Chapter 6

Hermione's POV

I sit in a chair near the fireplace reading a book for potions class, or atleast I pretend tobe reading it, what I really am thinking about is Severus, I just cant get my mind off of him at all.

Draco is sitting on the couch not far away from me, surprisingly I dont want to kill him this year, probably because we have talked and solved our differences and can not co exist.

All at once a knock comes at the door, I set my book down on the chair as I stand up and walk across the small room and open the door. There in the door way stands Severus which shocks me.

"May I come in Hermione, I wish to speak with you." Severus says in a kind of hectic voice.

"Sure Professor." I say.

I step aside and he walks through the door and I shut it and turn around, Severus is facing Draco with Draco looking right into his eyes. A smirk appears on Draco's face," Hello Uncle Severus, I will leave you and Hermione alone to um ' talk figurativly'" Draco says.

He grabs his books and gets up off the couch and walks across our congoined room to his bedroom door and shuts it. Severus takes my hand and leads me over to the same couch Draco was just on my the fire place, he sets down and pulls me down into his lap.

I smile at how sweet he is being and lean up and kiss him, he kisses me back and wraps his arms around my waist and holds me against him. This couldnt get any better then what it is right now.

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