Chapter 1

I look up at the tall building standing in front of me as students rush past me. Hogwarts school of Wizardry is awaiting my entry, I am Hermione Grander and I am a Seventh Year.

I head inside, joining my fellow students inside the building, this year will be very different. Last year was the great battle with the dark Lord, we lost a number of people but the Dark Lord is finally dead forever and we all are finally able to live in peace.

I head towards the Gryffindor dorm to gather my stuff and get settled in so I will be ready for class tomorrow. I start thinking of the one thing I have been dreaming of over the summer, Professor Severus Snape.

I never ever liked a professor but after the war at the end of the school year and when he had protected me from a spell one of the death eaters sent at me, I have seen him in a new way and slowly started to develop feelings for him that for a while I tried to hide but soon gave up on that.

Through the summer I tried to have a relation ship with Ron but it did not work out after two months and we both though it best to seperate and now he is dating Violet.

Harry stayed at Ron's over the summer an to everyone's surprise him and Ginny are now together an planning a wedding for after our graduation. It makes me think even more of Severus and how I want so badly to be with him and not be the only one single in our group.

I look up nd find myself standing in front of the door that leads to the Gryffindor common room where everyone is likely to be along with all of our things.

I whisper the spell and walk into the common room which at the moment is very packed between everyone gathering their things and reuniting with each other.

I make my way though the crowd answering a few hello's before finally making it over to the piles of things. I look through it before finding my things, I use my wand and transport them to my room.

This year I am the head girl, meaning I have my own room but its going to be boring without Ginny and Violet to talk to at night. I head back through the group till someone grabs my arm and pulls me to the side. I look up and find Ginny and Violet smiling at me.

"Hey Mione." Ginny says.

"Hey guys, where have you two been, I didn't see you guys after we all got off the train?" I ask.

"We went and found Harry and Ron, we thought you would to." Violet says.

"I wanted to get here."

I try to keep a blush down as I think of Severus, he's the one thing why I wanted to get her to hopefully run into him. Ginny smirks at me, both her and Violet know how I feel about Severus and encourage it but both have promised me not to tell Ron and Harry.

"Hey I am going to head to my room, I will see you guys at supper." I say.

"Okay." They says.

I make my way from them heading out of the common room but instead of heading to my room I head towards the dungeons where Severus should be.

I need to get my new book for this year so I can look over it tonight for class tomorrow, plus its a excuse to see Severus. I head towards the potions room and once I get close I see the light on, I stand at the door and wait and watch him at his desk.

"Come in Miss Granger," He says without looking at me in his grumpy voice.

I take a breath and slowly walk into the potions room. I see all the books for the 7th year piled up on a table on the other side of his desk, already for everyone tomorrow. I stand in front of his desk, watching him as he looks into a book.

"Hello Professor Snape." I say sweetly.

He looks up at me with his black eyes piercing mine. "What are you doing down here Miss Granger?" He asks in a voice that is supposed to scare me but it does not.

"I would like to get my book so that I may have it for tomorrow." I say.

He stairs at me for a few minutes before finally speaking. "Do as you wish Ganger."

He look back down at his book, I shake my head and walk over to the table and place my hands onto the first book. I can feel Snapes gaze on me, going slowly up and down my body. I feel myself starting to blush from his gases.

I hear him set his book down and stand up and slowly make his way over to where I stand. His hangs go to my waist and he pulls me back against his chest.

I feel his hot breath against my ear as he starts to speak. "Miss Grander you know its against school rules to wear such ungodly clothes in school." He says in a silky voice.

"Technically Professor school does not start until tomorrow so we can."

"Hn. Good one Granger."

His hands slide down my hips and I hold in a moan. Usually I would of never worn a outfit like this, a blue mini skirt and a blue and white shirt that is very tight around the chest area.

"Professor what are you doing?" I say as I try to catch my breath.

"No questions Hermione, class is in session." He says.

I finally realise that he is returning my feelings I have towards him. "Severus I need to thank you for saving me." I say as my voice falters.

He stops his acts and I use that to turn around in his arms. I wrap my arms around his neck as I let a smile come onto my face, I stand on my tippy toes using his as balance and place my lips on top of his in a soft kiss.

I have dreamed about kissing Severus for a long time and I am finally doing it. To my surprise he does not push me away but he places a hand behind my head and kisses me back.

His tongue slides over my lips asking me for entrance which I gladly give him and our tongues battle for dominance. He pulls back and looks into my eyes, I pant trying to regain my normal breathing pattern.

"Hermione I didn't realise you had that in you." He says in a low voice.

"Since when did we start calling each other by our first names Severus and when did you start making out with students?" I say as a smirk comes onto my lips.

"You are no ordinary student Hermione."

"And you are no ordinary Professor Severus."

He smirks at me and leans down and captures my lips in a hard kiss, I kiss him back with passion as his hands run down my sides. I run my hands down his chest and I can feel how muscular it is through his robes.

He pulls me against his body and I can feel his arousel against my stomach and I can feel my face starting to heat up. He pulls back and smiles down at me and starts pulling my backwards and then he lifts me up and sets me on his desk.

I wrap my legs around his waist and captures his lips and I use my hand and pulls his robes off leaving him in black pants and a white dress shirt.

He kisses me back and his hands slide under my shirt. He kisses me back and his hands slide under my shirt and we are about to go further when we hear footsteps coming down the steps and we quickly pull apart.

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