the bird and strangely at Ed.

"Um, brother, I think we should take whatever is on its leg off and then let it go." Al said, reaching towards the cage. As soon as his hand was inside, the owl stilled, holding out its leg as if knowing that was Alphonse's objective. Al snatched the letter away and withdrew his hand, commanding Ed to quickly release the bird outside.

"Awww, but I wanted to torture it a little!" Ed whined, poking a finger through the bars at the owl, the bird in question gave a sharp hoot before snapping its beak wildly at the finger, nipping the end and drawing blood. Ed let out an angry snarl before pushing his cage of an arm towards the window and shoving the owl out before shutting it with a mighty heave. "That's that!" Ed said with a smile as he glanced at the blood on his finger, shrugging he quickly turned his arm back from a cage to a limb before spinning around.

To see Al with the letter in his shaking hands, a small smile on his boyish face as he glanced up to his brother with glassed over eyes.

"There's such thing as magic brother, magic. We're going to a magic school."

That smile, those eyes, they were so happy, yet the shaking hands portrayed how the younger Elric truly felt. He felt lost and misguided. After all, if they had known about magic from the beginning, would they have been able to get their bodies back sooner? Heck, would they have never tried human alchemy at all? Was there a possibility that with this so called 'magic' that Ed could get his limbs back? Al hoped with all his heart that there was.

"Sure Al, we are." And those whispered words made Al smile like never before.

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