Authore Note: So this is my first Faberry story so go easy on me, haha. Basic idea is: Rachel never went to McKinley but everything that happened to Quinn in Glee S1 has already occured in this fic. Rachel is slightly different to the Rachel we know on Glee, but she still has some very Rachel Berry type traits so she's not an entirely different character. Obviously this is AU. Hopefully you guys enjoy this, let me know and I'll update as regularly as possible.

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Chapter 1:

"Sweetie, we're here," her Daddy calls from the front seat as he parks the car.

Rachel stares, not saying anything, just taking in the red brick walls of William McKinley High School.

"It looks nice, don't you think Rach?" her Daddy asks and she can't help but roll her eyes.

"It looks like every other high school, Daddy," she responds, grabbing her bag and heading out of the car before either of her parents can try again to convince her that this school will be any different to any of the other schools she's attended.

She doesn't want to upset them, she knows that she's lucky that her Daddy is so successful ...she just wishes it didn't mean they had to move so much. It's hard to fit in when she never knows when she's going to have to pack up and leave again.

But, Daddy promised that this would be the last time she'd have to move before high school is over. She's a junior now and Dad and Daddy agreed that it would be detrimental to her high school career if she had to change schools again during her final two years. Rachel's grateful for that, it might make this transition a little easier, knowing that it will be the last time she'll have to make it.

She sighs as she looks up at the white door that marks the entrance to William McKinley High. It doesn't seem so bad. Maybe it'll even be good. She laughs a little at the thought. Well, maybe it will at least be bearable.

Taking a deep breath she pushes open the door, entering the sea of students.

Fixing her ponytail, making sure it's Sue Sylvester approved, she stares at her reflection in the mirror. At first glance, it's like last year never happened; Quinn Fabray: HBIC is staring right back at her.

But, when she looks closer the difference is glaring. There's something hollow about her smile that wasn't there before, her eyes seem duller or something and she just looks...tired.

She desperately wishes there was some way she could look in the mirror and see who she was at the beginning of last year. That she could ignore the changes.

It's a new year, a fresh start, and all she wants is to forget that last year ever happened. She just wants to go back to the time before 'babygate', before Finn and Puck and Be-the baby. She wishes it was that easy, that she could become Head Cheerleader again and just pretend that she never changed and that she is still that same Quinn Fabray.

She blinks, straightening her back and looking away from the mirror.

She might not feel like that Quinn Fabray anymore but she can try. She just needs to try.

Having attended seven different schools since the second grade, Rachel figures she should be a pro at figuring out how to open a locker by now. But, as she's still desperately trying to jiggle her locker door open, a feat she has been attempting to achieve for the last five minutes, obviously she was wrong.

"Hey, looks like you're having a little trouble with your locker there," a warm voice startles her and she turns to see a boy she's never met before standing directly behind her. He's tall, like really tall, and cute in a dopey looking way with his dimples and bright brown eyes. She'd probably be swooning over the lopsided grin he's sending her way if she was remotely interested in boys.

"Yeah it seems to be stuck, I haven't figured out exactly how it works yet," she offers him a small smile and he grins back.

"Some of the lockers here just need a little bit extra to get them open," he says, leaning forward to bump his fist against the locker door, popping it open with ease, "see? Easy."

"I'm Finn, by the way."


"Cool," he nods shuffling awkwardly from side to side, " ummm...since you're new and all, can I show you to your first class?"

She beams, grabbing onto his arm, "that would be lovely!"

He blushes bright red as he awkwardly links his arm with hers before leading her down the corridor.

He seems sweet, a little on the slow side, but, sweet nonetheless. She may not be interested in him as anything other than a friend, but, she knows how important it is to make a connection at a new school as quickly as possible and she thinks Finn will make a wonderful friend.

She wishes she was at home so badly. Even her mother's casual indifference and alcoholism would be easier to deal with than the stares of what feels like every student of William McKinley High as she walks down the halls to her first class for the day.

She gets why they're all staring, most of them probably thought they'd never see Quinn Fabray strutting down the halls clad in her Cheerio uniform again after the events of last year.

It doesn't matter that she didn't even think she'd be strutting the halls in her cheerleading outfit again, she is Head Cheerleader again and while she doesn't feel like that Quinn Fabray anymore she's damned if she's going to let the entire school believe that she's anything other than Quinn Fabray: HBIC.


Her train of thought is cut of as she's slammed into a locker.

"What the hell?" she yells, whipping around to face her attacker. She sees a blur of brunette hair before-


She takes a second to re-orientate herself before taking another look at the bitch that just slapped her.

Santana Lopez is standing before her, arms crossed over her chest, practically growling as she glares at Quinn.

"You did not just hit me!"

"Pretty sure I just did," Santana smirks as she moves quickly slapping Quinn hard across the face again, "oh look I did it again."


Quinn, who had just been about to slam Santana into the lockers behind her, whips around to see who has the guts to interrupt to Cheerios in the middle of a catfight.

A short brunette girl Quinn has never seen before is standing in front of the small crowd gathered in the hall, hands on hips and glaring daggers at Santana. Dressed in converse, ripped jeans and a fitted, slight worn Beatles T-shirt, the girl really doesn't look like a white knight, but, Quinn's thankful for anyone that might stop Santana from attacking her.

"This is a private conversation newbie," the Latina snarls, "you best back the hell off."

"You know what? I don't really feel like backing off," the shorter girl shrugs, casually crossing her arms in front of her chest, "I'd much rather you backed the hell off of whoever it is you're attacking."

"And why on earth would I do what you say?"Santana laughs, stalking towards the other girl, "you're new here so you don't understand how this school works yet, but, I'm Santana Lopez and around here that means I get to do whatever I want. Clear?"

"Well, Lopez is it?" the short brunette asks, advancing towards to Latina, "my name is Rachel Berry while that 'I can do whatever I want' attitude might intimidate everyone here into submission, it won't work on me. You see, I've been to several different schools and I've experienced many different forms of bullying so my dads' have ensured that I know how to defend myself despite my slight stature. I have the equivalent of a black belt in three different forms of the martial arts so I know I could take you."

Quinn chances a glance at Santana to see that the normally feisty brunette gulp as her eyes widen and she takes a few steps backwards in retreat.

The new girl merely raises an eyebrow before continuing, "moreover, my Dad is one of the most highly sort after criminal lawyers in Ohio and he does not take kindly to anyone committing acts of assault, particularly if I said acts of assault being committed piss me off," she smirks slightly as she notices the fear in Santana's eyes, "so, Lopez, you going to back the hell off now?"

"Whatever," the Latina concedes with a roll of her eyes, crossing her arms before turning to face Quinn again, "this bitch ain't worth the effort anyway."

Quinn looks down, unable to take the cold indifference in her former best friend's gaze. She can hear the students who had been watching the fight in a stunned silence begin to move around her again, talking about what just happened (and how totally awesome it is to see Santana Lopez get owned) as they move to their classrooms, but she can't bring herself to look up at them all.

She feels a soft pressure on her arm and she looks up into warm, chocolate eyes. She feels her breathe catch slightly as she loses herself in those eyes. She vaguely thinks that whoever they belong to smells super good too as she feels herself edging slightly closer to the other person.

"You okay?"

She shakes her head slightly, clearing her thoughts, and realises that those gorgeous brown eyes belong to a girl. Not just a girl but her 'saviour. The girl who is currently standing in front of her, hand resting gently on Quinn's arm as she looks intently into the blonde's eyes.

"I'm...I'm fine," Quinn stutters out, stepping away from Rachel and dropping her gaze once more to the floor, "thanks for...for what you did back there, but I...I have to go to class. Yeah, class."

She stumbles as she moves as quickly down the corridor as she can, leaving a stunned and confused Rachel Berry in her wake.

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